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  1. Just send you a PM or what? Sweet coin. I'm interested in (2). Thanks.
  2. I hope not. My money is on Tony Stewart today. Although it rained like crazy last night here in Indianapolis. It's probably on the way there today.
  3. In the same boat. My wife got me the Colorado as a Father's Day gift. Not that I don't like it. Just like the idea of a touch screen better.
  4. I have to agree with Red90 on this one. However, it should be said that prior to that I've had an Explorist 210. Caching was more of a chore at the computer than anything else.
  5. I've got the Colorado 400T, and really enjoy the paperless function. It's easy enough that my wife can use it. I have to admit though it's a little salty. I have a buddy that owns a Magellan Explorist 210 and is able to work caches sans paper. I don't know how though. The way he explained it to me sounded a little like rocket science.
  6. Cool stat lists! I might have o try that myself! Thanks Willcox. Not as difficult as I thought it'd be. If I can do it, any old dark sith lord can!
  7. Well, all things considered, I'm still going after the P&G's. I'm also going to pursue all the other caches out there because it's a hobby that my entire family enjoys. It's not necessarily the cache that matters, it's spending the time with the family whereas everyone including the dog on occassion can enjoy themselves.
  8. I've had the Colorado 400t since Fathers day. Not had any issues with it geocaching. However, there is a link somewhere where there's an explanation regarding the maps not being on target with the travel paths. This doesn't bother me. If so, I can buy the US navigator card that Garmin sells for about $100. The satellite reception has consistantly gotten me to within 15-20 feet of my target. I've been very pleased with its ease of use and intuative design.
  9. I work for one of the national development companies. The typical deal is that the larger "anchor" store actually own their parcels of land. It's more cost effective that way. However, the small secondary stores are almost ALWAYS owned by private developers. With all that being stated, my kids and I enjoy the P&G as much as anyone. We have a difficult time though being "steatlthy" as my partners are usually screaming as loud as they can "I'VE FOUND IT". The point is to the OP, is that you're spending quality time with your child. That's the best present you can give her. Your time.
  10. Very Nice! I naturally assumed that admitting you were a geocache addict, it virtually guarantees your virginity is kept in tact. You've dispelled the myth! There's hope for me yet!
  11. Many posts are asking what this will look like - my question, too. Also, why did the "manufactuer" ask you for this poll? Odd, to me, if you are going to pay to have your coin minted? Most companies have their own art work/design people, who know what works and what doesn't. If you are paying for the coin - they should work with you to get it done. Cache Maine and I had no problem with our "manufacturer" in getting from the conceptual design phase to the mold. It moved quite smoothly and their suggestions were respected and utilized. Tsun's work (Earth Turtles '07 & '08) is very special so I would not use this as a measure. Every turtle is not just a special turtle................ Looking forward to seeing your ideas. DITTO. Let's see it!
  12. His Evshro, I have the same questions. I just evaluated my track this morning and I was off the road >400' according to my tracks. I'm concerned that I'm going to have similar issues whilst trying to geocache. Let's hope Garmin is able and willing to address this issue. Topo2008 road accuracy is a different issue. Topo2008 roads are off by 300-500' from their actual location in many places, the problem has been discussed at length in other threads and Garmin is aware of the issue but their standard response is go buy City Nav maps if you want accurate road data. The issues discussed in this thread don't use Topo as a reference, in my case I'm using locations marked with other GPSrs over many days. GO$Rs Thanks for the "heads-up". I was worried for a while. Feeling much better thanks!
  13. This statement probably won't make me too popular with those of you who are having difficulties, but I wanted to thank all of you for clearing up the issue with respects to the maps being off due to the difference of map types. I recieved my 400t as a father's day gift. I'm extremely happy to report that the 400t has been performing better than I expected. I do however, really appreciate all the comments and discussion here as I find it very helpful. Thanks again!
  14. His Evshro, I have the same questions. I just evaluated my track this morning and I was off the road >400' according to my tracks. I'm concerned that I'm going to have similar issues whilst trying to geocache. Let's hope Garmin is able and willing to address this issue.
  15. I like the idea of the hotels as I too travel often enough from both coasts enough to warrant respectable travel distances. However, I make it a personal policy not to hang on to more than (2) TB's at any moment.
  16. This was probably dicussed earlier, but I've noticed that Garmin is offering up Software Version 2.5Beta. I'm showing on my 400t software version 2.40 and GPS software version 2.60. I too have been experiencing the same difficulties as many of you have indicated and wondered if the 2.5 Beta is worth a shot. Thoughts?
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