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  1. RobAGD raises the key Stats = easy to make premium services = easy money for you guys Meanwhile those of who like stats will pay to access em hehe
  2. quote:Originally posted by Divine: quote:Originally posted by Prime Suspect:What purpose would "grouping" perform? Probably something like a person can find certain caches quickly from his/her watch list if they are grouped somehow. E.g. if you don't remember the cache name, code or even the specific area , something like 'that cache in Italy I once checked', you could find it quicker in your grouped watch list than in your watch list only in alphabetical order. - I just got lost in thought. It was unfamiliar territory. - roger that
  3. Is it possible to have grouping for watch lists? As in so you can group your watch lists however you want? With me I've got the ones by my house, the ones by my cottage and the ones by areas I frequent for camping. It would be useful if I could group my watch lists as such. Is this possible? Would it be a viable feature?
  4. Im having an issue with this as well.... the session handling just seems to be way off.... I never get a proper displaying of read/unread....
  5. Was about to go looking for that.... Thanks much for everything guys!
  6. I am a big fan of stats. With the web and the ease of generating database queries its even better because it is so simple and there is so much you can do. More stats more stats!
  7. I have a summer home in the near north where I spend most of my summers.. They will be maintained
  8. quote:Originally posted by Cache Canucks:There's several bars down in Ottawa's 'Market' area that are often frequented by single women from the 'over 40' crowd. Prints and scratches are a'plenty ...but as for the other 'sign' that you mentioned, I'd rather not go there. Pure gold
  9. Oh as for Algonquin... More or less whenever I go up there now im gonna make a point to place a cache if I go to a new destination...
  10. quote:Also, as a non-native resident of Ontario who has lived north of the French River (Sault Ste. Marie), people who live north of the French River laugh at Torontonians who refer to Haliburton & Algonquin as "Northern Ontario". hehe... I am a northern boy at heart, hate the city with a passion I always refer to it as that beacause whenever I say Haliburton here in the city I get a blank stare of "what in the heck are you talking about". The average Joe in Toronto also has his/her ideas about where Algonquin is... in Northern Ontario heheh. Gotta speak slow to us city folk you know quote:Go to the the main page and enter your postal code and it will list the nearest caches to you. Thanks much. I was very happy to see so many search results yesterday when I put in my postal code. I was more or less wondering if there was any favorites in the area or what not. Thank you both so much!
  11. Any suggestions for a Canadian version of this software... or does DeLorme handle canadian maps?
  12. Hey all, I'm looking for a good basic GPS unit. Something that will handle as much of needs as possible. I guess im looking for the best bang for the buck... Suggestions?
  13. Actually... I was at work and just wondering Working 20 hours a day atm so im not seeing much of home hehe. Thanks much
  14. Hey there, How do I create a waypoint using GPS coords on my RINO? Anyone have any other suggestions for the RINO?
  15. Hey all, I was sent this link by a fellow Toronto resident and I cannot wait to get going with finding caches! I spend a lot of time up in Northern Ontario (algonquin and haliburton areas) and look forward to setting up some caches in the algonquin interior! Just thought I would say a little hello to everyone! Anyone have any suggestions for a cache to start with in the Don Mills and Lawrence area? Cheers, Ryan
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