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    *grumble* I think thats enough said
  2. I work at Exhibition Place On Thursday I'll check it out and let you all know what there is in the way of GPS
  3. Well, I only have two finds but I've been lurking for almost a year around the forums and what not. I've done a lot of research and am curently putting together my first two caches but won't be placing them until I knock off a few more caches. But I'd say if how YOU want to get involved and enjoy this hobby is to put together a cache, go for it. Do some reading, make sure you know the rules and you can only do your best
  4. Don't forget the Toronto Sportsmen Show starting this wednesday
  5. rjo

    Ammo Boxes In Toronto

    Excuse my n00bness..... on the first page of the forums and everything
  6. Anyone have any idea where to find ammo boxes in Toronto? I'm up in Don Mills/North York/Scarborough area.
  7. Well I am in Toronto, Ontario Canada so we do for sure have cold spells. The problem is I have N O idea where to get ammo boxes. If I had the slightest idea I would for sure go with them. I've lookd around the net and I just can't find anywhere to get them in Toronto.
  8. Hey all, I'm planning on placing two caches in the area soon and am going to be going with a tubberware container type for it (yes I know lock and lock) Is there any way to help with hiding it (spray painting, etc, etc) any suggestions for using a tupperware container? how to make it low profile? or general tips for a first time cache placer ? Thanks guys
  9. I'm getting ready to put together my first two caches and I just ordered two of the stickers and two of the mini notebooks. I two things: 1) It makes it look more official and just gives it a better feel if a none cacher finds it. It could also make a non cacher inclined to get involved. 2) Groundspeak gets their cut from it and helps support our hobby
  10. What does everyone use for cache boxes? I'm working on two urban caches in the Don Mills area in Toronto and am just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for what to use for cache boxes. Thanks
  11. I was not thinking of lining yourselves up politically, I act for several organizations on a neutral capacity as a government relations type. I'd be willing to help in that capacity with the OGA as well. When it comes to hobby lobbying its none partisan, its serving the best interest of the community Any my offer is for hosting the site if its needed ever I'll take a look around the site and at whats going on and get involved other wise as well
  12. Thanks much, that did it Also, if there is anything else out there let me know
  13. Thanks very much, Again the offer still stands if we want the site hosted, etc I will front the bill (although on its current host I'd say someone's company has already stepped up).
  14. What is the official site for Ontario Geocaching Assoc.? I'll donate the space and bandwidth to host it if needed...
  15. rjo

    Hey All

    dadgum geese
  16. Hey there guys, I have a personal website and im putting together a geocaching section for the site. Is there any "cool" stuff that I can put on the page? Like stats or anything of the like that is auto generated. I've found keenpeople, is there any others? The more the better, as it'll just give the hobby's section on my site a "cooler" feel. Thanks guys
  17. rjo

    Hey All

    Hey all, I've vanished since the summer as I had to deal with two elections here in Ontario and its been too cold to do anything Just wanted to say hey and am looking forward to being part of the community again
  18. Hey guys, If you are looking for someone to help with dealing with government I'd be interested in helping advance our hobby. I'm a light weight in the hobby (doing two caches last summer (waiting for the sun to come back now )) but a VP at the association level in both the PC Party of Ontario and Conservative Party of Canada. I have a lot of contacts (as its what I do for a living) in government and I'd love to help out advancing this great hobby. Let me know, I can be reach at rjo@rynet.com
  19. The realtime GPS works great.... had it running all day
  20. The question was asked unspecificly for a reason. I was looking for a varied bunch of responses. Some for geocaching, some for driving, etc, etc. You all can be a tough audience sometime, its a good thing I've been modding forums for years and understand your desire to take shots whenever you can at people Thanks for the responses guys. I picked it up and we'll see how it holds up in the car today during my travels. Thanks muchly
  21. Hello Everyone, I've got the RINO 120. What all do I have to purchase to have navigation in the car with my laptop software and/or hardware wise. Also, I am in Canada if that makes a difference for what mapping software I can use, etc. Thanks much!
  22. quote:Originally posted by K-9CacheSeekers:I'm not the guy to shoot down ideas, but something like this would be a fairly big project to code, and would probably end up slowing down the servers signifigantly. Not that it's a great idea, IMHO (which might not mean much) this is alot to ask for... ---- Extra batteries for GPS, don't leave home without 'em. Its another field in the database... with another couple of queries to look up the varying types.. it isn't exactly brutal hehe
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