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  1. *shrugs* I'm willing to help regardless, people need to remember, pre-november I worked for those who run Parks Ontario :blink: I know how this all works and I've started hobby assocations or worked with them in the past.


    I'm here to help, everyone knows where to find me :D

  2. *eyes logger*


    Luckily, for the sake of my life I haven't found any of them at the show yet. Was in today though and looking at various models. Nothing really stuck out at me. I don't really know much about the Garmin models and the Magellan models I just hear too many bad things about ...


    So who knows, I'm working there every day so something might catch my eye B)


    And now I must go lay down cause I got myself quite a huge head ache working there tonight (and there was a Dylan concert no one bothered to tell me about, GRRR BUSY hehe)

  3. Ever since I've started browsing GC.com and using it back in the summer I could never understand the blahness of the my cache page (being a web programmer myself) and this new setup is simply amazing.. I love it.. just have to say a big thanks for an awesome new lay out :blink:

  4. Hey all,


    I consult for a book retailer and I couldn't help but notice when I looked up Geocaching on our system the other day (expecting to find nothing) that there is THREE new books coming out in the next few months for caching. There is even a complete idiots guide to geocaching coming out, a widely respected series (despite the name :blink:) a true sign of acceptance :bad:


    Just thought i'd point it out, very interesting :lol:

  5. Hey guys,


    Dropped into the Toronto Sportsman show there seems to be retailers there representing all the major GPS brands as well as a few army surplus places. I picked up two ammo boxes myself and will be GPS shopping over the next few days.


    If you are planning on going there is lots for all your outdoor and caching needs :blink:

  6. Well Eastern Ontario missed the lastest storm. I'm going out again tomorrow because the snow has a crust I can walk on, everywhere, and I'm going to place a cache in a spot that will become a 4.5 (or worse) once the white stuff melts.

    I can't wait to get out tomorrow <_<





    How To Establish The OGA As A Respected Representative Body Of Our Hobby In Ontario


    In order for the Ontario Geocaching Association to establish itself as the representing body for Geocaching in Ontario steps must be taken to move into the role. Not only must the OGA seek to serve the Geocaching community internally but also externally dealing with the government and public. My suggestions to help solidify the OGA’s position:


    Member Benefits and Tools


    Members should be offered many things by the OGA; not only a voice when it comes to dealing with government and the public. For members of the OGA I would recommend setting up common means of communication to help make sure that Ontario cachers are up to date on the latest news. This can be done via several means. I suggest the following as potential options:

    • Newsletter (Monthly, Quarterly, volume to be determined by need)

    This will allow members to know what is going on in an organized fashion published officially by the association

    • Internet Forums

    Internet forums are a great way to provide members with a place to discuss any ongoing issues or business of the association. Not only that but it provides a place for members to bond and advance the hobby

    • Mailing List

    Mailing lists could be used by OGA executives to address any immediate concerns (like calling for feedback on a time sensitive issue as well to inform members on events and such)

    • Annual General Meeting

    Every year the association could host an AGM where issues of the association could be discussed. This of course would come down the line when the association is well established. This would allow one day a year where all members from all over Ontario could meet at a central location, an opportunity that would otherwise be unavailable. These AGM events are often the focal points for coming up with great new ideas to benefit an association or organization


    By providing members with benefits you insure a healthy and thriving association that people will be encouraged to become a part of


    OGA In The Government’s Eye


    You’d be surprised how many hobbies, from big to small, have regular contact and input with local, provincial, and federal levels of government. The issues we are currently having with Parks Ontario show the need for this type of contact. It is hobby organizations like the OGA who maintain this contact and ensure that governments are aware of the interests of Geocachers in Ontario and across Canada. We have a unique position as a young association within a young hobby to take a leadership role in educating MPs, MPPs and members of the civil service on our hobby.


    This government contact would easily show that we are environmentally minded (CITO and like events show how much of a truly positive addition we can be to our parks and public lands) and pose no threat to their lands or to our personal safety within their lands. There is parks in the United States that WELCOME and CALL FOR Geocachers and it is because associations like the OGA that stood up and were counted that this is the case.


    OGA In The Public and Media’s Eye


    For years I’ve been an advocate for Amateur Radio in Canada and I’ve found that talking to the media or a member of the public can go a long way in explaining what otherwise might seem a complete mystery to them. Media loves grasping on to tech hobbies and exploring them, especially when they have a “helping hand” spin (like we do with the environment (CITO, etc)).


    By issuing statements and establishing contact with local media we can get the word of our hobby out and show that we are a positive force who is out to have some fun and help out in our communities.


    With the media and public on our side we can insure that in the future things like trouble with the Ontario Parks do not happen again. Community acceptance is a positive step towards cooperation that will allow us to have more places to cache without having to deal with as many complications.


    By way of events in our communities and educating the public I think this is a no brainer for this hobby and association.


    OGA In Education


    I believe that the OGA has a big role to play in educating any Ontarian interested in Geocaching. Be it the local scout troop or the Joe Average who just bought a GPSr and is looking for something interesting to do with it.


    I believe that having a solid website heavy on information on Geocaching in Ontario will help interested members of the public learn all about our hobby. Any perspective cacher could come to our site, see what his area has to offer in terms of caching and instantly become hooked.


    I suggest we take the education aspect one step further. I believe that we should compile material aimed at combing education and Geocaching. Many schools are now using GPS units to teach geography. If we could provide teachers with information on how to setup a cache in their school yard or local park we could have an easy way to educate the public and provide a useful education tool to our communities. These days more then ever kids are looking for ways to spend their time and if we could provide a potential hobby that they learn right in the class room I think we would be serving not only our interests but also theirs.


    Education and Geocaching goes one step further when you look at Scouting and other youth groups that rely on orienteering and GPS heavily as an outdoors’ survival technique. These same education materials could be used to help group leaders put together Geocaching based learning activities. Again we would be educating the public and contributing heavily to our community.


    OGA Members As Volunteers In Education


    The OGA could maintain a list of volunteers who were willing in certain areas to help out with the association’s education program. If a school was looking for some help in establishing a Geocache based learning program they could contact the association. The association in turn would then refer to the volunteer list and see that member XYZ is in that area and would be interested in working with a teacher for an hour or so to setup a program. This could also apply to having a volunteer showing up at a Scout Troop’s meeting for an hour or two.


    OGA As An Event Host


    The OGA should take an active role in supporting Geocaching events in Ontario. The OGA’s volunteers could help setup CITO events, Travel Bug Runs and who knows what else. It would of course be up to the creativity of the members to decide what could be done.


    The more events that are had the more the association could show itself as a legitimate organization representing a legitimate and entertaining hobby.

  8. The link to that White Paper has not worked for me today so I cannot comment on it. I think this is chat night for the OGA so you might want to join in there. I am going to try tonight if I can to check it out.

    Son of a ....


    It has stopped working for some reason, I will address that this evening.


    I just had a seriously long day at work and just got in (11pmish now) so I missed the chat I was hoping to make.


    I will repost the document in the forums for ease of use <_<

  9. Your response just sounded negative and and I made it quite clear I wasn't trying to step on toes or anything. I don't want a flame war either.


    Im sorry if my response was harsh I was just a little miffed by the response which had a negative ring to it when all I was trying to do was create dialouge and maybe bring something new to the table.


    As for your ham comment, I've seen lots of ham discussions on these forums (well, the old forums) :lol:

  10. hehe aye I think most of us in the north are just plain sick of this winter >< I'm going caching tomorrow and am hoping some of the white stuff melts first ><

  11. I don't wish to dampen your enthusiasm, but I must make a couple of comments.

    • Find It Here - Personally, I'd rather not have to download a document to read it.  If ideas are valid, this forum is the place to post them.  If you are unsure of how to cut and paste, I'm sure someone can help you out, but I doubt if that is the issue.  Not only is there a risk of virus, I just don't want to read it unless it is in the forum.
    • White Paper - Do we really need buzz words like this? 
    • 2 Finds - 0 Hidden - 43 posts - I still think you would best serve yourself, this forum and the entire geocaching community, by going out and finding some caches.  No amount of talking about geocaching can truly describe what this hobby is about, without actually doing it.
    • Education - While I am all for educating children, wherever possible, I think it is way overboard to suggest that we send teams into schools to teach about geocaching.  I don't really think we have the resources and even if we did, I'm not sure it would be appropriate.
    • Thoughts - Clearly you have taken time to think this out and jot down some ideas, but most of these have been or are being discussed or organized already.  As I said above, I don't want to dampen your enthusiasm, but several people have been working really hard on a lot of these things for some time.  It might be more appropriate to find out what has been done, what needs to be done and where you can pitch in.
    • Snow - Welcome to Canada! B)  Isn't it beautiful?  Why not go and find a cache, in the snow?

    "Find It Here"

    I posted it as a document for formating sake. Hosted on my box a file by a member of this community is virus free.


    "White Paper"

    I work in politics, I write them every day, I use the word every day. It's as simple as you using a word from your job in every day conversation because it has a place in your vocab


    "... Finds..."


    For one, its not your place to decide how I partake in this hobby. I am going out tomorrow however to put out my first TB and do a couple of finds. I'm working on it, I've just been extremly busy. I'd have 50 finds if I had the time B)


    You should not go out of your way to discourage people new to the hobby, if you do its a good way assure the hobby will stalemate, I've seen it in the ham community :lol:




    All I suggest is we maintain a list of those who want to partake at a volunteer level. There is lots of Geocachers I know of who've volunteered time with Scouting groups. This can be a real positive. Even if its not for you, it might be for someone else.




    Firstly, there is only so much information on the OGA which can be found. Its wide spread and not easy to find. Next. I am putting down my ideas. Even if most of this had all been said before I'd still put it down as they are my take on things.




    These are only ideas, take them as you will. If you dont like them, meh fine, no sweat off my back. I am only adding my input, if its not welcome, that's fine, I'll just enjoy the hobby and forget about stuff like this B) I am not trying to take away from the work of others and I thought I made that clear.

  12. Well thought out! BTW, you could add another comms method... a NET on a local repeater!


    I'm pretty much ready to right my Basic ticket but I do have a scanner and would be happy to "tune in" once a week and just listen until I can get my license and purchase a handheld.


    BTW, do you know anyone in Toronto who does testing?

    That'd be cool. I am in contact with one other basic ticket holder and it'd be great if we could do a net or something for Geocaching.


    Should really take a roll call on who has their basic :lol:

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