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  1. 9 hours ago, thomfre said:

    Can you please remove the default values?

    Here is another fine example (I have many, if that's what you need): https://coord.info/GC81NTW
    Midnight to 1pm in the event time field, but noon to sunset (nice times?) in the description.


    We are prioritizing removing the default values and requiring owners to select specific times in our future work. Most events that show up with inconsistent times are events that owners created before January 15 and have since edited, not noticing the new time fields. We reach out to COs when we know of an event with a time discrepancy, and believe that most people will not show up at midnight without first reading the event description.

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  2. 13 hours ago, firennice said:

    Can it be changed so that when I export from the cache page with "Add to Calendar" it will export the times as well?  I use google, not sure if that makes a difference. 


    The "Add to Calendar" functionality has not been updated in this release, meaning that it still adds an event for the entire day. We are considering updates for this feature in future releases, as well as updates to the Dashboard's event widget. Additionally, our localization team is looking into the best way to offer time formats that would serve our global community.


    4 hours ago, thomfre said:

    I noticed a new issue now. Some events will have two times, and it's hard to tell which one's correct.


    A time is only added to an event cache when a new cache is created or an existing event cache is edited, so it's very likely that the CO is editing the cache and not noticing the new time requirement. We'll try to let COs know when we see this occur, though hopefully it will be a small number of caches that have this inconsistency.

  3. For any users experiencing issues receiving notifications of message center messages, please double check your Email Preferences under your Account Settings. The default Message Center sub-setting is to only send notifications after 30 minutes of inactivity in a conversation. If you would like notifications for every message, select the second sub-setting, "Send me a notification every time I receive a message."

    If you change the setting and are still experiencing issues afterwards, please let us know.


  4. 3 hours ago, Team Christiansen said:

    Two questions or issues:

    I just noticed that the "Yer total score" portion accurately shows the number of coins earned -- in my case, currently 59.  But the leaderboard portion that shows the ranking of your friends indicates a different number not reflecting coins received for retrieving or dropping trackables -- in my case, currently 42. Is this intentional?

    Additionally, I have noticed a bug in the rankings. When two or more friends tie for a particular ranking, the following rank is incorrect. For example, if Friend A and Friend B tie for 4th place, they both should be listed as 4th. Then the next person or persons should be listed as in 6th place as with any other leaderboard you may see. But yet with the current programming the 6th place friend of friends will shows as 5th place.

    Hi Team Christiansen,

    When looking at your account, I see both "Yer total score" as well as your record within the league showing 59 as your total. I don't see a 42 on the page for any league members. Perhaps a refresh of the page will help?

    The ranking system is a valid point, as the current system is less accurate but was originally chosen in order to keep a logical flow of numbers being displayed. We will internally consider changing the way ranks are displayed.

  5. 1 hour ago, xxSubSeaxx said:

    Will this work for last week too?  My daughter finally registered her account and logged her finds.  On Saturday we did 3 different events (CITO, mega, regular), a cache with a couple hundred favorite points, and one other traditional, which should total 45 points.  On my friends league, it shows only 15...

    The bug referred to was only an issue last Monday (7/17) and was fixed shortly after. To see last week's points, you can hover over the "Week of" dropdown at the top of the friend league page, and click "Week 1". Looking at the data, all of your logs for Saturday 7/22 are accounted for in the friend league points for last week.

  6. 1 hour ago, fossilis said:

    Hi, I have a question about the souvenirs. Are they expected to appear in the profile just after finishing week or later? First week (17-23 July) finished, I have collected required 30 gold coins, but I still have no souvenir. I think the rules are not too clear...



    Souvenirs will be awarded the Wednesday after the corresponding week, as players have 2 days to post logs towards the prior week. As each week is announced, the rules for the week as well as the day on which that week's souvenir will be awarded will be updated here. The souvenir for July 17-23 will be awarded on July 26.

  7. 2 hours ago, Travelling-MnM said:

    What happened today?  We saw that our score had reset to zero as planned at 05:00 PDT.  We then logged a new find (GC5RQF6) at about 06:00 PDT (14:00 BST) but our score did not change.  We were getting a lot of server error messages at about that time.  Did that cause caches to be excluded from the Friends League scoring or is my time zone conversion wrong?

    There were a few minutes of downtime this morning during the score reset due to heavy load causing a timeout. There was also a short-lived bug where website logs on caches in certain time zones were converted to a time earlier than noon UTC. This has been fixed and sounds like the case with your log, since your conversion seems correct. An easy workaround is to edit the log you think should be counted in this week's friend league. If you hit the edit button, don't change anything, and hit save, the log should self-correct.

  8. On 7/13/2017 at 7:37 AM, Twinklekitkat said:

    Also, if more than 10 of your friends are active during the time frame, will you be able to see more than 10 slots?

    At present, ten is the maximum number of friends displayed, though the total score reflects the sum of all friends' scores. We are actively working on adding the functionality to view more than ten friends at once.

  9. I'm still getting friend requests from random people that I don't know.


    Our hopes are that users will send friend requests to other users they actually know or want to meet up and go geocaching with. However, if you do not want friend requests, there is an option to turn them off entirely by going to your account settings -> preferences and checking the box that says "Block friend requests from other geocachers". We also limit the amount of friends a single user can request in a given amount of time in order to reduce spamming.

  10. Some folks are reporting they already have "coins" in their friends league list...?


    Yes, the friend league is available this week in order for players to familiarize themselves with the feature. You can log a cache or attend an event and see it reflected in your coins on the site. However, the coins will reset on Monday, and only starting on July 17th will the coins start to count towards the goals for the second souvenir (the first being attending an event on July 15-16). This FAQ has more detail about the souvenirs announced thus far.

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