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  1. We are going to warm baths next week end and I would like to know are there any must do caches. thanks Ding bat
  2. Makes me want to see the movie
  3. Yesterday A few of us Geocachers went Geocaching and I was thinking of a name for all of us and I came up with : Dam Red Ding Birds Dam: DamhuisClan Red: Red Globe Ding: Ding bat Birds: Wild birds Can you think of any names.
  4. Slightly off topic, but exactly the opposite of a centroid...... We are planning to go visit Namaqualand and Cape Town in August/September. This will give me the chance to possibly do the most North Western and South Western caches in South Africa. However I am not sure what would be the most South Western cache in Cape Town. Is there a specific 'geo' formula to work this out? [This is not Ding bat, but rather Anton from DamhuisClan, posting the message. I did not realise I was logged in under my son's account]
  5. I wish that there were more regaler caches I'm so tired of micro after micro. When we do a cache I ask my father what size is this and guess what 90% of the time it is MICRO.
  6. I think that will be gone in a flash.
  7. I just wanted to know with the Wherigo do you get it as a find.
  8. There once was a man from Kent, Who did not know what geocaching meant. he took a look inside a book ......
  9. You can hide a cache and ask some other geocaching person who stays close to the area to maintain it for you.
  10. If i was you i would put the geocaching logo on. But im not you. Ding bat
  11. Its veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery fun. Made a video wile doing it.
  12. Have you guys heard of Wherigo.
  13. I liked noddy's idea and made a forum for the people from the goldmine to talk in. I think its a nice name for Guteng . hope it works for all of you and please enjoy. Ding bat
  14. Who came up with "Blackjack Bailey". Nice name.
  15. Glad to see that there are newbies. Hope you cache well and keep up your finds. Ding bat
  16. Hi thank you for all the kind words (nick ) hoped you enjoyed your stay. Ding bat (Alex)
  17. Ding bat

    I spy

    I spy with my Geocaching eye carbon hunter
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