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  1. I find that sort of page incredably annoying as I cannot read it all, due to colour blindness. Please just stick to a simple page.
  2. Thank You to @Oceansazuland @Max and 99, problem solved.
  3. I used to be able to do this but this function seems to have disappeared with the latest update of the AL app. Have I missed something?
  4. I seem to remember that the cost was quite a bit higher to get to the Virtual ($65?) in San Diego zoo.
  5. I wonder where you are looking? All this information is on my list of found caches go to your Profile, All cache finds and it is all there.
  6. I have been getting very frustrated with the same problems as reported here. I have loaded the New Edge (as reported by kunarion) and all things seem to be working again. Thanks. Blaming the Geocaching website was obviously misdirected.
  7. I can beat that! The email to my reviewer account says that I have found 11 out of 15 cache types. I have zero finds on my reviewer account, although I did log one (log now deleted) by accident on that account - I could understand it saying 1 out of 15 cache types.
  8. Little Quest or LQ. eg http://LQ:Staffordshire - Ancient Oasis
  9. My solution worked for 90 minutes but now they are back and I cannot get rid of them. Is an ad blocker easy to install and use? Cost?
  10. I have got rid of it! Click the X, top right of the advertisement, and it goes back to "Geocaching" adverts. This seems to have killed the problem when I go to other cache pages as well.
  11. I take it to mean any regions listed by GC under State/Province when doing a search for a cache, so 'Yes' it does mean regions in France. Otherwise it would be impossible to achieve in an area such as Australia!
  12. I dislike stickers being stuck on the logsheets in nanos and small tubes. These make the logsheet much thicker and sometimes impossible to extract and then replace in the container without having to remove part of the log sheet or the sticker. I even found one cache where it stuck the complete log together!
  13. Somebody knows something! Although the post on here has been considerably edited since it was first published. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=278899
  14. Thanks; we'll look into this. I imagine that it was expected that Isle of Man would be wrapped into the UK stats, but I can't confirm that. Thank You for doing this.
  15. Two small points. On the maps parts of the statistics page can the Isle of Man be added as a label and a flag? At the moment that line is blank except for the number of finds. Secondly a minor point, as I have plenty of spare favourites. Finds 9538, Logs to next favourite point 3. Surely it should say 2?
  16. Burning Bert (GCE862) is also a travelling cache and needs to be removed from the distance statistics, please.
  17. I am still wanting to get a coin but I have not heard anything yet regarding payment - has a message got lost?
  18. I am interested in one but will you post to the UK for a reasonable fee?
  19. I cannot see why there should be a problem, as long as the Pub is happy about it. I had a cache on a piece of open land owned by a pub (over the road from the building) and there was no problem with it and the pub was quite happy for people to use the car park (at reasonable hours).
  20. It has just got me but I have not been given the chance to prove I am human! How long will I be locked out for? I have about 180 finds to log!
  21. I think it is far more annoying when you search for a cache which has obviously not been available for well over 6 months (at least that is when the DNF logs started) and has not been disabled. I spent some time looking for one such cache on Saturday, before I read the previous logs. I wont name it on here but I am very tempted to let the reviewers know which one it is and as I didn't post a DNF, I doubt anybody can work out which one it is.
  22. I use an Oregon 300 and download the waypoint direct to the GPS, by clicking on the "GPX eXchange File button" and then navigating to the Oregon as the place to save. This is the sequence of buttons that I click on on the screen, to get the correct directory: Save Garmin Oregon Garmin GPX Save I have down loaded the Garmin Communicator File to the computer.
  23. Lets be fair, it is a world wide problem. I have several coins in my own collection and they have also been discoverd in places that I have never visited, all in the USA. I just ask the loggers to delete their own log, as a discovery would have been impossible.
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