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  1. Wet Knives are in NYC every day as well. In fact, all of Team CacheHound is! We'd be happy to help.
  2. Don't listen to him...hes a LIer!! Any sign of a hill and they turn back! Hey, we have hills here. One is almost 300 feet high! Dirt piles at construction sites don't count!
  3. A very interesting cache! This will definitely be on the list for the spring. Chilly's parents live in TR and Cape May, so we travel those routes often. Zlamall did a class report on marshes last year. We went to the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City to do research. They've got a great environmental set up, with a tidal pool, marshes and other cool stuff. Now we can go see them in the "real" world! Thanks!
  4. How did you know I have blindfolds? Who talked? The part I haven't figured out is what the bright light is for if they are wearing a blindfold . . .
  5. Greetings, Geo-lings We have not attended an event yet. Luckily, I have my daughter, Zlamall, that weekend. I am planning on attending. Is there a protocol to follow, other than saying "yes, sign us up"? Thanks! Wet Knives
  6. We (Team CacheHound) are in Jersey City, Hudson County. Less than a mile from the Holland Tunnel. Not many finds, but have had a great time when we do. Toms River and Cape May are common stomping grounds, as is AC. There is precious little time that we all get to spend together. Is there a "North" Jersey group? Wet Knives
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