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  1. What a great weekend! Zlamall and I had much fun and met some great new cachers. Thank you, Avroair, for organizing this event. Thanks to Quoddy for leading us with the Big Red Beacon. And Thanks to Robert for showing us around a very nice neck of the woods. To those of you travelling anywhere near the shore, a word of warning . . . seagulls like bacon, egg and cheese on biscuits!
  2. 1034p, and the young'un is in bed. I have yet to pack, but that is a snap. See you at 8! Red VW Passat wagon with a Doxie sticker on the boot and GC.com in the rear window!
  3. I'm short of breath just READING this thread! Love the idea, but I'm with Team DEMP. Something a little closer to a defibulator to start the season sounds best.
  4. I have not hiked much since I was a kid. Grew up near Watchung Mountains in Union County. I loved it, and would be very happy to attend any CITO event. Well, not in Lower North Podunk. But anywhere else. I am glad there are so many of you who know the area so well. I've been a "city" kid for way too long.
  5. As this thread gets strangerer and strangerer with every post, I am beginning to question the wisdom of bringing my daughter APEing this weekend!
  6. Kevin and Zija from Jersey City and Manhattan. Quest1962@gmail.com
  7. I did post it here and the only response I received suggested it was the prints of a "Pekan". WHAT is that?? A pekingese that's gone nuts?
  8. Yes, in Disney and around Disney. Most within Disney are virtuals but there are a couple micros. (Obviously) I had no idea. My daughter, Zlamall, is going down with her mother and a friend later in the spring. I am giving her my newly repaired Meridian Gold. She can log a few while she's away! Looking forward to meeting whomever is Going APE this weekend.
  9. There are caches in Disney World?
  10. So sorry! I have been out of commission for a few days. I will be placing the Hide-a-Key tomorrow afternoon, Monday 3/7.
  11. And Lo, after 15 minutes of intense unscrewing and brow furrowing, it was made Whole Again! The battery spring contact had bent just past the side of its contact on the circuit board. A little scraping to make sure of contact and a bit of re-shaping was all it needed. Thanks to all who responded. I appreciate it very much! Good Caching!
  12. Oh, you guys! Thanks for the options. I well try them and get back soon. Kevin
  13. I don't know! Can you do that? How? Thank you.
  14. I bought a Meridian a few years ago. The last time it was used was in July. It sat in my(mostly) unused backpack until a few weeks ago, when I went to fire it up before I went caching. Nothing. I changed the batteries (yeah, I had left them in all that time ) with no luck. There is no corrosion on the battery terminals, and they were put in correctly. Is there any help for me out there? Thank you so much.
  15. You should (if you have not already found it) the thread listed as "Gpses and Mac users." There are a LOT of people who have similar issues. They have tried many fixes. You might just find some help there. I did.
  16. Hello, fellow Mac users! I just bought an IoGear USB to Serial adapter. Not only did it not take long to set up, but it actually lists GPSrs FIRST on the list of items you might use it with! I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the waypoints actully on my Meridian Color. Next step will be setting it up in Virtual PC6. I have the XP Home version, and just upgraded it to 6.1.1. Will post back soon with mapping results!
  17. According to the website, April 16th is the Official CITO day.
  18. How about Zagreb? There are some caches near there, so this isn't REALLY OT, is it?
  19. ***Copied Directly from the "Weird NJ" coffee table book*** JET IN THE WOODS p.259 The most unexpected thing that we've found abandoned in the West Milford woods so far is a military fighter jet plane. Weird NJ reader Doug G. brought the crash site to our attention when he wrote to us: "I have lived in West Milford for over forty years. One morning in December some years ago, I was hunting deer in a patch of woods off Macopin Road. I saw something shining in the distance through the early morning fog. As I moved closer, I saw that it was a jet that had crashed and broken into pieces. All of the gauges were out, but the cockpit was still intact. The wings were broken off, and the tail was some fifty-five yards away. The strange part was that all the trees were all grown up around it. Everyone I spoke to after that said that they never heard of the jet in the woods." Even after the original publication of Doug's letter, the origins of the Jet in the Woods remained a mystery to us for at least another year. Then we received th following letter that seemed to resolve the riddle. "In a recent article in West Milford's Action News, there was a story written by retired police sergeant Bill Geander abut a Jet in the Woods. Many hikers and adventure seekers have been asking about what happened, and Geander was the first on the scene after the jet crashed in the woods near Echo Lake. "It was the summer of 1967 when the West Milford police department forst got a call from residents reporting that they had witnessed a plane crash off Macopin Road. Geander and another officer jumped in the squad car to find out what happened. He was dropped off at Vreeland Cemetary after observing treetops were sheared off and smelling burning grass. He followed the trail that led to the downed plane. Although the plane was not on fire, the ground around it was. "He looked into the cockpit, but no one was in it. Then he saw a dazed pilot sitting on one of the wings. The pilot said he was not injured, but he had a buddy with him in the plane. They found him thirty feet away sitting against a tree. He had injuries, but none were life-threatening. "The military later took the engine out of the jet by helicopter, dropping it off at Greenwood Lake airport. They left the wreckage in the woods and painted orange X signs on the wings to mark it as a military crash site." - Bill Bassett I wonder if the "Weird US" tv show has done any follow-ups on this one! Any other stories?
  20. Bummers, all around. And, slightly off topic . . . I was all ready for a day of roadside attractions last week when I tried to turn my Meridian Gold on. Nothing. New batteries. Nada. Hopped in the car to get NEWER new batteries. Still nothing. What's next? Call another from Team CacheHound and find a store that carries GPSrs, of course! 2 hours later I was back on the (first) road with a brandy-new Gold Color. When an itch sets in, you really HAVE to scratch it!
  21. My rep has been sent whatfor! Thanks for the update, and the link! Wet Knives Team CacheHound
  22. I watched plenty of episodes and I don't recall Helmut from the Jeffersons. Helmut was the next door neighbor, Bentley's German cousin once removed. Or was it that Bentley had a helmet and removed it once?
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