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  1. Congrats on the new addition! The only addition we're working on is a new shed in the back yard.
  2. I don't know, but your geocoin TB is going to learn first-hand. I just flushed it. Now THAT'S a challenging find!
  3. I have a G3 iBook running 10.2.8. I have upgraded my VPC6 to the most recent version. I bought MapSend Topo 3D a few weeks ago, and had no problem loading it. It runs fine, except the G3 is not capable of drawing the 3D . I am trying to figure out how to upload to the GPS (MagGold) without using a card. I do have one, in case I cannot. Just my 2 cents.
  4. GC5 was in excellent condition when I found it last October. Especially after I traded the calculator for a Jeep. Anyone want a lime green calculator? One of the best caches in NJ! Jeep If anyone is going after this one, I'd liked to be part of the search party. I have neither a. been to this part of the state, nor b. had the pleasure of meeting a good bunch of you. Please email me if an expedition is being put together.
  5. Enjoy! We are from Jersey City and are just getting into the less urban areas of caching. Hope to run into many/any of you on the trails!
  6. <------ Patiently sitting, with the car idling, for the TB pages!
  7. Congrats, Junglehair! It was good to meet and cache with you last weekend. Perhaps again soon!
  8. Hmmmm. Montauk to Cape May Point sounds like a great day of driving! I can get in a few of the Earth cache legs on the way .
  9. Sounds interesting. I am just making a list of LI caches to do. I will add this one to it! Thank you!
  10. Sweet! Says the guy who is still looking up at 50
  11. Preserving natural and historical landmarks? BRILLIANT! Thanks for the update, BMS. I love reading about what is being done to save parkland and trails for everyones sake. (Now I should get my a** out and utilize them! )
  12. Handspring's Visor line had a GPS plug-in for a while. I do not know how powerful it was, nor what type of antenna it had. You can probably find a Visor on ebay for little more than pocket change. They came with 8meg of memory, it is likely that you could upload Cachemate and use it exclusively for caching.
  13. Actually a direct lineage to the Golden Age of TV . . . Tracy Nelson played the sidekick to Tom Bosley. She is Ricky Nelson's daughter. If you don't know who HE was, you don't watch enough TVLand!
  14. Prayers and wishes for speedy recoveries to all.
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