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  1. I haven't seen an iPhone/Pod Touch app as inclusive as Cachemate BUT - you can cover much of the functionality using Groundspeak's app (Geocaching) for real time cache location, the iGeoCacher app for storing custom PQ's, and iGCT (Geocaching Toolkit) for projecting waypoints, decoding, and such. I'm partial to iGeoCacher but Geocaching is REALLY handy when visiting a new area - no need to download PQ's, it pulls in the local caches live from geocaching.com. Get all three and you're spending a grand total of $25. Now, if the author of Cachemate released an iPhone version - dadgum dayyum that would be golden. HTH.
  2. Sugarloaf here in Virginia City is very cool. This pic doesn't do it justice!
  3. This is Thunder - we rescued him shortly after we started Geocaching. He's almost 15 years old but is in great shape. We didn't name him Thunder, we found out that was his name by calling the vet's tag he was wearing when we found him. Coincidentally both Laura and I wear Mjolnirs (Thor's Hammers), so he's a totem as well as a great friend and companion. Tony
  4. <bump> Lots of great ideas on this thread. Here's one more- Reno Rock Deviously simple (hah) and a nice twist!
  5. Isn't this what challenges are all about (DeLorme and other such)? And Geoclubs? Achievement pins and banquets are fun stuff and you get to hang with real life peeps who will share in your achievements! Play any way you like, though I'd hate to see the Geocaching.com site get any sillier than this comic over at Crispy Gamer. (ducking WOW flames even as I type)!
  6. Waypoints, please? ~* Safe1 has made this kind of cache their trademark. Have a look at their cache page. Safe1 Caches They're really common out here in mining country. Why they remain after the blast, I don't know - they must drill those suckers pretty deep! Fire in the hole!
  7. ...you interrupt reading this thread when you get a new cache notification that is a 1/2mile away and log it fourth to find minutes after... and you know the license plate of the cacher who is leaving the area with the FTF!!
  8. Another one that has me scratching my head - GC1GTRK. Tried the techniques above to find the puzzle but geochecker has pnwned me big time.
  9. Except - it does not work. I've tried the hint, from a few different browsers, logged in under our standard account, and it always returns the "Sorry bub you need to upgrade" message. Like many others we have a premium account for the household and a standard (two actually) for individuals. Any ideas?
  10. About 50 yards. Here - GCXN6R Hoofocker FUN cache, an all time favorite!
  11. We have a cache that is right next to where the local club held an event, so yes, met a lot of cachers that night! I've also met cachers while doing preventive maintenance at another cache. They wanted to take Thunder home with them... not!
  12. We had to explain our license plate to a Highway Trooper in Jackpot NV (it's part of our trail name). He knew all about it and could rattle off all the caches in the vicinity, though he was not a cacher. Real nice guy, $237 dollars later....
  13. At a cache site in Pocatello found a hypo needle and a dumped out kitty litter box. Needless to say I passed after that. Speaking of hypos found another nearby a cache site here in Reno, on a crappy day for reception. Cache was actually across the street from where I was. Took the hypo and burned it. This weekend we passed by a homeless camp that had been struck in the parking lot of a closed bank, also close to aforementioned cache. This not a hundred yards from Condos we're considering to buy.
  14. I've learned to look for people standing by the side of the road staring intently at a bush/tree/fence/whatever.
  15. They can be read by a lot of phones, with the right app. But you still have a point about special equipment. BTW thanks for the app link! Must check it out.
  16. Worser, I've had one cut down! I went to check on this one today- GC1C2G0 Six Step Hustle - because of construction close to the hide. Landscapers had taken out the tree it was in. Good grief!
  17. Having Geochecker on the page soitenly (nyuk nyuk) doesn't keep them from getting in touch. My puzzle caches have generated way more mail and inquiries than the regulars. And, it seems the same group around here likes to tackle puzzles, so we tend to hand together anyway. Small town. It's just another resource worth having, like any other tool.
  18. There are two park hides that have eluded and perplexed me. GC15WPT 15 Minute Parking and GCKDN1 Double Diamond Devil I'd LIKE to say I have a better idea where/what they are now that I've read this thread- time will tell! Thanks for the topic! Other park hides I've actually found -fake birds nest, keysafe mag on a sign pole, bison tubes disguised as twigs. Here in Reno bushy pine trees are common and the Parks Service (they have an account) likes to just stick 'em in amongst the branches a coupla feet up. Nicest camo job I've bumped into was this one; GCW6H1 The Woman with the Bowl Check out the Find to DNF ratio on that. Awesome!
  19. We've been to one, and liked it fine. We didn't attend the latest one in the area but will probably go to the next. Anyone interested in Flash Mobs should check out Improv Everywhere for inspiration. Larry Niven be proud!
  20. I love finding puzzle caches, and I love making them. That said, they need to be tested well! I've found that out the hard way - on both ends of the deal (finding and hiding). It's very easy for the cache hider to get all gummed up in the details of clues and miss a glaring mistake - say, a "+" where an equation should have a "-" . It's a good idea to have a fellow cacher vet the page before you post for the reviewer. (Find an out of state buddy - say, someone who found one of your caches while they were on vacation, so no-one feels like they're missing out on a FTF.) BTW I bet a lot of cache hiders aren't aware that a cache page can be held back from review after it is published. That's a great little checkbox - "Yes this cache is currently active", on the edit page. It's especially helpful when constructing a puzzle cache because the page could time out while you're filling in details. Unchecking the box lets you "save" your description from time to time without actually submitting it for review. And, it gives you as much time as you need to let your helper cacher vet the puzzle. Geochecker, I think should just be a standard for puzzle caches. And... even though I have done this, puzzles should be a small or regular, preferably regular, not a micro, the harder, the larger, IMHO! Thanks for starting this thread!
  21. Yup, we do. Nice people, boring (if not missing) caches. Pretty much normal I'm sure for most locales. Truth to tell, this thread has me thinking back over our cache hides. Time to archive! We can't all be Michelangelo!
  22. Maybe not alone, outnumbered, yes. But your sense of entitlement is certainly widespread enough out in RL. I have another hobby, crossword solving (and construction). I joined the Cruciverb website many years ago, which has a two tier membership system. Non-paying gets you links to popular daily crosswords, a nice forum and crossword resources. Subscribers ($35 a year) get access to a word and clue database, and links to other crosswords, etc. If you're an aspiring constructor, those subscriber resources are great, but not anything you could live without. If you just like to solve crosswords, they're probably overkill. Either way, you get a choice, and there's no "stigma" to being a member (non-subscriber). You just get what you pay for, and being a paying subscriber helps support the site. Period. That being said, I'm no longer a subscriber to Cruciverb. I still do crosswords but I've compiled my own database and don't need to access Cruciverb's any longer. And, I took up Geocaching, which has been eating up my crossword solving time. Still there are similarities between the hobbies (and the websites) and becoming a paying member when I started geocaching was a no-brainer, and certainly not elitist. $3 a month means elitist? I don't think so. Maybe spending $5 a DAY on a Venti Caramel non-fat no-foam Macchiatto with ginger sprinkles, yes (and pretentious to boot), but $3 a month to get pocket queries et al? No way. There's way too much worrying about this kind of stuff. There ain't no such thing as a free lunch kiddos! That's life! T
  23. Thanks - some notes- first the bad 1) Like many others, I found that saving more than a few (say, ten) caches locally crashes the program. 2) Because you can't log in to gc.com on the app, Member Only caches do not download and are not searchable. 3) There's no way to load queries. 4) There's no way to add and save a waypoint. 5) Searching trackables is cool, but really, why is that a priority before implementing saving waypoints? 6) Does not show all logs. 7) Doesn't link directly to Safari so you can log a find (or look at other cache info). You have to find the cache manually in Safari. Big time waster. Again, why trackables before this? 8) The only filter is basic (traditional) or Advanced (everything else). You can't even filter out your own finds, again, because the app doesn't log you in to gc.com. 9) If you haven't saved caches (or hit bug #1) you cannot use it offline (no cell or wifi), as there is no way to access the navigation screen except from a cache page - and if you can't view a cache page, you're done. Plus, the navigation screen does not show current coordinates? Did I miss something? 10) Wifi location (I have an iPod Touch) is iffy at best. 50% of the time it dumps me in Portland, Oregon. Getting really tired of seeing "Goat Mountain Cache" popping up in the cache list! Now the good- 1) The search function is great when traveling. I downloaded it on vacation in Cody, Wyoming and was able to grab four caches in minutes around our hotel without having to break out the laptop or even fire up safari on the iPod. Mucho nice. 2) Lists cache inventory. 3) $5 cheaper than the competition. 4) It's released. Thanks for putting up the thread, I appreciate it! Tony
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