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  1. Yes, and we're using the Geocaching App, iGeocacher, Geocaching Toolkit and MotionX GPS with it. There's also Geopher LIte which has gotten good reviews (and the price is awesome - $1.99). Geocaching has been a bit too crashy for my taste so I stick with iGeocacher, which has the benefit of holding PQs - 2500 total. I bought mine at the Apple store here in town. But you can get them just about anywhere the Death Star retails. I love it. Ol' battery chugging Maggie Magellan is still around but rarely used. I expect when hiking season ensues she'll come out to play. But for now the iPhone on it's own is an awesome tool. Tony oh, and to answer #2 - yes you will need internet connectivity to use the Geocaching app. But not iGeocacher, which gets its cache info from the uploaded PQs and/or manual input. BIG difference betwixt the two.
  2. Kablam! To the OP: Yup, newbies are probably more prone to complaining, probably because getting your feet wet in the sport requires getting used to the jargon, or realizing that (as Briansnat has pointed out) many caches don't get maintenance on a real timely basis, heck even that reviewers DON'T actually go out and VISIT the cache before publishing (which was our particular fiction that we found out was so not true). (and for the record I do not think B was being snarky, just matter of fact, he's seen plenty after all). Little guidance goes a long way. example: a new local - seven finds under belt complained in a DNF log that my coords were off by 54 feet. Well, no, they weren't. I invited him to come back to the cache when the weather was better - he had logged attempted the find on a bitter, snowy day in January, cloudy beyond reason. Yes I did try to cache that same day and was no better off. Just wasn't a caching day. Hopefully they realize now that the technology is great but can't be on the spot full time. No reason to be off-putting, just set 'em straight as has been mentioned upthread. Everyones a newb once. It's cool. (edited for clarity)
  3. It has only a handful of fonts because it still needs to be readable for most browsers. So it pretty much sticks to a set that the many different kinds of browsers and operating systems can handle. That being said, if you want to imagine what most first time HTML coder's pages look like, look no further than myspace. Ick! So be careful out there. A little simplicity and readability goes a long, long way! Tony
  4. Continuing OT but cain't help it. ahem - "just wanna ride my motor-sickle. I don't wanna die -"
  5. How about a SAW can? (Fat .50) In an urban park. Some veteran cachers have claimed it was missing. Many folks make multiple trips or PAF (I'm guessing) to find. (snip)The hide technique is key to the difficulty, not the size or type. What's the GC for that one? Must have a look, we need ideas. We recently picked up a rocket ammo can - BIG boy - placement is going to be everything when it comes to that size. It's about 40x24x24. Hrrmmm. Thanks! Tony
  6. Got an email from a bud last week asking about my find on a particular cache of his, could I remember what kind of container it was- he went on to explain that the cache in question had been posted for maintenance. When he got to GZ to check not only was the cache in great shape, it hadn't been physically logged in almost 10 months! And we (and about 24 other cachers) had logged online finds in that same time frame. Yup, someone had replaced the cache, either with the "I can't find it so it must be gone I'll just leave this crappy film can and extra log here in it's place" mindset, or just to be able to log a find (in their own minds). Or whatever. Need less to say the cache owner was STEAMED. Worse thing about it was the container was very cool and hard to spot, and having a crappy little film can - hidden behind a single rock no less - masquerading as their hide just put more fuel to the fire. He did find the ersatz cache the next morning. And I've put the cache back on my to do list (and will be "up-dating" our find log as a result)!
  7. This weekend we found a carry-on tote - the zippered, roll around kind - in the middle of a large patch of brush. There were no tracks going in or out from the bag - it was just thumped right there in the middle, like someone had tossed it there. I didn't go in and retrieve it. Felt kind of strange. The area is directly under the takeoff strip for the local airport, though. I might just go back and see what's in it. Or not!
  8. Was different when we started, we would grab caches on the weekend while garage saleing, so, often they were just targets of opportunity we looked up right before we hit the road in the morning, that were close to where we were heading. Now, weekends are for grabbing puzzle caches and former DNFs, and the rest of the week is pretty much "binge caching" - If I get a long lunch, I'll try to grab three or four, or have an appointment, get some on the way, or if I'm "sick" (coff coff) try to get as many as possible. It does help that Reno has a pretty good concentration of caches and new caches are popping up all the time. As a result 90% of our finds are less than 10 miles from our home. That will change when spring sprungs! We are looking for a little old 4X4 for a second car and that will be our ticket to the wonderful world of Nevada offroading. And how and how often we cache is going to change in the future, again, cuz you just never know. One thing you might consider is looking for caching events at nearby (or even not so nearby) towns, and making a day of it. Have fun!
  9. Just found this thread and dl'ed the program, it is awesome. Most everything I love about the FindStatGen macro with the exception of stats for my hides; is that by any chance in the works? Right now using GSAK on CrossOver Games. It doesn't run on CrossOver - but the games version works well, albeit with a few hiccups now and then. I'm elated to see this app of yours! And a native solution. Keep it up. BTW, can you post or PM me your Paypal username for donations? I'm having a little trouble navigating the german PayPal page -Thanks!
  10. Yup Agreed, JB weld is great. Also a quick solution is two magnets, one in the container and the other inside the fence post cap. Got one built exactly like that. The magnets were left over from a had drive so are more than powerful enough to keep it all in place. Still, I will probably cement it all together soon, just to make sure. Be aware - biggest downside to these caches is weather! A cold snap can freeze that cap onto the fence post tighter than old Unca Scrooge's fist. You may want to include in description that the cache may require a tool of the trade. Have fun with it!
  11. Yup, same here. Submitted a cache 4:45 PST yesterday and did not receive any "submitted" "posted" or "published" notifications. Haven't had any new caches notifications either, which is rare for a weekend night, at least in Reno. Cache did get published at 11 pm (ish) judging by audit log just no notifications. Tony
  12. Oh, and DO check out the Pocket Query feature for premium membership. The link is on the right had panel of your member page.
  13. We use the Geocaching App too but it is not good for planning runs. It can be done (you have to visit each cache page and Save it to the phone) but that is time consuming too. If you get iGeocacher you can download PQ's directly to the phone, it has five slots for different PQs, so you can do a caches along a route and put it in one, then your watchlist on another, etc etc. You can turn slots off and on so you can see only what you want on the info screen at any time. Accuracy is much better than the Geocaching app as well and the navigation screen WAY better. As for loading on the GPSr, there are lots of ways to get PQs on, others can help you there (Ours is older and we don;t have a cable for it so have not taken the plunge). HTH.
  14. You're moving to a new house - and you plan each Uhaul leg around routes that have caches.... !!
  15. Pick a nice urban park/creek and find a stretch where there's a good sized fence beside it (lamp posts / parking lots on the other side are a plus). On the creek side hide a small with a few travelers logged in and a five buck FTF java of choice gift card. Make sure the hide is less than 6 feet from the fence. High fences are good. Get a reading on coords over the course of a few days so the location is nailed. Shake lightly, throw in a good hint, publish. You being new to the sport, even some of the experienced cachers may go straight to the decoy side of the fence expecting an LPC or similar, given GPSr accuracy. Just be sure to NAIL those coords, leave a good hint, and some goodies! Have fun!
  16. Hrrm, how would you look at the audit logs from the WAP site? There is no option to see them - regular logs yes, but the audit log, no. Can I craft a URL to get to it? Are we talking about the same thing here? But, did confirm that an access from the iPhone app did not generate a visit that recorded on the the audit log viewable from geocaching.com. If you have an iPhone and the app, give it a try on a PMO cache. If you have to make one to try it you don't have to publish it, just go to the audit log page and note how many visits, then access from the iPhone app, go back to the audit log page, and reload. No change. It appears to be true if I access wap.geocaching.com from Safari on the iPhone as well. After trying this, just for sheets and giggles, I accessed the same PMO from the regular (WWW) site and the next reload of the audit page showed one uptick on the log. Given that it's a good bet that the iPhone app is using data from the WAP server to generate cache pages, there must be an inherent barrier to merging the site stats from WAP and WWW. I can understand that now, that I know about the WAP site (I'm pretty green here!) Thanks again for your help -
  17. I don't think it does, since I know it doesn't when you access it from wap.geocaching.com. It also doesn't in any of the thousands of PQ's that may include a PMO cache. Thanks TL - yes you're right, it does not. Thanks all. Interesting ommision! Tony
  18. I dunno, I think I'd be more concerned that the ammo can I'm hunting has been properly sanitized! Who knows what the toxicity of those things are, after all, if left unwashed. Blech!
  19. We have notifications set up "close to home" and "close to work". The close to home is set for a 20 or 25 mile range but the close to work is 2 miles. Why two miles? I can get there and back at lunch on my bike. Or if I have the car - go out for an "errand" during the workday. BTW I'm pretty sure fake cache dates are just fine with reviewers, they can be very useful on Puzzle caches -as hints or red herrings. Good luck on those FTFs! We have only two, and that first one is pretty sweet!
  20. Q to TPTB - when someone accesses a PMO cache from the Geocaching iPhone app, does that access reflect in the audit logs? Has anyone tested this or have the answer? Thanks!
  21. Blog with a great primer This blog is a great place to start. Have a great time!
  22. I can appreciate not wanting to go off hill - having lived hibernated through a few SLT winters myself! Have you tried making the loop around through Tahoe City and then Incline and back? Applejohn's Mile Marker series is a good bet if you'd like to stay (relatively, for most) close to the road. Also don't discount those caches on Mount Rose. If you're making the trip to Reno anyway for shopping you can get real distracted just picking those off! Unfortunately with a small community comes a dearth of caches. We'd love to plant one in SLT but it's just a little too far from Reno for checking up on in a timely fashion, especially in winter. Maybe we'll do a few this spring when we're more likely to visit more than once a month or so. It would be cool to see who signs on to a cache there and who knows? If it becomes a problem can always query one of the cache finders to adopt it rather than archive. See ya on the trails! Tony
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