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  1. You'll get one! It's not like a golfing hole-in-one (which I have never had in 42 plus years of golfing). But if you want to be an FTF Hound, and nail each and every opportunity with a FTF, you're going to have to follow the advice upthread. For some, its a part of the game that is absolutely the most exciting for them. Heck, locally here in Reno we played a great game of FTF this whole summer (see Hounds and Hares Challenge ). It was great fun and I think it actually INCREASED chances of getting a FTF because the local reviewer did such a great job releasing hides (the challenge hides had to have certain wording in the title or description to qualify, so he could pick them out and release in bursts). Personally, if you've even a bit of a puzzle bent, getting a FTF on one of those is a good bet. That was our first and we've second and third to finded PLENTY of them. Multi's too stand a good chance for FTF virgins. Both types get played at by a much smaller subset of the caching community. Good luck! May that empty log sheet soon be in hand.
  2. Yup, have had a few that just don't click and still waiting for the lightbulb moment. I've gone to the CO for tidbits but I'm not going to ask to be led down the primrose path to get it. I just let 'em stew and take their time bubbling to the top. I also have a few I own that are real buggers. So I've contributed to the collective loss of sleep, hopefully balancing the caching karma.
  3. We can probably set you up with a guide if you surf over to gbesgeo.org. I think there's an event on Saturday that may deplete the local pool a bit! But hand in there and we'll see what we can hook ya up with. Cheers, Tony & Laura
  4. I added that trailing / for &&tz and giggles just to see if that was the problem. Nope. Tried without. Nope. Tried en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vigenère_cipher and the edit page kicked back the "not a valid URI" error. After some experimenting it seems that it will accept the wikipedia link, even though it does not have the www prefix (it is prefixed solely as the subdomain type en), but will not display it. I added the www to the beginning of the link - http://www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vigenère_cipher Which works in a web browser via a server redirect at Wikipedia, but the link still does not show. I'm going to try a tinyurl redirect now. Bug!
  5. Nope, format cool - same as every other page link I've posted. I saw your link and changed the listing page to point to here - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vigenère_cipher/ And the link on the cache page has now disappeared.
  6. I've been trying to add a related web page link to one of my existing caches. Last week when I tried it was not posting the link after submitting the change; figuring it could be a one time site-f@rt, I waited a week and tried again. Still no go. The cache listing is GC1J8VV. Never had a problem doing this before. Hitting all the accept checkboxes as normal and the URL is a good one; copies and pastes in the web browser and gets me there just fine. Any ideas? Kinda strange. TIA. –Tony
  7. Goobie because that's our catch-all name for a whatsit, thingmajig, and we're always using it in conversation - "Uh, could you pass the uh, thing by your elbow, the goobie-shaker, yea that's it". Team because we are, a team (2 humans one canine). Our forum title is a Latin class joke - "always wear under wear"
  8. Yes, and he's even a clue in a mystery cache. Rescue poodle, 15 years young. He can do a 1/2 mile hike but then poops out. But for urban caches he is always on scene. Thunder - Find the secret to this photo, and you've got a mystery cache solved. GC1PA4E
  9. <table width='750' style='text-align: left;'> <tr> <td style='background: #cccccc;'> Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup. </td> <td style='background: #cccccc;'> The trouble with doing something right the first time is that nobody appreciates how difficult it was. </td> </tr> </table>
  10. I signed one of these micro logs the other day and the cache owner had thoughtfully broken the end off of a toothpick and glued it to the inside edge of the log. just the tiniest bit sticking out so it could all fit in the blinkie, and all you had to do was twirl it back up. Nice! Now for the ironic; I signed it with my Space Pen®. Anyone remember what the Russians used in space?
  11. Not sure why peeps are recommending using a separate GPSr with an iPhone, that is definitely not my experience. It's done fine by me and have had no problem keeping up and or getting to GZ first before my dedicated GPSr buddies. Rural, urban, or out in the boonies, it's been very accurate and speedy. In urban settings you even get a boost because you have the advantage of having GPSr, cell tower triangulation AND WiFi locating. I haven't used our Magellan in months. In fact I recently passed it to a newb to try out the sport. Got the iPhone a waterproof sleeve, hard case, all set! Amianda you owe it to yourself to try it out. Must be some cachers in your area that will let you tag along. And the Geocaching.app update is incredible, more like a 3.0 update than a 2.0. Great stuff. Tony
  12. I don't hate them. They make great decoys for my caches. Lamposts are not ALL relegated to being in big box store parking lots. I've got a cache in a certain historical location that most everyone assumes is under the lamp post skirt when they get to the coord. It isn't, so if you were one of the "it must be in the skirt so I'm outta here what a lame hide" crowd you missed out on a nice cache at a great, scenic and historic location. Whups! Your bad! And even if it WAS in the skirt, you still missed out. Location is (almost) everything.
  13. I've seen a couple, and they are all good. The evilest climbing one we came upon was not in a tree though, it was on the chain link fence of a tennis court, about fifteen feet up, stuck in the ivy. (GC1BJ8H The Great Escape) I hate hate hate climbing chain link. Mah feets too big! Trees, no problem. We have one on our get-list right now. Funny thing is it seems like the short dudes that seem to place them. Probably get a good laugh placing it JUST out of reach of the bean-poles!
  14. You might hop over to a local event and peek over the shoulder of your fellow cachers. I LOVE my iPhone, but other buds here swear by their crackberries, and there are a fair number who are using their Treos (albeit as paperless helpers). If you're over your plan at Sprint you owe it to yourself to check out the iPhone though, speaking as an evangelista (and Developer) for the platform Blessed be!! Tony
  15. Streamlight Scorpion. Basic backstage mini with beltclip. Love it!
  16. We almost always read the hint. Once in a great while it actually helps! Tony
  17. Oh so right! But in a nice kind of way. Really! It's even better to stick around the cache and see the fun. I planted one very close to my workplace and got to see the comings and goings - that was a blast. Finally met some people too and put names to faces. Wouldn't have missed it for anything.
  18. what Allanon said. More details please! what are the checkboxes and criteria you're using on the PQ page?
  19. Oh, ows ows ows! the marquee tag, it burns!!!!!! Yup, started hand coding way back in the day (if you can remember the old vegas.com site, and a certain Kerry Rogers, you get bonus points). I remember sitting on my modem the day the first version of Pagemill released so I could see what all the hubalaboo was about. To be fair though I do build any tables in Excel. It's a great tool for that.
  20. I got this new cache bag for xmas - happy me! Most of this stuff was kicking around in various places in the car and I had to pick and choose what might be on my person when hitting the trail. Now it's all together. Contents in third pic starting from bottom left and working up to top right - Telescoping mirror with mag attached Swedish fire steel w/ maya dust ignitor Geocaching stickers Spare bags (2 sizes) and post its Maggie Magellan Tin with various hard drive magnets Cache container Various rulers and measuring tape Extraction tool Super glues, gel tube and dropper Hammer and Multitool Hand sanitizer Spare logs Cache diaries Streamlight Scorpion Digital Camera iPhone wet suit Space Pen refill Cache tin Binoculars Work gloves not shown - Space Pen, sharpies, pocket knife, iPhone, first aid kit. Keyboard not included.
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