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  1. So what is the plan for temporarily archived caches? I hadn't thought about it until I realized I could hit one on an upcoming trip and it's out of commission. Wasn't part of the agreement to hide an agreement to be diligent on the upkeep?
  2. Hi! I'll be visiting the Seattle WA area this week. I was wondering if anyone can recommend some caches for us to do. We prefer the old fashioned "Wow factor" caches. We'll be in the area for two days of sight seeing (caches) then we'll be there for a conference and can cache in the evenings (c&d's to see some of the city). We're also hoping to go to Victoria for a day (caches along the way and there). After the conference we're driving to CA to Crescent City. Any suggestions on the way or there? I appreciate your advice. I've had several on my list but my bubble was burst when reality (and a reminder about snow in the mountains) hit.
  3. There is. It was put out by Tombearr http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=24...37-6385f08b561b It's really pretty too!
  4. I've been having trouble with the caches along a route. This is not the first time. I've done it successfully before, so I'm thinking it must be something sticky with the site. Anyone else run into this trouble? Usually I wat a few days and try again. But this is for today? I can't get the route to upload, btw.
  5. Maryland soon to be released. Having trouble with a link on the page. And I forgot to put the code in.
  6. Absolutely, Quiggle is the best! Fast, fair and has a vast knowledge of Maryland. Also a willing help with questions. Mtn-man has approved a cache for me as well and he was a pleasure to work with.
  7. Wow, and simple enough for me - #1 technochallenged. Thank you so much. There's several trips in the near future and I've been compiling lists along routes. Christmas in June.
  8. Added to the list! THANKS! Thank you, I'm honored. And aready receiving ideas from the gang @ Maryland Geocaching Society.
  9. Awwww, he is adorable. Thanks for sharing.
  10. I would be willing to do Maryland. We've held a Cache Across MD for several years. It's a large undertaking but well worth it. The CAM hide has a few requirements that make it a fun adventure for all cachers.
  11. There are posts on the Maryland Geocaching Society pages about the MD SBUX caches. People are volunteering to adopt or pick up caches in Maryland. http://www.mdgps.org/modules.php?name=Foru...iewtopic&t=1863
  12. The caches in Gambrills were temporarily archived pending approval. This one made it back. I live a stone's throw from this cache. A couple of days after FBS67 and I started caching, we went walking up here. Unfortunately, we didn't have a very good GPS. So we walked around, following the directions but never got to the cache. We also never left state property. We ran out of time and had to throw it in. I didn't even know about the DNF @ that point so I didn't post that either.
  13. I have found three benchmarks recently but don't know how to log them. Any help?
  14. dang it didn't work. It took my months to have the gumption to try this. I'm going back to my hole..........
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