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  1. Great idea, TN. We're getting ready to put our house on the market, so GeoGrammy said it depends on how much work we get done on Friday as to whether or not she will let us come. My fingers are crossed! Thanks for the offer!
  2. Way to go, you guys! You must have been close on Saturday evening when we saw you at the Tacoma Park-n- Ride picking up coins. My goal was to average one find per day for my 1st year. I did it...366, because this is a Leap Year. That was back in August. 400 in 8+ months is GREAT. [Edit] Actually, I see you did hit the 400 mark before we saw you in Tacoma...
  3. #0056, here (a keeper). The rest are in the 1300's. A HUGE "thank you" to Lucy & Ricky for spending their entire day on Saturday to travel to several locations to allow those of us who just couldn't wait, to pick them up in person. I know that those of us who met at the Tacoma Park-n-Ride had a great time visiting with each other.
  4. To piggy-back on what Shop99er said... My 500th find party was planned by Happy Gillmore. He emailed me with the idea of doing something. Intial contact was less than a week before the event. This was NOT enough time to submit it for approval as an official geocaching.com event cache, but that was not what it was all about, anyway. He asked me for cachers' names that I would want invited and then emailed invitations to many local cachers in addition to the names I provided. Requesting RSVPs. He then called Godfather's Pizza and reserved a room. Everyone who attended paid for their own food and drink. Happy ordered a cake with a custom decoration celebrating my 500th. (I will email you pic of it when I get home this evening). He also had a T-shirt made up with the same decoration/logo. We got some permanent markers and had everyone in attendance sign the shirt like a cache logbook. Shop99er even signed as FTF since he was the first to arrive at the restaurant. I received several simple gifts like a geocaching.com window cling, some home-smoked salmon, a Travel Bug to move along, cards, etc. Gifts are NOT necessary, tho'. Like Shop99er said, we cachers were just looking for a reason to get together. Although we were suppose to be there to celebrate my 500th, the really cool thing was that there were cachers present who, that very day, had reached 100, 500 and 800 finds. So it was really all about just having fun and sharing stories. Good luck, GeoDiver
  5. Way to go, Little Blue!!! You're a bulldog(ess).
  6. Does this mean you have the bug? I'm not sure what you mean by Hey, Criminal... Sounds like he has the bug, but was waiting for Rev13 to log the last drop. Totem Lake's suggestion should work for you both. BTW, we missed you Saturday night at Godfather's...another time.
  7. Excuse me if I am wrong, but isn't 2004-1991=13 years? By my math it is...and I'm married to an elementary school math tacher.
  8. Happy Gillmore threw a congrats party for me this evening in honor of my 500th find which has already been noted on this thread. What was really cool was that there were three other milestones to celebrate...ALL three achieved today. Stump hit 800 finds... MisGuided One hit 500 finds... NLS hit 100 finds (all without a GPSr, I might add) Congrats to all of them...and what an honor to celebrate the evening together.
  9. Five finds is VERY significant...I can still remember the excitement of each of those first finds. If it hadn't been so exciting and satisfying I would never have reached 500...or even 100...or even 50. It's still fun and exciting with each new find. Even the DNFs are important to me. They're still adventures! Cache On!!!
  10. On Saturday, October 30, I had the fun of finding my 500th cache. The only disappointment was that I was all by myself. As we all know, it is always more fun to be with other cachers. I did, however, spend that evening, late night and early morning hours with "The Bloated Head" Halloween Assault team. Having already done that cache, I wasn't about to "go along again for the fun". So I remained on the outer edges of the swamp (drinking hot chocolate and staying in-touch with the team via FRS radio). It would have been a great 500th if I had not already done it.
  11. I'm wondering if any previous finders are planning to go and cheer-lead. It's been a while since GEM's and I did this cache, but the memory is still etched clearly in my feeble mind and has not faded enough to make me want to do it again. BUT...I may come out for the entertainment value Any other previous finders who wanto go as part of a "support" team, let me know. If you do post that you're interested, or send me an email...be patient. I'm currently sitting in Dallas, TX at DFW waiting for a plane to SeaTac. Won't be home 'til around midnite and will check messages then.
  12. I'm with aJetPilot...been there, done that, once is enough, but would love to witness the attempts of the uninitiated...
  13. GeoDiver and GeoGrammy... just made our motel reservations. Looking forward to our FIRST Cache Machine.
  14. I use a 256MB card in my MeriPlat and it works just fine.....
  15. I live in the Puget Sound area of Washington State where we have caches galore. This weekend I will be traveling to Enid, Oklahoma for my nephew's wedding, so naturally I wanted to do some geocaching while there. Ran a search for a 25 mile radius of Enid...........Total Caches???..... 4..... two of which are virtual caches. Bummer! If it wasn't such a long trip to maintain the cache, I would hide one while there.
  16. OK...all is well in PotatoLand...the TB has been properly logged on the TB page. Thank you all for your understanding and patience. GeoDiver
  17. NO...it's a secret Just kidding. The ref agrees that it should be posted here and we carry on. I will "officially" log it when the server is fixed. It was retrieved from "Pay Your Respects" at 1810 hours. Dropped in "Poverty Bay Foreign Exchange" cache GCC9BF, at 1930 hours. There is a small park next to the cache site. Park is closed from dusk to dawn according to the sign, dusk to 8am according to the Parks website. The cache, however is not in the park. I bushwacked from the road to avoid entering the park. Recommendation: WAIT 'TIL MORNING.... GeoDiver TeamSouth
  18. This is an informational post....TeamSouth retrieved the TB from "Pay Your Respects" at 1820 hours. It has been dropped in King County, BUT there has been a server problem on Geocaching.com that is blocking efforts to log the p/u or drop. I will email the ref as to this issue for a ruling. If anyone can post a note to "Pay Your Respects" cache, let me know. Thanks, GeoDiver for TeamSouth
  19. Just in case you didn't get my email...I will be there Saturday...and I love the idea. Rick
  20. I, too would vote for this most recent border change...to include the Pierce County portion of the peninsula. The PC team definitely has some active players in that area and there are some great caches there, too. Looking forward to meeting folks tonight at Round Table. Rick
  21. Costco recently had the Meridian Gold, packaged with data/power combo cable, Mapsend Topo CD, AND the just released Mapsend Direct Route street mapping software. Direct Route contains all of North America and can get you anywhere with turn-by-turn directions and audio prompts. Price was $350 with a $50 rebate on top of that, making it $300 net.
  22. Been using rechargables pretty much exclusively in my Meridian Plat since new about 4 months ago. NO problems. Carry a spare set of rechargables as well as a set of alkalines (just in case). Recahrgables are NiMH. Try to get the highest mAh rating you can (2100 or higher), they will last longer. GeoDiver
  23. !) Meridian Platinum (256 MB SD card) 2) Paper 3)Just upgraded to Magellan DirectRoute. Love it!!
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