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  1. If I remember correctly, "The Underside of Sunnyside" was actually between 40'-50' deep. I will try to check my dive computer to confirm. Maybe my max depth was 50'. TeamNoltex and I did go deeper than necessary because we swam right over the top of the cache the first pass.
  2. LindaLu, did indeed log #500 today on the Team Attack of "The Temple of Quack" cache. She played a significant part in solving the puzzles along the way. Congrats, LindLu.
  3. Thanks for the update. Overall, Olympia has one of the better concentrations of "known" sites.
  4. "Ice Pellets"...hmmmm, sounds like a great name for a new cache. You decide the difficulty rating, tho'.
  5. I noted that the article stated that, "By now, Fischer has found some 1,000 sites". When in fact it is currently a mere 992. I'm sure that Stump must have been mis-quoted. Seriously, Bruce...GREAT article. Thanks for sharing it. Now get out there and get those 8 more finds!
  6. YES...GeoDiver DID log one cache. I had not done "Power of the Written Word II". Skoogie, you should have known that...we passed each other on the trail to and from it. I had to leave at least one cache to do during the machine. Otherwise GeoGrammy might not have let me participate. It was a great day...although I would prefer to "machine" in an area that I haven't already cached. Next time! Thanks to ALL who made it happen!!!!!!
  7. I'm in the same boat, Bull. So I would be interested in the same scenario.
  8. The origin of my geocaching name should come as no surprise. I am a scuba diver, so I just added geo in front of diver. I chose the "diver" reference because I actually learned about geocaching by following a link to geocaching.com that was posted on a scuba forum.
  9. OK...this may not seem like a milestone to anyone but me...but, GeoBirder2 (my son-in-law), GeoHermione (my oldest daughter), HappyMamaBeth (my youngest daughter) and poopnhiemer (my other son-in-law) all got their 1st official finds the day after Christmas. GeoGrammy and I gave them GPSrs for Christmas and we are thrilled that they have joined the geocaching ranks. HappyMamaBeth and poopnhiemer lasted about 3 days before they ordered a second GPSr. We all know how hard it is to share. I hope they all have as much fun caching as we have...and get to meet the awesome people we have met thru this great pasttime.
  10. Me, too...I just posted a note to the cache page. I'll go delete it since you are aware of the problem.
  11. Agreed...it's a quick and easy walk to see if it's manageable, tho'.
  12. Hey Moose, This one's kinda cool. Fairly easy, but unique. I enjoyed it when I was in Leavenworth a couple of months ago. Have a great time...hope the weather is OK. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...&decrypt=y&log=
  13. Hi Happy, What Criminal is trying to say is, "If you took a little of that money you just spent on 'War-Driving' weapons and paid the meazly annual fee to be a premium member, you could get this info on your own". Luv Ya, GeoDiver
  14. Happy, Which antenna did you order?...and from where? Thanks! BTW, in case you were wondering why I have been "quiet and absent" on the recent "new" caches in Pierce County, I've been caching in Vancouver, BC since Friday. Returning home tonight.
  15. Great comic, Allanon. Guess we need to be more cautious.
  16. Christmas is coming!!! Uh, does that mean you're buying me one? Not after seeing your new avatar... Looks like you'll have a merry Christmas regardless!
  17. Got Lacoste Coffee from a list...have not personally confirmed it.
  18. My Favorite...and a geocache is located right on site...infact..GeoDiver was the FTF...of course! With a little help from member #3 of the "Senior" Xtreme Team.
  19. In the "Gig Harbor Cache Machine" thread, Criminal post that he had just learned that the Cutters Point Coffee Shop in Gig Harbor has FREE WiFi. I, too have used that location several times to log finds and check for new caches from my laptop. I thought it would be fun and helpful to cachers who use their wireless-enabled laptops or PDAs for caching to share known locations. I have created an MSWord document that lists a number of the hotspots I am aware of in the South Sound area. I will cut and paste it here for those interested...or I will email you an attachment if you send me a private email request. My list is just a starter...so, please add any locations you are aware of to this discussion. Anywhere that this NorthWest discussion group might be interested in. My only request is that we limit it to FREE hotspots. If you want to pay for access, go to any StarBuck's. Here's my list: South Sound FREE WiFi HotSpots King County Library - Federal Way 848 South 320th Street Federal Way WA 98003 King County Library - Federal Way Regional 34200 1st Way South Federal Way WA 98003 Mandolin Cafe S. 12th St and Proctor Tacoma, WA Sol Coffee 10625 Pacific Avenue, Suite B Tacoma, WA Midnight Espresso 1 Tacoma Ave. North Tacoma, WA 98403 Holiday Inn Express 8601 S. Hosmer St. Tacoma, WA BidderSuite Coffee 6404 Waller Rd. E Tacoma, WA Silver Cloud Inn 2317 Ruston Way Tacoma, WA Vin Grotto Café & Wine Bar 813 Pacific Ave. Tacoma, WA Northern Pacific Coffee Co. 401 Garfield S. Tacoma (Parkland) Tacoma Community College Wanamaker Library 6501 South 19th Street Tacoma WA 98466 Fife Community Center 2111 - 54th Avenue E Fife, WA 98424 Cutters Point Coffee 13210 Meridian E Puyallup WA Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites 812 South Hill Park Drive Puyallup WA 98373 Crazee Espresso - Lacey 640 Woodland Square Loop #A Lacey WA Caffe Vita 124 4th Avenue Olympia WA 98501 Clubside Cafe 406 4th Avenue Southeast Olympia WA 98501 Eastside Club Tavern 410 4th Avenue Southeast Olympia WA 98501 Kundalini Espresso Company 408 4th Avenue Southeast Olympia WA 98501 Last Word Books 211 E. 4th Ave Olympia WA 98501 Mud Bay Coffee 1600 Cooper Point Rd, Suite 630 Olympia WA New Caldonia Coffee Company 116 East 5th Avenue Southeast Olympia WA 98501 Old School Pizzeria 108 Franklin Street Northeast Olympia WA 98501 Olympia Farmer's Market 700 Capitol Way Olympia WA 98501 Phoenix Inn - Olympia 415 Capitol Way North Olympia WA 98501 Zipperz 412 Cherry Street Southeast Olympia WA 98501 LanWer X Game Centers 10600 Silverdale Way Silverdale, WA Cutters Point Coffee 5500 Olympic Dr. Gig Harbor, WA The Inn at Gig Harbor 3211 W. 56th St. N.W. Gig Harbor, WA Hall & Co. Coffee House 2620 Bridgeport Way Ste. B University Place, WA 98466 Lacoste Coffee 8623 87th Ave. SW Lakewood, WA
  20. As Belleterre said, the "group" area at Manchester has excellent facilities for RV hookups as well as tents. I've not seen many group areas that accommodate both as well as Manchester does. Would certainly afford much more of a "family reunion" type of atmosphere. I think it would encourage a large group gathering as opposed to a bunch of smaller groups.
  21. My vote is for the "back" on the left, also. Nice job. Very clean and will be very recognizable.
  22. Got two of them...one for each of my daughters and their husbands. Christmas presents, so keep it quiet!
  23. The Harmon is "downtown" Tacoma...as "downtown" as you can get. But it is easy to find... right on Pacific Ave...the main drag thru town. And well worth the effort. The pizza place in GH that Java Duck mentioned earlier was Round Table and not Godfathers. Another suggestion might be Anthony's (the old Shorline) in GH. They have a lower floor below the main restaurant that has been used for several group events that I have attended. One event was even a small gathering of old schoolmates for an impromtu get-together. Anthony's has a pretty good selection of brews. Not sure about the menu/prices.
  24. GeoGrammy and I are planning to be there. Gonna look at a couple of houses while on the island. We're putting ours on the market after the first of the year.
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