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  1. Yes. If you delete a log, the person that posted the log gets a notification. I believe I was the first to delete one of yellowjacket992's logs, knowing he would get an auto-notification. I received no response from him questioning why I deleted his log. Since then, many other cache owners have deleted his logs after verifying no signature in the cache. His find numbers have fallen from over 50 finds to currently 35 finds. To my knowledge, he has not responded to or questioned any of those deletions.
  2. Yes and he seems to have targeted Shebear & Storminn's coins. 4 out of 5 of them are theirs and based on the logs it doesn't look like he's going to let them go despite the rather prominent large font red post on the coins page. "Thanks for the coin" INDEED And I believe someone generously left all those coins in one cache. yellowjacket992 took them ALL...not just one, leaving the rest for other cachers. That's in the spirit of geocaching...NOT!
  3. A "new" cacher that goes by yellowjacket992 has been logging caches in the Seattle/Tacoma area. Most of his logs are either derogatory or just plain "TFTC". His profile self-claims his high IQ and how this game will be really easy for him. Several of us who have taken exception to his logs have chcked our caches that he claims to have found and so far, no yellowjacket992 signatures in the caches. If he has found any of your caches, you may want to check the cache for a signature and then delete his log if there is no signature. Just thought I'd let folks know this guy doesn't appear to be legit. GeoDiver OOPS! I noticed I spelled his name wrong in the topic header...it should be yellowjacket992
  4. Congrats to RUCK, who hit 2000 finds, two days ago. If you know RUCK, you know he would never toot his own horn...so I will!
  5. Just booked Ramada Limited in Longview...ALSO HAS WiFi!
  6. To all of you GREAT Minnesota cachers who took to heart my plea for the rescue of my TB, and especially GeoFishing4Caches, I say "THANK YOU" from the bottom of my heart. A side note to the recovery that makes this really special is this: The Emmalee's Education TB is a photo of my granddaughter, Emmalee who is 3 years old. She was 1 year old when the photo was taken. The goal of the TB is to travel to colleges and universities everywhere and have photos taken (if possible) visiting these places. The special part of this story is that while GeoFishing4Caches was retrieving the TB this weekend, Emmalee was welcoming her new baby brother into the world and even got to witness his birth. What a GREAT weekend for Grampy...that's me! I now have a personal goal to do some caching in Minnesota and meet some of the great cachers there. And if any of you make it to the Seattle/Tacoma area, please let me know! Thanks again for caring! Peace, Rick Lewis GeoDiver
  7. Thank you so much!! I appreciate the help and can certainly wait for the snows to melt. I'll be looking forward, hopefully to good news. Thanks again Rick GeoDiver
  8. I learned about geocaching while browsing a NW scuba diving forum. So I checked it out and discovered that one of the closest caches to my house was an underwater cache. GeoGrammy (my wife) and I grabbed our scuba gear the next weekend and made our first geocache find. We were also credited with an FTF since the only other finder at that time was a friend of the hider and was present during the hide. Not only was I hooked on geocaching, but I think I was bitten by the FTF bug.
  9. Thanks for all the helpful suggestions. I will persue them. If anyone has more ideas, I'm always interested to hear them. Thanks again for the ideas. Peace, Rick GeoDiver
  10. Hello Minnesota cachers! I have a TB that is near and dear to me that has been trapped in a cache because the cache owner got mad about some comments made by someone and archived all his caches. I don't think he removed the caches, just archived them out of anger. I would appreciate it greatly if someone in the area could check this cache... GCHV08 ... and rescue my "Emmalee's Education TB". Thanks for your help!!! Sincerely, Rick GeoDiver Lakewood, WA
  11. Would like to propose a Labyrinth category...not to be confused with mazes. Labyrinths have no dead-ends. There is one way "in" and one way "out". They are an ancient meditation tool whose popularity is rebounding.
  12. Man it seems like the "next" 100 takes sooo much longer than the previous 100.... That being said, I recently FINALLY reached 700 finds and on the same cache reached 100 FTFs. Kinda planned it that way when someone asked me how many FTFs I had and I realized I was approaching 100 FTFs and 700 finds.
  13. I'm not sure about Log Walk as I haven't done it, but I tot... can be accessed via Olalla Valley Road (you'll see the trail head). It's a pretty quick grab from there as there is no route finding. Parking is pretty limited there, though. Easiest access to Log Walk is also from Olalla Valley Road (same trailhead). Not a lot of parking, but as far down on the list as they are, that shouldn't be a problem.
  14. "The Underside of Sunnyside" has been archived.
  15. Maybe some autographed "glamour" shots of Manulani could be given as prizes for the GPS contest(s).
  16. This is a GREAT trip. A group of 7 of us did the same trip almost exactly a year ago...May 8, 2004. We had two 16/18' boats and left from Manchester. We tied up at the Blake Island Docks near the lodge and walked to all the caches from there. We were done and back to the boats for lunch (which we brought with us). Just as we were finishing lunch, the storm clouds moved in and it began to pour. My 16' runabout has NO cover, so it was a fun trip back to Manchester. On that day, there was a -2.8 low tide at 2:45PM. I tied my boat up to the end of the dock, drove GeoGrammy back to Tacoma and returned to Manchester about 3 hours later and still had to wait for the tide to come in so the launch ramp was in the water. All-in-all it was one of my best/most fun days of caching. Have fun!!!! BTW, the crew consisted of GeoDiver, GeoGrammy, Blue Heron, LadyDi, Perrin and Faile, and Sheep17.
  17. Nice coin...but I'm disappointed that Manulani is not depicted...
  18. Did anyone tell Moun10Bike about this rule that I excepted from the Squilchuck State Park Webpage?? Rule: "Mountain biking is not allowed in the lodge..."????
  19. The coordinates for the cache are NOT in the "Online Version" of the article. You will have to get ahold of a copy of the paper. And BTW...LindaLu was FTF.
  20. Very, very nice...too bad you didn't have these as an FTF prize back when your "Does a Bear Sit in the Woods" cache came out. I will just have to find one in "a-cache-near you".
  21. 1980's Mt. St. Helens... Inscription could read: "ASHington - The EverGREYState"
  22. I agree with the ovewhelming sentiment of the previous posts. It's your gig, invite who (or is that whom?) ever you want. Hopefully, we geocachers never adopt a "country club" attitude. And I also agree that some of those folks might (and probably will) become cachers in the future. Maybe this will be the start of other events designed to introduce geocaching to the uninitiated.
  23. On the calendar...GeoGrammy and I had a blast at GeoLuau I. Got to meet many new cachers. Even had someone show up that had just bought a GPSr, never cached and knew no one...just saw the event page on GC.com. It was really fun to help him and watch his excitement as he found his 1st cache. And I will attest...the Kahlua Pork is Yummmmmmmmy!
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