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  1. When a ham gets a license, every one tries to come up with something using the letter's of the call. Only thing i could come up with was:




    I've got to quit messing around wasting my time with all of this geocaching and get back on the air. 73 Dick, W7WT


    Thanks, Dick...I kinda like that! It's better than the NATO Phonetics, which is what TotemLake was probably referring to. :)


    Awesome! Do you have any ideas about what radio yet?


    No idea, yet. I plan to visit the Radio Club of Tacoma's shack on some Saturdays and see what I can learn. Then, hopefully I will have a better idea of where I want to go with this. I also want to start preparing for the General exam.

  3. I found my way over to the HamFest at Bethel Jr. High in Spanaway yesterday. Took the test for my Technician class and passed easily, using just the resources posted in this forum for study.


    Now I want to spend some time become more knowledgeable about the world of Amateur Radio and then take a look at the General class. (When I finished the Tech exam, the examiner asked if I wanted to take the General test while I was there). Not prepared for that.

  4. Here are some additional links if anyone is interested in preparing for the test(s).


    For the "Study Guide" link I previously posted click here.


    Practice Tests that include all possible questions and scores your tests, click here.


    Radio Club of Tacoma "HamFest" will be held Saturday August 14, 2010 at Bethel Junior High School (south of Tacoma). The test will be administered to interested parties at 10:00AM. Further details about HamFest here.


    I am planning to take the test at HamFest on Saturday. As Criminal said in his earlier post, the test is not that difficult. Using the above Study Guide and the Practice Tests for less than a week, I have been scoring above 90% every time on the practice tests. Passing score is 74%.


    Again, I hope this is helpful to others.

  5. This post piqued my interest, as getting my ham license has been an interest of mine for a long time. In all honesty, the Morse Code requirement was what kept me from pursuing it. (I know some long-time hams don't agree with the elimination of the Morse Code requirement). Now that that requirement is gone, I am again looking into it.


    In my research on the internet, I found this Study Guide for the Technician Class License that appears to be really good...and FREE! It's been a big help in improving my scores on the online pratice tests. BTW, this study guide is updated to the new test questions effective July 1, 2010.


    Hope it is helpful to others.

  6. Congratulations are in order for long-time NW geocacher, Glenn Malone (GEM's) as he has been honored as the National Distinguished Elementary School Principal from Washington. The award is sponsored by the National Association of Elementary School Principals in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Education. The Tacoma News Tribune article can be found at the link below:




    I am not surprised in the least by this honor! Way to go, Glenn!

  7. GeoGrammy and I would like to participate if work related issues don't arise to conflict. We both paddle NC17 Overnighter LT kayaks. These are 17' fiberglass sea kayaks manufactured in Tacoma by NC Kayaks

    The 17' LT model weighs 43 lbs and we paid about $2200 each for them, new.

    If we are able to attend, we will definitely bring them.

  8. Arrived around 2PM...came over I-90...NO problems what so ever...have been wine tasting since we arrived... are sufficiently lubricated (and jazzed, according to GeoGrammy) for the Friday dinner and Saturday CM.

    GeoDiver and GeoGrammy

  9. GEM's, WAY TO GO! Nicely done on all your good work to coordinate this.


    And I want to thank you for the opportunity to participate as a volunteer at the GeoCaching table and in the field with the conference attendees. As much fun as it was, I had to marvel at what great possibilities an event like this presents in exposing vast numbers of people to GeoCaching. The many attendees who participated in the hunt, as well as those who just stopped by the table to learn about GeoCaching, are all educators, so when you think about the number of other educators and students who will be exposed through them, it's quite significant. GeoCaching will certainly benefit from these types of events.


    I stand ready to volunteer again when the next opportunity presents itself. Thanks again!




  10. Oh man, I just saw this thread. Have been wanting to help with one of these events since GEMs started them. Besides, it's been way too long since I've seen my old "Hot Potato" and "Bloated, Festering Head" teammate, GEMs.


    My schedule is free Thursday and Friday, but sadly, at best I could do one shift on one day. Tell me which shift, if you still want more fanatics.



    Looks like Thursday morning or the one shift on Friday have the fewest. Which should I put you down for?


    Friday would be best...THANKS!

  11. Oh man, I just saw this thread. Have been wanting to help with one of these events since GEMs started them. Besides, it's been way too long since I've seen my old "Hot Potato" and "Bloated, Festering Head" teammate, GEMs.


    My schedule is free Thursday and Friday, but sadly, at best I could do one shift on one day. Tell me which shift, if you still want more fanatics.



  12. Just went to King5 news on the internet and found what Rick did. Had to do with what he found while diving.


    Ok...I better clear this up before I turn into Pseidon. My little bit part on King5 News was only because I was hanging around on Ruston Way when the recovery effort was taking place and got to chatting with the news team from King5., so they shot a bit of footage because I am a diver and I was right there in their

    face (or lens).


    I was NOT the diver that found the body. I hate to admit it, but if I were diving in 200' of water, it would have been MY body they would have had to recover. I was just feeding my curiousity of the recovery efforts.

  13. I just received my 60CSx today. The included Mapsource disk was something less than 6.12.2. I ran the "Check for Software Updates" from the Mapsource program "Help" menu. The latest update it said was available was 6.12.2. I downloaded and installed that update, then I went to the link posted on this forum for 6.12.3...downloaded and installed it with no problems.


    AND...I am running Windows XP Media Edition...so that's not an issue.

  14. Congrats to Geodiver for hitting 1000 at the Talk Like A Pirate Event today. Go Rick!!!

    Ruck beat me to it. Congratulations to my buddy and reliable phone-a-friend GeoDiver on #1000 today, even if it was "just an event". How many of those were FTF's?


    Thanks, to my closest caching friends for their congratulatory wishes.


    As to making my 1000th find "just an event cache" :laughing: ...It was a great event...and GeoGrammy and I did kayak to the event (in true pirate fashsion) which made it more challenging and even more fun!


    In regards to how many FTFs... it's not about the numbers and my therapist says I'm progressing nicely and that obsessions don't have to be unhealthy. So 134 FTFs are really not important to me. :anitongue:

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