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  1. I have a $10 wally world special. I mostly do 1 mile or less distance caches with my 2 daughters (6&8). I pack trade items, small first aid kit, limited cache repair kit (pencils, pens, pencil sharpeners, log books, baggies), batteries and usually something to drink. I have 3 seperate compartements to help organize the stuff. My previous pack was a $6 special that had only one compartment and I had trouble finding the items I wanted as they were all mixed together - Thus the upgrade .
  2. A local caher hid 20 or so individual caches as a series. In some caches there was a digit of the final cache and some had 'try again' in them. You had to find them to get the coords for N ab cd.efg W hij kl.mno. So one cache had a=4 etc. each was its own cache page so you could go out and find them in any order you wanted. Depending on which letters you found - you may be able to guess at the final cache coords without finding all of the 20 caches. This was a very popular series that was praised in the logs as a fun adventure. Some cachers completed the series in a few days and some (me) took a few months to get out and find enough of them to get the final. This type allowed someone to go and find a few and not even try to find the final. Still have a couple of finds and not just be 1/10th done with a large multi. I did this series and enjoyed it. I probably would not have attempted a 20 stage multi.
  3. The Topo maps include the streets also - not just topographic information.
  4. Magellan Mapsend Topo USA V. 4.20d $35 shipping included. It is used but I guarantee that the CD will work. This is the Official version not a copy. GPS in picture sold and not included You can check out my ebay profile: mattntami to see that I can be trusted. I have a feedback number over 3500 with 99.9% positive.
  5. GPS has been SOLD I still have MAgellan Mapsen TOPO for the US Version 4.20D for sale. First $35 gets it - shipping included.
  6. Magellan Meridian with manual, PC cable, software PLUS Mapsend Topo USA version 4.20d mapping software. This GPS has 2 mb memory with a SD card slot to add additional memory. The Topo mapping software has topo features as well as street maps for the US that can be loaded to the GPS using the data cable included. This is a 12 chanel WAAS enabled reciever with a Quad helix antanna. This would be a great starter GPS for someone wanting mapping ability. I asking $150 including shipping to your door. My eBay ID is mattntami where my feedback # is 3887 with 99.9% positive. This was my personal GPS and I am selling because I have upgraded. Email me thru my profile or at: mattntami at gmail dot com
  7. As other posters have said "someones bad cache item is anothers treasure". I cache with my 2 kids ( 7 & 5 ). The 7 year old's last pick was a used golf ball. These have whole threads stating how bad of a trade item they are - yet she was very happy to find it. She can't wait until spring so she can hit her golf ball around the yard. If you are caching and TN/L toy car then you are better than all of the TN/LN cachers.
  8. I think someone is trying to pull your leg. There is no expiration. Some poeple would like all travel bugs to be released back to a cache in two weeks, but sometimes real life gets in the way. Take the time and place your cache.
  9. When I moved from Kansas to Wisconsin, I put a note on the cache page and also emailed all cachers that had found my cache. Within a day I had multiple offers for adoption. I then emailed Groundspeak and they changed the owner.
  10. When the arrow jumps around I look at the distance and ignore the arrow - when I am going in the right direction the distance goes down.
  11. If the hider gives a high difficulty rating - then sneaky/unusual is ok - the hider has disclosed that it should be difficult to find. This is the point of the terain/difficulty ratings. Some cachers enjoy the challenge of not seeing the cache from 10 feet away. review the ratings and hunt ones that meet your interest.
  12. I have the Green and use Topo. I only have a 32mb card and I can load all of Wisconsin with lots of room to spare. Easy to use - has a quad helix antanna - so it gets good reception under tree cover. I have had mine since Aug 2003 and am very happy. BTW - I don't know the seller - this is just my experience with the model. For what I have seen on ebay - this is a good price with all of the extras that come with it.
  13. I cache with my 2 daughters (5 & 7). They usually make trades and the items they take never make it back into another cache. Some of the items they take get broken or lost even before we get home. Some have lasted and are still around my house.
  14. Here is the email that I recieved: Thank you for shopping at Target.com, your direct link to the Target® stores you love. Unfortunately, the following item is not currently available from any of our sources. "eTrex Legend C Bonus Pack" We have cancelled this item from your order. Because you only pay for items when we ship them to you, your credit card has not been charged for this item. Therefore, we regret we will not be able to process your order. Your order is now closed. Please note: This e-mail was sent from a notification-only address that cannot accept incoming e-mail. Please do not reply to this message. If you have further questions, please visit our online Help department. Thank you for being a valued Guest. We hope you visit us again. Sincerely, Guest Services Department Target.com www.target.com
  15. Which model? Green, Yellow, Gold, Platnum, Color?
  16. I have a basic Magellan Meridian Green <<see avatar - and have been happy with it. I have not used a Sportrac - but I think the menus etc are probably similar. As Bob said - I think the ease of use is similar between brands once you have a basic understanding. I do seem to be able to find caches under tree cover - I assume my quad-helix antenna helps.
  17. I have done a lot of cemetary multicaches. I needed to go to the cemetary and find a tombstone or sign and get some numbers to finish the coordinates for the final cache. ex. find the john Q Smith tombstone and subtract 1321 from his year of birth to fill in N 44 15.XXX and subtract 1143 from his year of death to fill in W 088 25.XXX for the final ammo box. This brings people to see the cemetary where they don't have to root around the bushes looking for the cache in the cemetary but are then directed to another spot for the final cache.
  18. I'm in Wisconsin - sales tax rate 5.0% I sure hope this deal goes through - I have some family that has gone caching with me that would like a cheap color GPS.
  19. Discount works great - I had to cancel my original order and then reorder using promo code. 3 Legend C with tax and shipping $490.88.
  20. I got the link from another post. I ordered it and it says it will ship November 24. I figure if it is only a regular Legend, I will just return it -- but if it is a Legend C then it's a cheap upgrade from my Magellan Meridian Green. Target Legend C $169.99
  21. I have used a PDA screen protector on my GPSr. I bought some that were larger and then cut them to size. This may be what you are seeing on that GPSr.
  22. As Ironman114 said *** the cache page should say that the cache is not on the RR right of way and for all cachers to stay off. As some GPSr may be off, the cache hunters need to know to stay away even if the GPSr show different.
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