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  1. You can do this with a macro available on GSAK. I use it and it works great.
  2. My issue with not being able to edit my solutions has been fixed by Samuel. I had an apostrophe in my puzzle and a minor tweak fixed that issue and the new server. This is a great relief that it is back up and running and prtobably under valued by Geocachers. Many thanks Samuel for your fast fix of my problem Bernie
  3. It is back, but I have tried to edit a solution and the save is not saving my edits. Emaild to see if it is a delay issue with bveing on a newe server. Awaiting a reply.
  4. I have been all through that and because the cache was adopted, there are no tools options to remove the vote. This might have to be done by an administrator at Groundspeak maybe?
  5. I recently applied some of my favourite votes to some caches owned by a friend and now he is giving up caching for a while and has asked me to take over the caches. They have now been transferred to me and it looks wrong for me to be voting for my own cache! However, there is no way that I can deallocate the favourite votes from these caches now. Can anybody at Groundspeak advise how I should do this? Many thanks
  6. Here is ours from the South of England. 1st May 2010 10 Years - Titchfield, Hampshire, UK Cache Event
  7. I have written to Garmin to complain about the layering and the inability to let the OS maps cut out when they become unclear. Awaiting a reply. Running the latest Beta software helkps a few things, but not the way the maps show.
  8. Thought it was to good to be true NOW it is!!!!! Maps-Warehouse £107.99
  9. I ordered my maps from GPSDEALS and guess what? They don't have any left at that price and all new stock will be £114. Cancelled the order
  10. Who mentioned pirated copies, I certainly didn't but thanks for the other info anyway. i know you did not but i wanted to cover my a** can anyone help on the info i requested In reply to your question on Zoom levels and TOPO / GB Discoverer. If you read the previous logs regarding the zoom levels, there does not now seem to be a way to stop Discoverer showing to allow the clearer TOPO to take over. Maybe Garmin will fix this with some sofgtware changes, but for now it can only be done, I thjink by deselecting the Discoverer maps to allow TOPO mapping. I haver also ordered the Southern England maps and will have a good play around when I get them
  11. Well I have been nagging Garmin about the shutdowns I was experiencing with the GB Discoverer maps. Their reply leads me to believe that multiple maps with similar areas and features may be causing the problems? Thanks for your reply I will be happy to help. I?ve tested the Topo and GB Disco 1:50k maps, when you are below 500? the map does blur and this is normal. When I tested I had both Topo GB and GB disco enabled, when I wanted to view the Topo maps I went to Options > Select map and deselected the GB Disco maps. The Topo mapping works fine, this is using the 2.96 beta software which was released yesterday. You need to enable or disable the mapping product that you are not wanting to view as this can cause some confusion on the unit which may cause an improper shut down. This may well happen when you are running Topo, City Navigator and GB Discoverer as these products contain either the same or very similar areas of map data such as road information. If there is anything else I can help you with then please let me know. Alternatively you can search for a solution here: http://www.garmin.com/support I hope this might help others. I will also post on the Colorado Wiki
  12. I just don't think Garmin are ready properly with these maps as there are so many niggly things going wrong.
  13. Still waiting for a reply from Garmin, but a few bits of information In a non 1:50 part of the map I get 1:250 at .8m (Actually everywhere) On the edge of the National Parks (Not exactly in) I get 500' = 1:50 and 300' = TOPO which is good On the edge of the National Parks (Not exactly in) I get 1:250- at .8m In the National Park I get 1:50 all the way down into blurr with TOPO on top (Double maps)! No good! In the National Parks (Not exactly in) I get 1:250- at .8m The Colorado has frozen several times for no reason, just in map view as I am testing it. The resolution is not as good as I thought it would be and I see that the Oregon has had lots of software updates to get rid of these issues. I am hoping that there is a software fiox for this or get Garmin to change my Colorado for an Oregon. Bernie
  14. Not a good start with my new GB Discoverer 1:50 National Parks card. I am getting the GPS freeze up, TOPO maps on top of the Discoverer maps. I seem to get Discoverer down to 20' and all blured. I do get the Discoverer maps cut out below 800', but not in all locations. I need to do some proper testing, but first impressions are not great. I think the Oregon software has been sorted out, but not the Colorado. I have spoken to Garfmin today and they are going to advise me on what to do. I will post replies later as I am on holiday for a week now and may or may not have access to the Internet. Bernie
  15. Well I got my GB Discoverer map SD Card today 1:50 National Parks and I am in the process of deleting the City Navigator Maps that I had and will put TOPO onto the unit. However, as you have just saiud, there is not enough internal memory. I have a Colorado and there is about 400 MB left after geocaches take up the rest of the space. There is 1GB left on the SD card, but I don't want to and maybe could not load more TOPO maps onto this cards which I am sure would be protected opr something. Also the map name for the TOPO and the Discoverer will be the same, so they would need to be on different drives. I am therefore just loading essential TOPO areas. As I travel a lot, I would rather have it all loaded on though. Strumble has an Oregon and IU think there is more internal memory on that than the Colorado? Maybe I should upgrade to a 550T? Bernie
  16. Even better then because my City Nav is 2008 being the second copy. The SD card will be more up to date than that if I buy now. Great to be back on here checking things out with really good feedback. Back to work now! Bernie
  17. Now thats more interesting indeed. I was out geocaching this evening in Liverpool as I am here overnight and started to use the compas views for the final 100 feet or so to find the caches and it was not as difficult as I thought it would be. Now if I get the 1.50 Discoverer and start zooming in nearedr the caches and this changes to City Nav or Topo (I also have both on my Colorado), then that is a result. In Geocaching mode I have TOPO maps and in Automaotive, I only have City Nav. Many thanks foir your usual excellent feedback. Best regards Bernie
  18. Thanks Strumble. I am not sure about the software fixes for the Colorado for Discover, but I have just upgraded to 2.9.5 BETA to fix other issues. I will have a think about the Discoverer maps because it would be a pain to walk with discoverer and then disable to view 20' zoom level. Maybe I should try Geocaching at a bigger zoom or rely on the compas view to get the best of both worlds. Bernie
  19. Strumble I am still a Colorado owner and have Topo UK maps installed. As I geocache a lot, I do zoom into 20' range when I get near a cache. From all the pictures of GB Discoverer maps, what would be seen at this zoom level? Would TOPO take over because the Discoverer maps woujld be so blurred? I am thinking of getting the 1.50 National Parks SD card, but if I geocache and want to view at 20', I want to have a clear view of the area. TOPO detail is fine at this level. Many thanks for your views on this Bernie
  20. The reason for the delay could be that Garmin have just released a new software update for the Oregon and the Colorado to offer "support" for the new GB Discoverer maps. Maybe the units were not ready yet. Colorado software version now 2.9 Bernie
  21. You need to be in automotive mode. Is that the issue?
  22. Good to see that they will be on sale soon. Zero stock available, but I expect that they are positioning themselves to be the first to sell some. Bernie
  23. What about people who pick up Geocoins and don't log them out. My new coin has not moved 1 mile because of this and despite asking cachers who were at the cache near the time I dropped it off, no sign of it. Is this an increasing issue of disappearing coins? It is disappointing because it would be a cacher who found it and they should be aware of what it is all about. Bernie
  24. Furthermore I see you have now switched to the Oregon from the Colorado.
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