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  1. My wife is a two-troop Girl Scout leader and has taken both troops on cache outings that I scoped out first to make sure the caches exist and are not too difficult for a group of young girls to find. We had parents with us as well and it was very fun explaining the game to them and watching the excitement on all their faces when they found the caches. When it came to explaining muggles the parents got really excited. The whole "cloak and daggers" thing really appealed to the inner-child in them. Of course we explained that if anyone asks what you're doing that you explain to them what geocaching is and how you're not doing anything illicit or suspicious. We actually made a couple families become caching families with these outings. A lot of that had to do with the Geocaching Intro app for the iPhones (its ridiculous how many people own these things). A free, easy way to introduce them to the world of geocaching. Anyway, my point is, while it might seem counter to the moral code of scouting to be secretive, you have to look at geocaching as a game. It's pretty much an electronic hide-and-seek. So long as you're not drawing attention to yourself in a negative manner, most muggles will ignore you. Be stealthy, but don't be so obvious that you look like you're up to no good.
  2. Same here, although thinking back, I usually copy/paste a generic sentence commenting on my cache outing. Usually says something to the effect of "Out on a cache run with the family" or "Out on a quick run with Wifey/Pinto/Mouse (those be their nicknames)". So my actual 'TFTC' log would look like this: "Out caching with the family on a fine day. TFTC!!" So I am double-tapping on the screen and pressing "Paste" to enter the first part and once I type the letters TF it auto-suggests TFTC. I then enter the !!. So all in all, I press the screen 7 times to type out the equivalent of 49 screen presses. Add in the retypes that would take place because of my fat sausage fingers and just the act of typing the log would take longer than the search, find, sign log, and rehiding of the lame cache. So while I may not be a TFTC-only signer....my intent is just the same. If I didn't like the cache I sought and found, I'm not giving the CO anything other than a TFTC. Everything else was superfluous and didn't cost me but a second of my time.
  3. Your a fine ambassador of the hobby. You should attend some CITO's and contribute some caches to it. Then I may think your arguments hold more weight. There has been a lot of work involved in getting and keeping land managers in our court. Get involved and you may change your mind on all sorts of aspects of geocaching. I can't help you with your kids. Mine love certain puzzles, hiking, clever urban hides, and helping me make caches. Wow. So I get attacked for my opinion, defend my opinion, then get attacked about not participating more or being as experienced as you? Seriously? First of all, I JUST started doing this. Just hit my 6-month mark and have already logged 250 finds. Considering my busy life, that's actually pretty amazing if you ask me. Sure, a good bulk of those are the lame caches I refer to, but, I defer to my reasoning for doing them in the first place. While I might not like doing them, they bring happiness to my girls and keep them interested in the game. Hopefully as they get older and we do this more they will be more into the harder terrain and puzzle caches. At this point we take what we can get. Having said that, I very much want to become more active in the game. I am currently in the process of getting our first hide together. But, like I said previously, I want it to be special. I want it to have significance for not only being our first cache but to also show appreciation of the game itself. Many a hobby has come and gone in my life because I just don't have the time or patience for the payoff. With geocaching, that payoff is instant, and the fun we have as a family is the reward we reap. So while some people can go out and drop 15 or 20 hides in a day, I'm taking my time on this...making sure I've got the camouflage the way I want, making sure the site I have picked out is appropriate enough, getting the necessary permissions to hide it, and then coming up with the proper cache name and description. I'm not in it for the highest numbers of hides and finds....I'm in this for the thrill of the seek and the agony of the DNF. And to quote my grandfather...."Experience doesn't necessarily make you better....just long-winded and bitter."
  4. The answer you seek should be painfully obvious just by looking at my avatar pic. I have two young children that absolutely adore the lame caches. They don't like traipsing through forests and getting covered in stickers/poison ivy or doing overly elaborate puzzle caches. They're kids with short attention spans and the instant gratification of the lame caches keeps them interested. But, again, I use the 'TFTC' on almost all my logs...be it lame or not. Go see for yourself. Like I said...it's easier to type that on an iPhone than a lengthy missive...if the cache isn't worth the effort in my opinion, I won't write more than that. Sorry if my logic fails to live up to your standards.
  5. In pretty much all my logs, the acronym "TFTC" appears. While on LPCs and P&Gs that's probably all I wrote, on the good caches, I'll give a little story or anecdote about the find, but I still close it with the "TFTC". Why? Because typing "Thanks for the cache" on an iPhone becomes an exercise in futility when you have massive sausage fingers such as mine. Hell, I've written TFTC so often that my iPhone actually auto-corrects it if I don't capitalize it. I think that the proliferation of the usage of this acronym is more of an indictment into the fact that a lot of us n00bs are using smartphones and probably saw or heard someone use "TFTC" because it's easier than typing it all out and just began to use it. That's how I did it. I thought it was acceptable use. Then I met a group of cachers at a 10/10/10 event and they told me that they use it to, in a roundabout way, to show their disdain for lame caches. I still use it, but for both. But I will patently defend my usage of the acronym all by its lonesome when it comes to the ridiculously easy, for-the-numbers caches like the aforementioned LPCs, P&Gs, guardrails, and magnetics on drain pipes/newspaper dispensers/power boxes. I honestly don't think it's worth the effort to post a wordy log if it takes more time to type it out then it did to find it. That's my opinion. Your mileage may vary.
  6. I've said it once and I'll say it again....if the CO can't be arsed with coming up with a unique cache other than a micro bison tube hanging on a tree branch in a Cracker Barrel parking lot, an Altoids® can under a lamp post skirt, or an undecorated ammo can sitting under a too-perfectly-stacked-to-NOT-be-hiding-something pile of tree bark, then I can't be arsed with giving your cache any more of a log comment than "TFTC". Seriously, I'm not playing this game to stroke the egos of the lazy. Impress me with the hide and I'll compliment the hide and possibly mark it as a favorite. **Edited for poor grammar and spelling**
  7. Did you post your issue on the Feedback site? Because, seriously, this is by far the worst plea for help I've ever read. You don't explain at all what's happening aside from it's slow and it's not working. It works just fine on my iPhone 4, my bro's 3GS, and my cube-mate's 3G and iPad. Version 4.2 did a lot more than just add Retina Display-compatible graphics, you know. The problem is the more features they incorporate, the more bloated the app becomes, and this will lead to decreased performance on the older hardware. Also, iOS 4.2.1 broke some functionality as well, and this could be the cause of your strife. But, if you are seriously wanting some help, go about it in a more mature, and helpful, manner. Screaming "It's broke, fix it!" on a forum thread that is meant only for the posting of Release Notes for the app and not the site that is actually setup for that very purpose will do nothing for your cause.
  8. +1,000 I cannot agree enough. Personally I find the "my" page abysmal to look at. All the tools I need are buried on the right sidebar and, considering they are highly-desirable Premium Tools like PQs and Bookmarks, I would love to see them more prominently featured on my page instead of buried half-way down the page below my unnecessary-to-me Stat Bar. I'm not expecting a dramatic change, but in all seriousness, the "my" page needs some serious redesign love. Make it customizable for the user to add/remove tools and we're golden.
  9. I haven't flat-out replaced wet logs out of respect to the CO, but I will place a new log in a zip-lock baggie and send an NM post alerting the CO to the fact that the old log is wet and that the container is failing to keep out the elements. Only 2 posts appear to have been ignored when I've done this.
  10. I sliced my hand open while lifting a badly-welded metal lamp skirt. Didn't require any stitches but did end my cache run extremely early on. Edited for typo.
  11. Not that my opinion really matters, being a n00b AND an iPhone cacher, but in all honesty, I think it is poor form for the cacher to NOT log the find on the site with at least a note stating they've found it. Having said that, I don't agree that the cacher should meet some unrealistic posting criteria that is NOT enforced by Groundspeak. I understand that the CO wants to hear feedback from the field. They want to know if their hard work and cleverness that went into that cache has paid off. I get that. But at the same time, if I felt that the type of cache I found isn't worthy of a paragraph of gratitude, I'm not going to write it. A simple "TNLNSL" or "TFTC" should be sufficient to cover my log for finding an ammo can inside a hollowed-out tree trunk or a LPC. Little thought/care went into the creation of the cache, so why would it be worthy of a missive about the struggles of getting out of my car, lifting the light pole skirt, and opening the container to sign the log, all while performing the best techniques of stealth for the location (looking around to make sure no one sees)? Now, if it's a handmade, wooden Codex and requires solving an intricate puzzle to retrieve the "combination" to open, you better believe the log will have more than "+1" or "Neat". But, as far as what I perceive the requirements of the game to be as set forth in the rules by Groundspeak, my physical log needs to consist of nothing other than my team name and date found, and logging online doesn't have any set requirements other than to stay on topic and refrain from profanity. And while I feel it is wrong for someone to log a find with no comment or +1, I feel it is absolutely wrong to just delete out of spite. Deleting the log because of this WITHOUT checking the physical log to verify if they did indeed find it proves nothing more than you got butt-hurt because someone didn't stroke your ego on the amazing placement of your camo'ed Lock-n-Lock under the rubble of too-obvious-to-be-natural tree bark. Seriously, now, why not pick a better battle than this...like perhaps those who think a bottle cap or trash makes for a proper swag swap.
  12. I have been lurking these forums for quite some time and only post when I absolutely have to. I haven't been geocaching for very long but my family has already logged 121 finds. We quite love the game and hope to be playing for years to come. Howard_Family consists of myself (formerly Pdj79), my wife c-how, and our 2 daughters, Pinto and Mouse. We cache as a family and never by ourselves. Sometimes it'll be just me and one of the girls or just me and my wife. We love the challenge of the hide and, while still green, are learning the ropes real quick. We started small, mainly doing P&Gs and LPCs, but have started branching out and are now doing tougher terrain difficulties as well as Puzzle caches and are working on several challenge caches as well. We are located out of Noblesville, Indiana (a suburb of Indianapolis) and sometimes will cache with either my brother's family (team hoosierduckman) or my wife's mother and boyfriend (hoosier hooligan), who we recently converted on a small cache run just north of the Michigan border. The thrill of the hunt is what keeps us going. The negativity on these boards do not sway our resolve. We hope to cross paths with any and all on here. Happy hunting. Howard_Family
  13. The family will definitely be attending this event. We didn't start caching until this past 4th of July and didn't hear about these types of events until they had already passed. Can't wait.
  14. Hello all, I'm a newbie so I apologize if this is known information and I have somehow missed it. When looking at the list of caches, I see a column with the cache size but also a listing of "D/T". What does this mean? I am beginning to figure out all the acronyms used on this site and in posts but this is one I'm not sure of. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Josh
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