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  1. Thanks for this information; I just spent half an hour trying to figure out how to delete them. So, I'd like to add (in case other people read this thread), that if you are using the GCTidy Chrome Extension, it will hide the "edit" button for the TB Images not attached to log entries. So, in that case, disable the extension to access that edit button.
  2. Sounds interesting. Might check it out in the late summer. Are all the ferries in all from Tokyo? -- nobu in Osaka.
  3. I use a Sony-Ericsson Xperia (X10) android phone and I often find the same thing however, I agree with what someone above was saying about the "error" level. I mainly use two applications for paperless: one talks with the geocaching.com website to get information, hints, descriptions, post logs, etc... and the other one, like you, I use for so called "off-line" paperless geocaching. With both apps (or the other ones i've installed), the error level (the plus or minus accuracy) of the GPS/GPS+Network will go up and down. I suspect this is the case with most non-dedicated gps devices or even real gps devices. (There are a lot of cache descriptions saying things like "the tall buildings can throw off your GPSr", etc..) However, keeping an eye on the error/accuracy indicators really helps a lot. If the GPSr told me exactly where to look in only a 1 meter (3ft) radius, there wouldn't much actual "searching" involved. Switching between compasses using GPS bearings and the magnetic compass bearing in my device helps a lot along with making use of the mapping features. In the worst case, they get me within 15-20 meters of the cache, where the search fun can begin.
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