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  1. Ack! The Boy Scout camping area!

    I spent many a night freezing my Assetts off there. I remeber one night hideing inside the fireplace with the fire to stay warm. That was back in the late '70s, when I could walk there from my house, and often did.

    Can't make it the 3rd. so have fun without me.

  2. From the Waterbury Republican American Newspaper, Local section, 8/4/4.


    "Was it a rattler in the trail?" by Gale Courney Toensing


    An thru hike on the AT was bitten by a snake August 2 along the Undermountain trail near RT 41. After being evacuated down the mountain he was Life Star Helicpotered to Hartford Hospital. The snake was not identified and anti venom was not used as "..whatever bit him had not injected poison into the bite." He was discharged from the hospital and planned to continue his hike.




    There are a few caches near there I've recently added to my find list without seeing any snakes. Just in case I've replaced my dry rotted snake bite kit ( at least 20 years old) with a new one.


    Last May while visiting a cache I saw what can only be described as MANY snakes in the brush near the cache. They went one way< I went another>.


    Got a laugh recently when I found a rubber snake placed to "guard?" a letterbox.

  3. My rule is, if my boots hit the ground I log it. I failed to do so once and it turned out the cache wasn't there, confirmed by the next visitor. I still feel bad about that.


    Seeing a cache that has DNF's doesn't stop me from looking for it. In many cases it adds to the challange.


    I can claim Multiple DNF's that were GONE. I can also claim multiple DNF's that were clever hides. Depending on how sure I am about myself I may contact the owner directly to explain in detail where I looked so they can decide if a look see is needed. There is a multi stage Hydro 1000 miles away I have to finish that was confirmed missing by the owner, and later replaced. There is a micro 15 miles from here that was found a week after I DNF'd.


    GLM's comments were very close to my way of thinking.


    The explanation is what carries the real weight.

  4. Having not really cached during the true summer months yet, I'll have to say there are +- about both.


    - Man I HATE bugs! Breathing control to avoid inhaling no-seeums. Two Tick bites in the last two weeks. Dozens brushed off before they got the chance. Limited sight distance due to the green things hanging off those tall wooden things. Sun burn, sweat. So much extra water to carry.

    +So many more hours of daylite. Caches not frozen in place. So many more new caches being placed. Kayak caches available. So many fewer layers of clothing to wash.


    - Dang it's cold. I gotta take off my gloves to sign the log! Knee deep snow. Pens frozen. Slip fall. Gotta pack energy food.

    + I can find the cache by following footprints :blink: I can see forever. Night caching requires much less light due to snow lighting up the world. Muggles are in hiding. Lakes become paths.


    Then, there are the few sweet weeks in between.

    No leaves no bugs no cold no muggles. :lol:

  5. Don't feel bad about the many trips back. Zurcher, GeoHo and Mopar, among others seem to make the #3 my magic number for "Those Caches". :blink:

    So far thats my highest # of return visits. I won't tell how many times that happened. Too embarrasing! LOL

    Danger! Blind man cacheing! :lol:

  6. I had to see my podiatrist this spring. After caching all winter it seems I've re-agrivated/activated a ganglionick cyst. Imagine a 1/2inch soft marble filled with vasoline between the nuckle of first and second toe. Treatment, numb it up and drain it with a big needle. Dang. I forgot about it till now. Funny how it's starting to hurt again.....

  7. The dead monkey post had me LMAO. :tired:


    On the trade thread. The more discussions like this the better things will get.


    Some of MY trades weren't the greatest. Every time I find a thread like this it reminds me to trade up. I'm trying to stock my bag with a variety of items to suite any trade. I've been trying to leave every cache as good or better than I find it.


    On the subject of travelers... We are only moving them along. Not trading them, unless it's a TB hotel that requires a 1 for 1.

  8. And this Red jeep, NY plates, an obvious cache fanatic, (I could tell by the license plate and "GEO/Euro"), passes me on the way home.



    Me? I must have been sleeping. Was the Jeep swerving a lot?


    Going to go pass out now. I'll finish logging and posting photos tomorrow.

    Straight as an arrow.

    Um how did you get behind me? ;)

    Can"t wait for the rest of the logs.

  9. I decided at the last minute to join in on this one. Wow am I glad I did. A great group to spend the day caching with. Twenty something cachers. jonboy led us on a great 9 hr tour on some great trails, with some of the best views that can be found. Planets wraps were delicious. I found MY travel bug "What do these keys go to anyway?" in one of the caches. I last saw it in Florida when I set it loose last November. Oh there were caches too. 9 of them....

    Thanks briansnat for setting this in motion.


    Way too cool! ;)

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