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  1. And do you know once cachers start logging it, all the email that will be sent out with those logs. I am not sure Groundspeak is ready to generate that many emails every few seconds. How to create a DOS attack.
  2. Thanks, Then why would they post it under images to let the cat out the bag sooner than needed. This only creates probems.
  3. Am I missing something here? It sure looks like NASA has posted <redacted> on it's page.
  4. Lets see over the years I have found 2 bags of drugs in/near a cache. The second one was heroin that I had touched on the way to the airport to board a plane. I was really hoping the drug dog was not working. I was on a walking trail with another cacher when I got to GZ to find a loaded 9 mm gun next to the cache with a school across the street. Trying to talk to the police was interesting. The most interesting set of three caches was in Barstow doing the Planes/Trains series. The first cache i came across had a rusty can as cover and I lifted the can and then reached to grab the pill container that was covered in camo tape when I realized that there was way more camo there than there should be. I removed the sunglasses to find a Rattle snake under the cache. The next cache I came across had a California King snake leaving the cache. I was on the way to the third cache and rounded the corner to find a large desert tortoise in the middle of the road. At that point I figured I was 3/3 and caching for the day was over. The most bizarre situation was doing Route 66 and going off a side and driving down it when the navigator yelled at me and said look out there is a tarantula on the road. I said what did you say when I heard the squish. There was a question from the back seat asking what happens when you run over a spider of this size? Well a few hours later we were in a major Thunderstorm with very heavy rains flash flooding etc. The weird part about this was after I ran over the spider and we got back on the road on Route 66 was all the tarantula walking down the white line on the right shoulder for the next 10 miles. Yes these are a few of the weird things I have come across.
  5. I have noticed caches that are archived are still being displayed on the Map. Take a look at Northern Nevada.
  6. When we did Mary Hide last year I pointed this out to GS and I was told it would be solved for the ext time. It wasn't and I have no idea why. You don't have to use TB's of others to do this and get the points. You can take your collection of TB's and drop them say in your own cache and gather the points by posting a note. The only person that gets spammed is You as the CO. As far as Souvenirs are concerned the only ones I enjoy are the Country and State ones. Not sure why the USA doesn't have one while other countries do like Canada and many others.
  7. Firefox has a ESR version 52.6.0 that one can download and the Garmin Plugin will work on it. You have to go into about:config and change xpinstall.signatures.required to false. You will have to download the plugin once more and when you try and use it a box will pop up in the upper left asking to allow, say yes always and you are good to go. I have written about this before and it still does work.
  8. While I realize this cruise is past, I have great experience in Geocaching and cruising. Having started cruising in 1983 and later in 2008 Geocaching it is a perfect way to see the world. I have seen baby Penguins in the Falkland Islands only a few feet away while others on tours had to stay back hundreds of yards. This occurred because of a cache we were getting. I have cruised literately around the world and Geocached along the way. There is no need to buy a SD Map card. Use OSM maps as they are free and updated every few weeks. They are available for around the world, did I say they are free? Buying and using SD cards can be a problem. Italy for instance draws VERY slowly on a GPS especially in Venice. OSM does not have this problem. You can also order a complete map for your whole trip and not have to have several SD cards. If cruising the Caribbean make sure you download ALL caches on the island. One never knows what may happen when you arrive in port. Excursions get cancelled or previous plans go sideways. This happened to me on Dominica and we had to book something else last minute, thank fully I loaded the whole island. We arrived at a park on the other side of the island and looked at the GPS and there was an Earthcache there. Take trade Items to give to locals such as Flag pins. There was a group of us in St. Kitts that did the Vet College and the cache was in the Guard House. After giving the Guards pins we were offered a tour of the Vet College. Don't be afraid to rent a car in places and go over the island. I did this in Lanzarote in the Canary Islands and managed to climb a dormant Volcano and look inside and then go and do a cache at what the locals call La Bomba's and then look inside a Jamous. Visiting a church in Athens that was built around 1050. Had I not been Geocaching and stopped to do the cache I would never have known this information because the sign was in Greek and the group had no idea what it said. It was Greek to us after-all.... Contact local cachers and ask for advice. You may be surprised what will come of this. I have met many local cachers because of this. Keep your head about you is a must. If there are 2 or more of you always have one person watching out. There are several reasons for this. It is likely you may not speak the local language and this could pose a real problem. There were 3 of us looking for a metal tube behind an electrical box in the Canary islands once near a bus loop. Local Police pulled up about 200 meters away and got out carrying machine guns. Having seen this I advised the other 2 to stop looking. I don't think no one wants to be seen removing or replacing a metal tube behind an electrical box in some places around the world. Think of recent events here. You also want to protect the group from things like pick pockets and being robbed. You may have to visit a store and ask for a cache in some places around the world. The store owner may not be the CO but is the local guardian. How about bring food to a house and having Tea with a local family in the South Pacific to get a cache. I have had to tip a local in a flea market to get a cache because they set up their booth in from of the cache and they know the cache is there and won't give it to you unless your cross their palm with some money. Watch out for others in your group as you walk as we were recently in Vietnam and one of the group had their head down looking at their GPS and stepped off a curb without looking and was grabbed and pulled back as they were about to get hit by a taxi. We all get fixated on our GPS at times. We had a group this year that cruised to India where our group rented a house boat to take a tour and do a cache on an Island. I also advise take LOTS of water with you. Local bottled water can not always be trusted. Now when you log your caches make sure your date is correct that you are logging on. If you use GSAK and GSAK is set to your local time zone (say North America) at home and your GPS is set to local time say in Asia you can end up logging the cache the day before. Virtual caches in places other than North America are a great way to see some pretty Historic Places. It is a big world out there and lots to see. How about being on a cruise sailing through the Gulf of Oman and hearing that a freighter was taken by Pirates 18 hours before you get there? or a Sand Storm as you cruise a few days later up the Red Sea. This happened to our group this past March. Hope this helps. Now you may understand why I have the Geocaching name I do. PhilatSea
  9. This week one can drop/retrieve TB's/coins from caches and score 10 for dropping off and 5 to retrieve one. It would appear there is nothing to stop one from dropping/retrieving Trackable that they own in a cache and get the points. Just an enhanced way of a TB "visiting" a cache and getting 15 points for doing so.
  10. Nope. The last cacher (before the cacher I got them from) that had the coins had retrieved them over 1 year ago while active is not answering email. We tried to get them to drop the coins in the cache they were found in but that didn't happen so we had to take the coins from that cacher. The owner of the coins is still active too and doesn't answer email either.
  11. I was given 3 coins by another Geocacher to place in a local TB Hotel. One of the coins had been dropped in a cache that we had both done, so no problem. Now the next two coins presented a very unique problem. They had no mileage or real history other than being discovered back in 2005 (not a mistake,yes 2005). This is almost 12 years ago. The coins were taken from a cache in June 2015 (found log shows on the cache) that was archived in June 2004. That is 13 years ago. The cacher that last had the coins won't answer emails about dropping these coins in a cache so I had to grab them from the cacher. I suspect the cache owner archived the cache way back when to use as their personal coin chest. I find it odd that the coins are now coming back into play with no mileage some 12 years later and a long way from their original home. Just an interesting history of two coins I now have to move along.
  12. For those of us getting these HTML notices on our phones without unlimited data this is going to start a new problem for us. Phil
  13. Interesting. I just got one of the "new" log types. Mine says this GC number "has a new Found it log from" So mine is showing log type. I am not sure that I like the new HTML emails for those of us that get updates on our phones as this now uses additional data. Phil
  14. I have corrected the TB log.... Phil
  15. I have even tried to correct the date and it doesn't subtract the mileage. Phil
  16. I made a mistake yesterday while logging a few caches and having trackables visit the caches I logged. By accident I wasn't paying attention to the date of the caches I was logging as individual caches because they were Earthcaches. I was logging trackables in Alaska some 900 km from my home coordinates. This was for May 4th and then by accident I logged a cache for yesterday near home and had my coins visit the cache but the date was for May 2 2014. So it added an additional 1800 km to the trackable. I then thought I would delete the log and this would correct it but I found out it doesn't. Is there a correct way to do this to fix it? Thanks Phil
  17. Our group has noticed this on an Oregon 450, 550 and GPSMap 62S. It happens roughly every 38 - 52 caches found. Only happens when doing power trails. While Garmin says it happens with corrupted GPX files we find this hard to believe. Each of us have loaded different GPX files off of different computers and it still happens. I replaced my 62S and it still happens. I have come to expect it now. The one thing to remember is that the last cache you were about to log as found will show as unfound and in reality it has been marked found in the found file. If one marks it as found again in almost all cases it will be a duplicate. Phi
  18. Since I negotiated the new policy here in BC I would like to remind cachers that if they have caches in BC Parks older than 3 years that they please do the required maintenance check. There is a group of cachers paying attention to this and will ask to have your cache archived if this check is not done soon. I had asked that no archives take place till after the summer to allow all caches to come into compliance. This was never written into the agreement because it was thought it was not needed. Just remember that BC Parks are the Land Managers and can have a cache archived at any time regardless of the 3 years. Phil
  19. When I go to Map view to view caches in an area no caches are appearing on the Map. This occurs in both Firefox 19.0.2 and IE 10. Didn't have this problem last night but noticed it this morning. Thanks
  20. PhilatSea

    Cannot log in

    I went on to run a PQ for tomorrow and wasn't logged in. Used my password and get user not found. Asked for password reset and get email and use the link and enter new password and user not found. What's up. Phil
  21. There has been a request to Groundspeak to have these caches banned due to safety reasons. Ground speak has stated that this a a world wide game and thus won't entertain the thought. IN BC 2011 there was a older cacher who stepped over a guardrail and fell to his death. BC Highways has not been too happy with this as guardrails are placed there for safety reasons. I for one just plain hate them. Phil
  22. Let's see we have Adroit Seeker (AS) here that logged over 350+ caches that he didn't find. He swears up and down that he did the cache at 2:00AM and the cache was behind a locked 7 foot high steel fence yet he can't tell you anything about the cache. Then he he has a friend come down and sign one of the logs and has him take a photo of the log and says see I did it. The only problem is there was a photo of the cache log days after he said he did it and he can't be found. Oh and his friend signed AS's name under his.... I would disagree that it doesn't ruin the enjoyment of the game. I was recently in Nevada where he did and ran into many cachers from there who asked me if I was like him logging caches I didn't find. I spent more time trying to deflect questions than talking about caching. There appears to be more and more of this. CO's rarely want to get involved because in this case AS did over a hundred caches from that CO and he doesn't want to fish through the logs to delete them. Phil
  23. Was the current policy rescinded or not? You are aware of many caches in Metro parks including my own awaiting to be published, if it was not rescinded then caches need to be published as per the current policy in place. Caches don't get held up by the reviewer because of something that might happen. (This comes directly from a BC reviewer). Phil
  24. I have found out today after trying to publish some new caches in a Metro Vancouver Park that the current caching policy has been rescinded. It means that no new caches can be placed in a Metro Vancouver Park. Why is this? It was because just about 3 years ago there was a power trail placed in Burnaby Lake Park. The caches were placed at the 161 m and slightly more apart but they saturated the park. I know the first day they were out that several of us ran into the Parks Manager who was very upset of this. Instead of the BCGA stepping in or anyone else for that matter and getting some of the caches archived they remained. You would have to be under a rock in the Vancouver area to not know that Metro Parks was going to soon review the policy. As I understand it the BCGA stood by and did nothing or very little at best. There is likely to be a further meeting on caches in Metro parks now and what happens to them. There was a 3 year rule under the prior policy and those around Burnaby Lake were likely to be archived. The oldest cache in BC is in Spirit Park at UBC. The problem is many parks in BC have similar power trails like this. If other jurisdictions look at Vancouver to their policy this could start a wave of caching in parks being banned. Just adds to the current title of Vancouver a no fun city. Phil
  25. The BC Highways issue has been settled many months ago and published on the BCGA site. Since I am the person that negotiated the policy with BC Highways I know exactly what happened and when. This DID NOT come about because of the cacher from Idaho that fell over the guard rail in the Kootenays. This did come up as a result of some cachers trying to place caches along a highway and were rejected by the reviewer. The caches appealed and lost. The cachers then went to the local highways office and asked for permission and were denied. They then went on a witch hunt and pointed to many caches in the area and the local office took offence and issued a letter (email) to Groundspeak banning caches along highways. Since the letter was from a Official BC Highways Office it was taken to be Official policy. The reviewers had their own interpretation of the ban and implemented it. This would include ALL roads in BC and a cache could be no closer than 50 m from a road. Effectively this would mean that no new caches could be placed in any populated area of BC. I thought the new rule was absurd and contacted my local Member of the Legislature (MLA). I had an answer within 4 days of this and given the name of a Minister of Highways person that would handle the file. Later the BCGA agreed to represent them at the meetings. The Minister's rep was a cacher and this helped a lot. In the end all letters were rescinded and Groundspeak Policy is back in place. Yes there is to be a webpage of what is a highway and we are still working on that. There is to be a common policy between BC Highways and BC Parks. Still working on that. BC Highways would like to see guardrail caches banned. A letter has been sent to Groundspeak but Groundspeak replied they are reluctant to do this because it is a world wide game. Highways doesn't want to get into telling them what they should be doing and just banning such caches but would rather see Groundspeak take a pro-active approach to this. I would agree that a proactive approach would be better. I have been told had the cacher that fell to his death been a child or teenager that went over the guardrail the outcome of the policy would be totally different. This was one reason why Groundspeak was asked to ban guardrails. Hope this helps answer some questions. Phil
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