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  1. My Android version of Geocaching thinks I'm just north of Seattle (I'm actually in southwestern Ontario, Canada). All other location based apps like Latitude can find me correctly so I know it's not the phone or operating system.
  2. GC16E8Z New Salem - another Essex county cache - not far from Olinda. New Salem was a hamlet the comprised a settlement dating back to the 1700s of black pioneers who were mainly refugees from slavery in the USA. The cache is on the grounds of their cemetery that is designated under the Ontario Heritage Act. No intact headstones to see, just a feeling of awe from standing amidst such a historically important location. The hamlet of New Salem itself was centered around Division road and 3rd Concession, according to a gov't marker on the site. There are no other existing buildings or artifacts in the area that was New Salem that I know of, except of course for the cemetery, which is worth a visit in its own right.
  3. GC1AK0K Olinda Cemetery in the former hamlet of Olinda. Between Cottam & Leamington, postally in Kingsville. The cemetery alone is worth the trip. The surviving headstones date back to the mid 1800s. The former hamlet of Olinda is mentioned in Ron Brown's Ghost Town's of Ontario, Vol. 1, for having been the site of a bustling iron furnace in the 1820s. According to Brown the workforce numbered up to 100 at its peak. To put this in perspective, today you'll only see a handful of homes as you pass through Olinda. Brown goes on to state the furnace ceased operation by the late 1840s and "...thus Olinda, the iron town, became a ghost town." The 1881 Unitarian Universalist Church on Olinda Sideroad is today still an active UU church. Its own website states that "...in 1881, Olinda was a little hamlet served by a general store, a post office, a school, a Methodist Church, and a blacksmith shop." I'm not sure if/where the remains of the general store, blacksmith, and post office are, but the old school appears to have been the subject of a conversion to residence. The church still stands, along with some other Victorian era homes if you look hard enough. And according to Brown, you can find the remains of an an old lime kiln in Olinda.
  4. I understand why Insp. Cameron was cheesed off, but his remark "We have people putting things into pipes with wires out of it. They're trying to make these things look funny or amusing. They're not." was a bit over the top. To the reader unaware of geocaching, this generalization makes it sound like part of the object of our hobby is to intentionally make our geocaches look suspicious for kicks. While I agree the hider in this case did not exercise the best judgment, I have also seen how quickly people can jump to ridiculous conclusions these days, ie. calling the police because they see a tourist photographing a public building, or some such other innocuous activity.
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    We do have a pair of FRS/GMRS radios but myself and Mrs. use our Telus walkie-talkie "Mike" phones to keep in touch most the time. It's private and crystal clear comms no matter how far apart we are. For those so inclined, ham radio is a great option as well assuming everyone in your group is willing to get their licence - it's not rocket science and opens the door to yet another great hobby. My geocaching mentor is a fellow ham operator, as myself. Have been up and down the C.B. path before, really liked SSB operation, and it's still popular with RV'ers, but C.B. is not an ideal service for portable-to-portable operation owing to its wavelength (in N.A.). I used to have a pair of C.B. handhelds (each took 10 AA batteries) and those telescoping antennas were brutal. The rubberized "stubby" type was compact but useless at 27mhz. Not meaning to knock C.B. entirely. I can see where guys like Krillian could make use of a portable to keep in touch with a base or well equipped mobile station a few miles away. I guess it's all about your situation and locale.
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