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  1. I love it! Very cute! How much do you think you would be selling it for? Are you taking pre-orders?
  2. Day 4 of guessing! #1: 2007 Poker Challenge in Ant. Gold #2: GeoCoin Fest 2007 Ant Gold #3: 2007 Cached & Confused Gold #4: 2007 GeoWoodstock Tie Dye T-Shirt in Gold
  3. Oh goody...one more guess.... okay here we go: 2007 Labyrinth geocoin in matte gold
  4. okay...day 3 of guessing! 1st guess: 2007 Geocaching All In One in Gold 2nd guess: 2007 Suncatcher Geocoin in Gold 3rd guess: 2007 12 days of Caching in Gold 4th guess: Geocache America 2007 Gold
  5. Okay here it goes..I have 3 guess' left for the day, since I already gave one guess early this morning: 2nd guess for today is 2007 Buffalo Wings in Gold 3rd guess: 2007 Gold Team Sand Dollar and my 4th and final for today is: 2007 GCC Spy Geocoin in Gold
  6. Okay...I'm going to start with Googol Math Number Geocoin in Satin Gold
  7. My guess' for today are..... 2009 Flower of Life in Satin Gold, 2009 Mood Geocoin in Satin Gold, 2007 Compass Rose in Satin Gold, 2009 Rainbow Bridge in Satin Gold.... I guess I'm done for today...see ya tomorrow!
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