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  1. Your venting is noted and I agree with you! I have several caches and I always try to keep children in mind when I purchase swag. I have found the best swag (and least expensive) is party favor's. I like to go to party stores and buy yoyo's or small playing cards or action figures,or mini cars and they are generally very inexpensive. For FTF's I might put something a little more desirable, but that is only one item. I also keep this type of swag in my cache pack to exchange or just fill up poorly stocked caches. It doesn't have to be expensive and it's more fun for the next cacher to find. I am amazed at some of the garbage people throw in caches. I have a couple of a caches close to a golf course and I always seem to be removing old golf balls, cacher's have found on their hike in, as swag. I have requested that they refrain from placing in my cache, I'd rather they leave nothing than discarded items they found along the trail. My only exception would be fossils. Anyway, that's my 2cents! Happy Caching!
  2. For my next guess I will try the Texas Blue Bonnet genus: Lupinus texensis (or Lupine's)
  3. for my next guess I will say Evening Primrose genus: Oenothera biennis
  4. Wow...no winners yet?! For my next guess I would like Honeysuckle! Genus family Caprifoliaceae.
  5. I would venture a guess on Begonia genus: Begoniaceae thanks for the Cointest!
  6. great contest! My guess is: Family: Asteraceae Genus: Dahlia
  7. They are a good source!~ so are the Downloads and Printables on http://geocacher-u.com/?page_id=28
  8. I wouldn't give up too soon! I have had a few of my geocoins go missing after only the 1st cache they were placed in! But I have also had some re-surface, one after a year of being out of circulation! I'd give them more time, and if possible, try to watch and see if the person holding your geocoin might have logged a cache with another cacher. If so, appeal to their fellow cacher to see if they might persuade them to move your coin along. Other than that, there are not to many other avenues. Good Luck!
  9. I will gladly help you to distribute your coins! Sent you an email!
  10. I agree. If it's part of the puzzle then one of the steps could involve discovering the link hidden somewhere on the cache page. Embedding an audio file would mean that would get played every time the cache page loaded. For those that might be looking at cache pages while at work that could be embarrassing if you forget to turn your speakers off. The wav sound would have had nothing to do with solving the puzzle...it was only going be on there for a "whimsical" factor...that was all. It isn't needed for finding the solution. So since it's not possible, that's fine, the puzzle cache page will be fine without it.
  11. I hate to be the one to give you the bad news, but you'll have to host your animated gnome elsewhere and link it, too. (you can make it show on the page.) On the contrary...my animated embeded "Gnome, elf, dwarf, leprechaun",HTML code, is working just fine!
  12. I was only asking because of a new puzzle cache I am presently working on "Does a Gnome Fart in the Forest?" I just wanted a little "Fart" wav imbeded in the page. So now that I know that it is not possible I will just have an animated Gnome farting. Thanks for the input!
  13. thanks for the responses! I kind of figured that, but now I know for sure!
  14. Hi, I have been trying for a couple of hours, to embed a "wav" html code into my cache page but I cannot seem to get it to work? Any suggestions?
  15. okay...this is interesting! 3 jeeps that have been out of commission for 5 to 6 years that were held by the same person who had the ones that were recently sold on ebay, have now been "Picked it up for the Jeep Recovery Project." Were these sold or what? The jeeps in question are: TB138QA, TB13600, TB1307F anyone know what's going on?
  16. The White Jeep TB that was sold is #TBM5E2 the Green Jeep is TB13455
  17. He actually has 2 listed on Ebay right now
  18. I occasionally have the same problem (using Firefox). Hoovering over the icon doesn't generate a "tool tip" and single clicking on the icon doesn't bring up the information box. If I zoom in or out one level, that usually solves the problem. After a while, if I zoom back to the original magnification, everything seems to work well again. Well I am finding that "Maps" isn't working AT ALL! I just get a big white screen!
  19. .....and there goes another one that he has sold! He has now made $120 off of these TB's! Where's the justice?
  20. he's got another green jeep on Ebay! http://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-trackable-Green-Jeep-/221114031021?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item337b6c5bad#ht_500wt_949 Looks like we now know what happened to a number of the Travelers that disappeared from the Geowoodstock IV event!
  21. I reported it a couple times on Ebay. I reported it as a "fraudulent" sale as the item did not belong to him and he had no right to profit from it! It obviously made no difference to "the powers that be" at Ebay! They are only interested in collecting their fees!
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