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  1. I have found "un-registered" geocaches, twice while caching! The first one was an interesting hide in a remote part of Zilker Park in Austin, Tx. It was hanging in a metal ring on the side of a tree? It had been found by others prior to my locating it, simply by accident while bushwhacking to another trail. I signed the log, took down the coords, and noted the name of the cache and the hider's name. After getting home I tried to research it and finally came up with the CO's name on geocaching, and they had not been active in almost 2 years. They had no active hidden caches, so I figured they placed it but never submitted it for review or maybe it was denied? Do not know? The 2nd one I found, last Fall, in a State Park in Texas, which requires a permit before placement. There was nothing in the cache just a few sheets of paper? This cache has never been published either, I'm guessing the placer did not realize they had to receive permission and pay for a permit before placing the cache and just never went back to retrieve it. I'm sure there are 1000's of caches like this World Wide! The next time I find myself in either park, I'll probably remove the geotrash.

  2. I've now gone through the and most of them are in the hands of the owner with discovered via www.

    One never even went into circulation went straight into collection.

    Something funny there.

    The companies that make geocoins wouldn't make multiple with the same code if they were asked to would they?

    Better question are those coins made by the same company? (Example: landsharkz)


    It appears the discovery,s "www" are all virtual! I found an image, after "googling" it, of the first coin "Garmin Colorado" just by doing that! So the coins image is in the virtual world for anyone to "discover".

  3. I NEVER send out actual coins anymore, only proxies! I usually will attach a laminated copy of my geocoin to the proxy, so the cacher could see what the actual coin looked like. It's unfortunate that this is what it has come too, but at least I can look at my coins anytime I want!

  4. Does anybody know who designed the green hand shaped geocoin made for the earth caching event? I just received on in a trade and would like to know more about it. :)



    These geocoins were first introduced in November 2010 by geoaware see this forum: http://earthtrek.lefora.com/2010/11/17/talk-about-earthtrek-and-win-a-new-earthtrek-geoco/


    They were also sold on the website geoearthtrek.com (which no longer exists).

    I bought a few of them back then and also the green back pack with the hand print on it, which I use for geocaching.

  5. I generally cache by myself with my 2 dogs. They are Labs and are great caching companions and I don't feel vulnerable, as a lone female, hiking trails by myself!

    That being said, I would definitely find an event that you could hopefully attend with your family, or alone if nothing else. Also, I would go after the caches that are easy to hike to from your house. I think if you found one friend who has similar interests as you, they would enjoy doing it also. Do you have any siblings that you could get to go along?

  6. Hey


    I search out cool puzzles to solve for when I travel. I solved this one but haven't found it yet




    That is the MOST FUN I have ever had solving a puzzle! Please share the ones are creative and that you had a great time solving.


    Thanks for sharing the link to this unique puzzle cache! Spent a few hours today trying to solve this one (with a few good nudges from Clarinetqueen) I finished it! Yeah! :anibad: Now if only I wasn't 1100 miles away I would definitely go after it! Great fun on a rainy day!

  7. I would replace them high with the use of a step ladder...way out of reach! I also would probably just use reflective tape, instead of the unique reflective tacks. You can buy the red & white reflective tape at Lowe's or Home Depot. That way it would reduce the temptation of it being removed. I have several night caches and I have only used the tacks on one of them, all the others I used reflective tape that I can cut into any shape and then I use a staple gun to attach it to a tree or telephone pole with the use of a 6' step ladder. I have had no issues with anyone removing them.

  8. So let's say Platinum Membership rolls out for $60/year. It includes 5 awesome new features. What are your top 5 currently unavailable features that would separate you from an extra $30 per year?


    well..for one, I would like to be able to do a search for "archived" caches.

  9. I plan to replace this week with hope that this will not happen again. What to do....


    First off...I would not put it in the same place as your "vandalized" cache was in. You should probably move it far enough away that it won't be obvious to whomever defiled it the last time. If it was a muggle who found it by accident? If someone actually located it by using the geocaching website, then you might consider becoming a "premium Member" and then only publish as a "PMO" cache. This would greatly reduce individuals who go on the geocaching website just to look for caches to destroy. I have made all of my caches PMO for that very reason. Good Luck!

  10. in the upper right hand corner of your geocoins web-page, you should see the option to "Edit your Trackable" It should look something like this:


    Trackable Options

    Add a Log Entry

    *Edit This Trackable

    Remove from Watchlist

    Upload an Image

    Print Info Sheet

    View in Google Earth


    You have to be logged onto Geocaching.com to do any editing though.

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