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  1. For a small fee even that can be made to happen!
  2. BTW, I was in your position a while ago about which Garmin and the choice was made when they came out with the $50.00 rebate. That $50 will help on accessories.
  3. I have the 60CSx and I think it is the greatest gps unit in the world. I have had the Garmin GPS III and the GPS V. I also like the Magellan 400 as my girlfriend has one that I have used from time to time. The downside to Magellan is that they do not use AAA or AA batteries and they have a real weirdly engineered way attaching the power/computer cord. I even know of an individual that had the 600 and stripped the screw head from his unit because it is so awkward to attach. Magellan did replace it for him but he had to send it in and that was down time. One other thing, when we go into a heavily wooded area my girlfriends Magellan will loose signal (and where my GPS V would also) but not my 60CSx. Down side of the 60CSx is that it uses about twice the power in the electronic compass mode. Upside for Magellan is that the waypoints are easy to download. Hope this helps.
  4. Back in the mid '70s I had a commercial walkie-talkie set to 10 mtrs FM and was in a fire tower in TN. The band was open and I was talking consistently into the Caribbean. Even worked a MM (maritime mobile) out in the Atlantic. Great fun....of course it was way before geocaching.
  5. Instead of a national simplex frequency how about posting it on each cache page? If you are a amatuer radio operator and put out a cache just list the local simplex frequency and/or the repeater frequency. My $.02 worth (mileage may vary). KD1DT
  6. If you go to http://www8.garmin.com/whatsNew/currentpromotions/ you will see that Garmin is offering a $50 rebate on their 60s and other promotions. My $.02 worth...
  7. I am looking for a used antenna for my Garmin GPS III+. Please advise if you have one and the price. Mine was damaged and I would like to replace it with another. I would even consider a broken or unworkable III or V as long as it had the antenna with it. Thanks in advance...alphawolf88
  8. Thank you so much for your info and I think the primer is great. I am printing it out to give to my girlfriend (and there is so much useful info I will use it too). Thank you again and sorry to hear that your shoes are wet! All the best and stay healthy...
  9. I have often seen posts where the cache is discribed as two miles from this co-ord or within one mile of that co-ord. Can anyone tell me approx how many tenths of a degree one could use to approximate a mile? Thanks in advance...alphawolf88
  10. KD1DT and I like the idea of our own forum. 73, Steve (alphawolf88)
  11. KD1DT Located here in Clinton, IN....was first licensed in 1961 as WN9AXE and then upgraded to tech in 1962 (WA9AXE). While in the Marine Corps I increased my code speed to about 25 WPM and only passed my 13 WPM but with the extra theory. That earned me a Advanced license in 1969 (back when you had to go to Dearborne Street in Chicago to take your test). I then became KD1DT when on active duty in Maine. I renewed my ticket and due to an administrative error I was issued a "1 land" call. Never went back to get my Extra nor attempted to get the WA9AXE call back. Chased a lot of DX on 15 and 10 mtrs and loved CW QRP while camping (must have been a throw back to the Marines and Viet Nam. I still have a Yaseu back pack set that covers 2-30 mcs usb/lsb/cw. I was also active in Navy/Marine Corps MARS and used to handle a lot of traffic from Navy and Marine personel in Viet Nam to their homes in CONUS. Used to "homebrew" equipment especially vhf/uhf/and above stuff. In fact the editor (Rusty Landes) of the magazine VHF/UHF/and above was a good friend of mine and lived about seven miles from me. I used to be real active in AMSAT (life member 357) and very active on the satelites. Used to talk in a "round table" to the guys in Australia and New Zealand on AO-10 and AO-12 whilst drinking cold 807s or at that time Tooeys ale. AMSAT said that they were loosing too much money having life members not pay for subscriptions so they did away with the life membership to generate money! In protest I went SK when AO-12 died. Left such a bad taste in my mouth that I've never been on the SATS since! I will now leave the soap box. 73, Steve KD1DT Alphawolf88
  12. I have a Garmin III but have been looking at the Explorist 500 or 600. My girlfriend is looking at the 210. I hope this is that right place to ask these questions . First, what is the difference between the 500 an the 600 (other than $50.00) as the specs look identical and is it worth the extra money? Second, my girlfriend wanted to know if the 210 would make her a good first unit? Thanks for the time and bandwidth.
  13. I have been a "Ham" since 1961. My present call is KD1DT and I live in Clinton, IN. My name is Steve.
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