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  1. Thanks, got it now .. I always started from the 'hide/seek a cache' and there's no 'advanced' from there ! PS. I'm in the UK ..
  2. Is there a way to do it ? only I can't see how .. I recently came across 'meridian markers' almost by accident as it was set by a local cacher whose profile I happened to look at. I'd like to find any others which are similar and could be within reach of me. Thanks, Simon.
  3. Unfortunately you can't, as you need the tag number to track the bug. The bugs owner will have this on a duplicate that comes with the bug. Someone who has handled the bug may remember the ID though, and be able to help you out in this desperate situation .. try a few people one the bugs history list and see.
  4. Grab them all back to yourself with the code and then update their pages with a note saying 'please keep the bug and dispose of the tag - bugs now retired' or similar .. came across one like that when I keyed in an ID wrong once ..
  5. The logged cache co-ordinates were altered slightly I'd guess .. or there's a bug (sic) in the website
  6. Thanks. Mailed the bugs owner and they said no problem. As you say it's better than being idle for a few weeks.
  7. Could I create a location-less cache at my home for instance to show where the bug is now ? in theory ...
  8. Simple question - how do I record a bugs mileage whilst I still have it ? picked one up last week and won't be releasing it for a few weeks until the kids are with me .. but it's still travelling with me, to and from local caches as well as generally in my car. I guess the latter may not count, but is it normal to log a bug in and out of a cache instantaneously to keep their mileage correct ?
  9. I agree, it's more to do with the finders. We recently retreived 'LizzyBee' from the Milestone cache, and even though it's a really cute bug there's no way we would steal it. The kids want to release it nearer to our home. Also 1/2 a dozen cachers had visited and left the bug there anyway. I've just ordered our first bug tag and intend to attach it to a bug in such a way that it's permanently disfigured (if you know what I mean !) just to help dissuade people from removing the tag. Happy bug hunting ! Simon
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