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  1. Okay,

    Ended up getting the Garmin 60 CSX.

    I originally wanted this one but the other was a little less but I didn't want any regrets..

    Thanks for the input everyone


    The 60CSX was LESS than the Vista HCX? Now that's unusual!


    Nono... I think he was saying that although the other was less expensive, he chose this one because of the features and it was the one he really wanted.


    I think.



  2. I'll jump in and vote for the corrected sort order as well.


    There shouldn't be additional programming (and I DO know what I'm talking about), since clearly it IS already sorting them. The Log ID or timestamp from the log submission must be what's being used. Because they're not in random order... or in Alpha order... or in numeric order of GC#. They're IN our entered order, just upside-down and inside-out!


    Show the log ID and add the clickable headers so we can determine our own sort order. :ph34r:


    We'd be happy cachers, I think.



  3. What does OPR stand for?








    Perhaps if you could put that into context for us, we might be able to help more. It's not an abbreviation with which I am familiar.


    Where did you find it?



  4. :unsure:


    So I went out and Geocached today with a buddy. We used his Tom Tom style GPSr and didnt find anything. We would get to an area and swoop around and in the bushes, under rocks, under cacti.


    Is teh GPS bad? Or am I not looking where I should be looking? I really dont want to quit, but If I never fgind anything.....ahhh I'm just blue. We planted two Caches that day, so if the coords are bad then I'll have to go back and re-do the coords with a new GPSr.


    You tell me, is an in car "Tom Tom" fit for geocaching?


    No need to quit. It takes awhile to get the hang of it (which is why some people will tell you you shouldn't have placed any caches yet...)


    There are threads on this site discussing the Tom-Tom and it's use for this activity. Maybe do a search and do some reading.


    What caches did you try? Were they micros? Regulars? Were they in an area you knew well?

    Did you read the cache page a couple of times... maybe read the logs. Was the difficulty listed as a 5?


    Most people recommend a difficulty of 1-2 for your first few. And a size of small at least, but regular is better. An area you know with a really good description on the cache page is good too.


    This isn't as easy as it sounds... the caches are well-hidden for a reason. :blink:


    I hope you don't quit - but try again. Maybe enlist the support of a local who's been at this for awhile. They can help you to learn what to look for and what certain things mean.


    Hope that helps a little.



    EDIT: Also... I highly recommend spending some time here on the board reading threads. I've been reading here for over a month, and only have 14 finds to my name so far. BUT I feel like I've learned a LOT from just reading. It's amazing the things you can find here....

  5. I think we need to clarify something.


    Are you visiting a cache page, like God College Micro and clicking on one of the buttons near the top:



    LOC Waypoint File

    GPX eXchange File

    Send to GPS

    Send to Phone


    Or.... are you doing something else? from another program (like GSAK)?




    As shown in your photo I am clicking on download to GPS


    "Send to GPS"... hmmm... ok. And it's not anywhere on your unit? I'm assuming you mean the basic eTrex model (no other letters on it). And that you have the cable plugged in...


    Maybe someone who knows more about that unit can help, but it's my understanding that clicking that button will put the waypoint on your GPS.


    On my unit (GPS60Cx) waypoints are stored in the waypoint area under the "Find" feature.



  6. You missed the question. It was an either/or scenario.


    Did you click on "Download"?

    OR did you click on "Send to GPS"?




    You are correct I did read it wrong, sorry. First I dowloaded the software and then I sent the cache information to my GPS unit.


    I think we need to clarify something.


    Are you visiting a cache page, like God College Micro and clicking on one of the buttons near the top:



    LOC Waypoint File

    GPX eXchange File

    Send to GPS

    Send to Phone


    Or.... are you doing something else? from another program (like GSAK)?



  7. Hello,


    I recently found my first cache, & the log only had enough space for me to sign.

    So I used that last bit of space, now the log is full.


    I'm staying close by & could possibly replace the log myself but I don't know what to do with the old log.

    The log currently in the container takes up all the container space.


    What's the norm in a situation like this?

    I did contact the hider (waiting on a response), as I think he deserves the log for himself.


    Link to cache I'm talking about GCPXT3 - A Traditional Cache

    Hey red! Welcome to the Game/sport/hobby/addiction!! I had a similar problem with my first. I eventually went out and replaced the log at the owner's request. You did the right thing by contacting the owner.




    You can make an 8 page 'zine' log really quick and easy out of one piece of 8.5x11 paper.


    Check it out:



    This is what I use in all my caches and donor replacement logs.

    Xopher.... if you'd checked out the link to the cache that the OP offered, you'd see that it was a micro. No room for your Zine.



  8. Just for fun (knowing full well that LA doesn't fit your criteria), I thought it would be fun to look at our stats for comparison!


    Los Angeles

    Area: 498.3 sq mi

    Population (2006)

    - City 3,849,378

    - Metro 12,875,587


    City Hall Coords: 34.053619, -118.242996 (given on the Wiki page, actually)


    So I used your 50 mile radius from City Hall and we have 10870 in that 50 miles.


    *faint* I have some major caching to do!



  9. I've bit my lip over this thread for awhile. And I don't want to get into the middle of things.


    But I do want to offer another thought.


    I'm a Christian. Heck, I'm studying to be a Pastor! IF I were to choose to leave a sig item (which I'm still working on), it would probably be something Christian.


    It's a representation of who I am. A piece of me.


    I'm not placing it to convert you (since I don't think anyone but God can actually do that). I'm not placing it to offend or annoy you. I'm playing the game in the way that I understand it. It's my understanding that we can trade swag. It's my understanding that we can design and distribute a "signature item" that is somehow representative of us.


    If you can leave your coin with your logo on it, why can't I leave my card with a small cross pin on it? It's an honest representation of who I am.



  10. My first find was without a GPSr (but that's a wee bit misleading since it was on the campus where I work and go to school). I knew the area well and didn't need a GPSr to tell me what I already knew.


    I have scouted quite a few around town that I should be able to do without my GPSr. Again, because I know the area well, the cache page describes something I know/recognize, and/or Google Maps essentially showed me right where it was.


    But I've also needed my GPSr for a few here in town, even knowing my way around.


    (of course, I'm still the new kid on the block... so.... I don't have many of ANY kind of find.)



  11. I'm still new at this... so I'm injury-less so far.


    But I fully expect to injure myself at some point. I'm a bit of a klutz myself (says the mermaid who broke her ankle once walking down a handicapped ramp! :) ).


    I wouldn't stop! No way! Just take smart precautions. A walking stick/trekking pole is a great idea. Also, if your ankles are weak and you like to hike, wear boots or something to support your ankles a bit. Taking smart precautions and choosing your caches wisely should mean you can keep on caching for ages!


    My grandfather was a woodsman his whole life. Still out hiking and camping and taking on the world when he was 80!



  12. Unfortunately, I don't know much about your primary questions, I'm sorry. But, while reading it, I was struck by this comment you made:


    I'm not real crazy about planting a cache directly on a gravesite, even with the family's permission. I'd be afraid of unintentional damage to the site. Slightly off site would be better,but still close. But still in the cemetary boundary.


    Another thought I had was to do a multi/offset/puzzle/whatever-it's-called.... where they need to get info from in the cemetery, but then the actual cache could be outside the gate, or in an area where it would be ok to have people rummaging around a bit.



  13. A "Needs Maintenance" log does not count as a "Found" one. They're 2 different things.


    You can also log it as "Found" if you found and signed the log and feel that all is well. Many will argue what defines a "Find", but since you found the log and signed it, I would think you're free to log the "Find" as well.




    EDITED to correct my stupid typo (forgot the word NOT!).

  14. What was wrong with that is that a newbie came into the forums, asked a simple question, and the first three responders decided to turn the thread into their personal soapbox rather than answering the question.


    That happened recently in a thread about cache notebooks. A simple question about organizing paperwork (before going paperless) turned into a platform for Palm/PPC/Colorado...


    I don't mind the suggestion that there is a (potentially) better idea. But, first respond to the original question and THEN provide an alternative.


    For example:


    Plan a route into a cache-rich area where you can hit several quickly. Alternatively, I would say, don't worry about the numbers, since it's about the joy of the hunt anyway. Good luck to you!



  15. :ph34r: Haven't used much stealth yet. Ooops.


    First time out, we were pretty subtle, but mostly just by looking out for other people and not being TOO obvious. But we didn't exactly hide what we were doing very well.... B)


    Second time out I was with a team from work (it was a team building activity). We were out in nature on a nice 3 mile hike... and only saw 4 other people total. And never when we were near a cache. So, that was easier, since we didn't have to hide what we were doing. Made it nice for me, as well, since I was trying to introduce the activity to several people in the group. It was just one feature of the game that I didn't want to have to try to explain.


    Instead, I let the guys crawl all over the place and scramble through brush exactly as they normally would (these guys are NUTS) and I kept them on track and from killing themselves. ;)


    In the future, I'm guessing I'll be tying my shoes a lot. :laughing:



  16. Hiya Suzy-Me!


    It took me a bit to figure this out, but you need to edit your profile to allow you to accept friends. When I went to the "Find a friend" link and tried to add you, it told me you were not accepting friend requests.


    Sooo... from the main page of Geocaching.com click on your name in the upper right hand corner.

    On the right-hand side under Account Options is a link for "Edit My Profile".

    Once on that page, put your password in at the top, under the second green bar (Preferences) is a check box for "Allow Friend Requests".

    Check it and then scroll to the bottom and click "Update Account".


    That should do it.


    Hope that helps.


  17. Hello All! I just started this whole thing because my pal Ariel had mentioned it to me that she had been doing this during a team building excercise. It quite sparked my interest and I soon found that there are plenty of caches in my area.....I've found a few so far without a GPS but I think soon I will be purchasing one!


    Have fun everyone!


    Croc ~,---;<


    *bouncy* Croc made it! Yay!!!


    Addicting little pasttime, huh? :laughing:


    I just bought a GPS and Palm... so I can go paperless.


    *wave* Hi friend. :laughing:



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