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  1. Thanks HH. Your contribution to the media will soon dispell the other Virus 'Miss Isle of Man Syndrome' For those who do not understand this last viris, keep a look on any maps of the British Isles that are published in the Media. We are often missing. Yes, we do exist. Thanks HH for keeping us on the map. Happy caching. PS. Our local newspaper has declared the island Isle of Women just for this weekend the 29th and 30th January 2005 and we had a free PINK wrapped Yorkie Bar with the paper to mark the occasion. Sorry HH, I know you are a fella but I ain't!
  2. Why not Majorca? I live on the Isle of Man and did a cache today in Malta. Chose to come here for Xmas just because there were caches to do! I had to fly off the IOM to Gatwick before I could fly to Malta. Cost-a-lot. Now I call that dedication!
  3. A geocaching sniffer dog. I could send him into the brambles instead of me. I have sent the grandchildren into the brambles though!
  4. Here's hoping for success on the Isle of Wight Challenge. Was the Isle of Man Mission just a practice run? Looking foward to reading the reports. Good Luck.
  5. Snowing wet snow, not settling yet. Unusual for the Isle of Man as although we have gales very frequently it can be quite mild and warmer than UK. Something to do with the Gulf Stream. My job entails me sometimes to stand on the sidelines of Rugby and Hockey matches and some are scheduled for today. Brrrrrr. Maybe this odd November weather is the coming of another Ice age. Now there is a subject we can get all hot under the collar about. Dear Gavotteers, I lived in Albrighton for a few years, how did you know about the weather in that part of the Midlands when you live in Gosport?
  6. Check out the new timetable book and special offers or try www.steam-packet.com for the Isle of Man. If you can manage off season, car + 2 for a five day break costs from £98 return. Plenty of time to get a few IOM caches in. If stuck for accomodation email me. Can accomodate the five of you are happy to bring sleeping bags. Hope to see you! Cushag
  7. Well done HH. You have caught me up and no doubt will surpass me. Not all of us can get off this rock so often! (Isle of Man for those who are unaware!) Great score though. Onward to the 200.
  8. Thanks Timmy. I think the same as you. Do you think Ipaq would refund our points so we could chose a more useful program?! If I find a good use for it I will let you know. I do like the fancy satellite views though.
  9. As per usual, as soon as I had posted this topic I went outside and managed to get Navio to recognise the GPS. Looks good. How I do not know! Any other tips still welcome.
  10. Ipaq 2210. I now have the SysOn CF Memory GPS (256mbCF). Works brilliantly with Memory Map on PDA, very accurate. I also have Navio which I downloaded into PDA with the free points from ipaq choice and the programme is fully registered. I am having problems getting Navio to recognise the GPS. Anyone out there who has used this program? Any tips please. I have the print out from Tinystocks on how to use it but not much help. Thanks
  11. Thank you to all. Despite the weather, the cost of the ferry (with Campervan), cost of flights, I do get off this rock occasionaly and fit in geocaching with visits to family. Flying off this Xmas to another island, Malta, then hoping to get to the island of Comino. Only 4 geocaches there so the rest of the time will be spent relaxing. Thanks again
  12. Hope to be able to attend, flying in from Malta (4 caches) on 28th Dec, flying back to Isle of Man (home ) on 2nd Jan. Will be accompanied by Nibbo.
  13. One of the Jeeps has ended up in an Isle of Man cache. For your info the Isle of Man is in the middle of the Irish sea between Ireland and England. In case I get to pick it up I had a look at the web site and it appears that only USA and DC can enter the Competition. Pity about that. Have any other Jeeps turned up across the oceans?
  14. Going to Malta this Xmas. Only four caches but some not easy to get too. Will have to find a local boatman to ferry us across the water!
  15. I take my Phillips Boardwalk folding bike with me in my Campervan. Wherever I am I check out any local caches, and sort out a round trip of not more than 15 miles. Hills are no bother as I usually walk up them anyway. I prefer to cycle when alone being a female and feel safer than when walking especially when caches are rather isolated, I can ride a bike quicker than I can run. There are times when I have had to hide the bike in a hedge and walk the last mile to a cache. Using the bike gives me a feel good factor, good exercise, and time to stop off for lunch and best of all, get more than one cache a day, easier and quicker too for Multi's. For some reason people often chat to me when I am stopped with the bike, they don't do that when I am walking. A woman (Grandmother type) alone walking without a dog must look rather strange especially with a few electronic gadgets about her person. When walking from the bike I now keep my flourescent jacket on and hope I look like a council official! Is this legal? Happy Biking to all.
  16. More Flotsam. Last year on the Isle of Man the beaches were inundated with thousands of Pampers Baby Wipes in the plastic refill cover form. They were in a container that was washed overboard in a storm in the Sea off Ireland. I am still finding them washing up with the tide on occasions and that is months later. They are not usable by the way! I have a good selection of Plastic Commercial Fish Boxes in good condition, very useful for all that camping junk, collected from the shoreline on the IOM. Most come from Ireland according to the Logos but I have had a Scottish one. I have yet to find that elusive floating geocache or a duck.
  17. Thanks HH. I now have the waypionts om MM IOM on PDA. Also GPXsonar with the caches in. Nice setup with the phone but querying the cost and ISP for net access? Cheap, middling or Bl**** expensive?
  18. Found this site by accident. Sounds interesting. Message in a Bottle plus GPS which is tracking them. They were put in the sea off Ramsgate and could reach the Chatham Islands. Have a skeet http://www.fromramsgatetothechathamislands.co.uk/
  19. Whew, Thanks, Can't remember it all so printing out thread for future reference. Thanks again folks.
  20. Thanks for the Info. Have put all the bits away now, so will try tomorrow. Thanks again. Cachers united!
  21. Apart from putting in the waypoints by hand on PDA MM I have managed to download onto MM PDA map the waypoints from the GPS ,so if you have them already on GPS which is probably what you would do if you were after a cache you can just download from the GPS direct to PDA MM. Whew. Would still like to do it from file though. Have Magellan Sportrack which has connected very well.
  22. Dear Birders, File downloaded OK to PDA but how do I get the waypoints onto the MM map part I have in PDA. Tried all sorts of ways in the past minutes. No go. Any more advice welcome Please.
  23. I have an ipaq 2210 and have successfully downloaded a part of Memory Map into PDA on the SD card. I have also installed GPXsonar on PDA and with Gsak on PC and Pocket queries have almost all I need and they are working well. What I would like to do is to import waypoints into the MM on the PDA so I can see where they are. I have tried quite a few ideas from other people but I am still struggling. If anyone has done this please could they give me step by step instructions. I only need the waypoints I have at the moment in GPXsonar/Gask, about 30 of them. Thanks
  24. Thanks ktoobp. I have just followed your instructions on GSAK and GPXsonar and all has worked well. I did also become a premium member just to do it. If I had all that info on my PDA this summer I could have done more caches. Another question. I now also have Memory Map sections on my PDA SD Card. Can I overlay these waypoints I have downloaded on to the map in PDA?
  25. Nibbo is now over 100. Some were done on the Isle of Man. He says he is not a numbers man! Congrats Nibbo
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