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  1. Metric for me as the miles seem shorter! I drove for seven years in the Middle east where it was all metric so got used to kilometres etc., also on the other side of the road. Also I sew a lot and fabric has been sold in metres for years, not easy to get a yard these days. I can now visulise a metre easier than a yard. You know when you are old when a Grandchild says 'Whats an inch Grandma?'

  2. Forgive the english. I am looking for a geocacher called resacate. He picked up my TB Jolly Jack Tar on 5/3/2005 from View? What view?

    He still has the Bug nearly a year. The log said 'Lo encontramos en un lugar muy precioso de la Geografía Canar' The TB has not been put in any cache since. I have emailed him with no reply. Does anybody know him. You can email me through Geocaching .com

    Thank you from 'Cushag'

  3. I have two travel bugs that are in the hands of Hoovooloo (Shropshire) and Deputy Dawg (Scotland). Not moved on for nearly two years. Does anyone know them? I do realise that the cachers may have had problems which have led to them not geocaching recently. I have emailed them but have had no replies. There is another TB in the hands of a spanish cacher in Spain and no replies to that one. Any knowledge please?


  4. Despite having to put Geocaching on hold since the beginning of the month due to personal reasons I have been reading the forums. Lovely idea to have an Isle of Man event. Unfortunately , no doubt I will be geocaching somewhere in the UK at that time but I am sure the other IOM cachers will make you all welcome. Just one point, I think you may find caravans are not allowed to be brought to the island but I did see a few come off the ferry from the manx Grand Prix so you may be able to get exceptions. Best to check with the Sea Packet company prior.

    As for HH's new caches, I have the Swimbags and Nibbo coming over to stay in a couple of weeks so Hey Ho Geocaching we will go.

  5. Nibbo , being the humble man that he is did not tell me that he has now reached a total of 207 caches. Congratulations Nibbo. No doubt he will add a few more on his visit to the Isle of Man this month and on our joint caching trip to Nothern Ireland in July. Well done.

  6. Manx cat is still guarding the castle in Castletown. Saw the pest yesterday! It was eyeing up the latest influx of tourists off the Shearings Coaches. I wonder if it keeps count of the number of successful strikes it makes like we count geocaches.

    Hope you enjoyed the Isle of Man.

  7. Come caching in the Isle of Man. No snakes here! neither do we have Foxes, Badgers, or Squirrels. We do have loads of nettles though, good for eating and free, they make a really good nourishing substitue for spinach! When caching I now take a swiss style extendable walking stick, ideal for assisting my elderly legs up hills and for poking amongst the undergrowth looking for caches.

    I have only seen two adders in my life, one on the Pennine way and the other in the New Forest. They slithered away ASAP. A good reason to not go caching in open summer sandels. Nibbo and I are going caching in Northern Ireland in July, supposedly no snakes there either.

    Happy caching.

  8. Thanks for the info all but I will be in the back and beyond, somewhere in the South West far endish, camping, over 10 miles to the nearest largish habitation. . I am hoping though that my Son will turn up with his super-duper lastest gadget phone and let me use it. Must get myself set up in the Summer with same if funds permit. I may be surprised and find the local Pub has access as I understand this is getting a popular venue for Internet access. An excuse for a Pub Crawl?

  9. When on holiday there are times when one has to use a cyber cafe or use phone modem combination paying upfront per minute! Therefore TNLNSL on the online log is preferable to writing long sentences especially if you have a long list of finds. I admit to using the sticker system but also try to write a little something in the cache log book although not all the time.

    I am shortly going on 3 weeks travelling away from home and doubt if I can make it to a PC during that time to log any finds (hundreds?) so will have to make notes in cache log books of same. Brain now thinks ' hm, better make a sticker for that info!.

    Happy Caching

  10. I left a Manx Pound Note in a Cache last Summer! Still very much legal tender on the Island. Cannot use them though in UK although Pound Sterling and worth £1.

    I had heard that someone in UK went to change some in a UK bank and had to wait until they had worked out the exchage rate! Silly Billy Banker.

  11. Sorry I will miss you P & T but will be in Cornwall. I think 3 days will be a challenge to get all the IOM caches done. HH seems to be getting out as many as he can before you come! Have a great time. The island weather has been really lovely this week, sunglasses were needed, whilst the rest of the UK seems to be under snow or very cold rain. Bring very windproof jackets with you though.

  12. When the battery life runs out on my GPS Sportrack I save the batteries for use in radios and clocks and torches, they seem to have lots of life still left in them. Same goes for the batteries on the Camera. I try to buy equipment that uses AA's so I can swop them about. Also look out for special offers on Duracell AA's as the price can differ so much in stores. I aim to pay less than 50p per battery. Tried rechargables but battery life is not so good.

  13. Reference the Hotel soaps and shampoo bottles. I have some strange friends as one actually collects these bottles, empty or not. They are on a par with stamp collecting and match box label collecting. One day they may be worth a fortune to his grandchildren! He displays them on shelves in his bathroom. Must have 500 plus. They make fascinating reading as they come from all over the world. I added to his collection with ones from China.

    Soap, shampoo thread now closed?

  14. Fine if you have the use of your lower limbs, rucksack on back to walk a few miles. Please do not forget those who are not so fit, or have no use of their lower limbs. Should the latter be forced just to geocache at suggested easily accessable caches, or to sit in a vehicle in a carpark for a few hours whilst the rest of their friends troll up the lanes. There are Green lanes. byways that get close to caches to enable the less able of us to join in the fun. Horrors, Geocaching on Bicycles will be next for complaint soon. It is well known that walking boots destroy footpaths too. As long as the use of any vehicle or item is used sensibly in the enviroment 'carry on Geocaching'

  15. Seen a thread like this somewhere before, somewhere before etc. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I like McD Tat, and other little 20p plastic items. I have a nice little collection of plastic fish, I am looking at now, collected from caches. For those who know I try to swop for an Isle of Man souvenier or another piece of tat from my holidays abroad. If you do not like what I leave take something else or nothing. With all the caches that are getting muggled it would be very sad to know that the real gold necklace you swoppped for a folding bicycle was now around the neck of a muggler. Leave a carved stamp in the cache by all means but do not be surprised if a cacher thinks it is a swop. It's the challenge of finding the cache that's the best bit. If the cache only contains a log book, it's still fun.

  16. HH. Is this another excuse for a Manx Mission 2? Mass invasion of geocachers to IOM. I am offering the occasional lift as long as it's on a Tuesday or Thursday during term time (Work Commitments). We could also organise a Film Location Tour. The Rotters Club, BBC 2 tonight was filmed on the Isle of Man, Also Waking Ned (Cache:- Don't wake Ned) and myriad other films and dramas.

  17. Penny and Tigger. IOM is only 33 miles by 12 miles. Although I have a vehicle I have done most of the caches here by bus and foot, bike etc. No need for a 4 x 4. I must admit though the island is full of those gas guzzling cars but most if not all have never seen a rough track, let alone the mud. Status symbols, along with the Mercedes and BMW s. Take a week or more here and breath the fresh air, see the views and eat kippers for tea. OH, and do some geocaching.

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