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  1. I too like Google Maps and think that this is a strong step toward getting them integrated into cache pages. In the many times that I have used it, Google Maps has more accurate maps than Mapquest, and it finds my house better than Mapquest, HOWEVER. Whatever they use to route trips when you click for directions is still a little messed up. Just last night, I got mixed up trying to find a relatively easy place, because Google gave me a really out of the way direction. In fact, when I ask it to give directions from town to my house, it takes a very long and scenic route whereas there is an almost direct route that it forgoes. Still, it can improve and hopefully it will. I don't think it's anything that big, it just needs a little tweaking of the software that generates directions..
  2. gimp was on that list when I went to the site. I still like the word gimp... "That cache is so gimp!" "That stupid gimpy TeamK-9 hid that gimp cache right next to my house, and he refuseds to submit it to the site!"
  3. That's very hostile of you!!! Just give me a few minutes to come up with a sarcastic comeback...
  4. I second the motion raised by joypa to remove the word "lame" from the geocaching vocabulary. I suggest "GIMP" as its new replacement.
  5. Cool! The new bookmarklet now gives you the capability to get driving directions!!! Or is that something that was changed a while ago that I haven't noticed?
  6. The second one seems fine, but the second one is a bit close to the line. As long as you don't have to go inside or buy coffee, I think it's fine, but I could be horribly wrong.
  7. This post has a fairly good list of companies that mint coins. They're horribly expensive though...
  8. I definately just spent an hour and a half playing around with it...
  9. This is cool.. Actually Joe, playing around with it. It IS Keyhole, but Google has obviously put some work into changing it up a bit...
  10. Rough English Translation: Please use the bathrooms. It is illegal to pee in the plants or toothpaste?
  11. If you go to any geocache listing, on the middle left, right before the logs start, there is "For online maps" with probably a dozen mapping options listed underneath. Geocaching.com Maps is the first one there. It's the same place it's always been..
  12. Poison ivy sucks, and has ruined many a good cache. Good thing you decided against placing the cache...
  13. That certainly looks like a nice 9 iron... I don't know how they could have a very good follow-through with all the layers they're wearing though...
  14. I always just sort of pretend they're not there. I'll actively look for it, but I won't pull it out if I think I found it. If they ask, I tell them I'm on a scavenger hunt...
  15. If I understand correctly, your program takes pocket queries, takes the most essential data, and puts them into an even more printer friendly format? Sure, I'd appreciate it. I'm a paperless cacher, but there are those occasions when I just don't want to bring the PDA.
  16. From what I understand, you want to drill holes to allow it to drain itself? But at the same time, wouldn't those holes be allowing even more water in? I'd say just put everything in plastic bags. I do that with 90% of my trade items no matter what the container..
  17. Let me just say that I started it all!!! I changed my avatar to the smurf, right after I changed from the puppy, which was right after I had the traffic cones.. Of course, after the smurf, I changed it to the toe tag in honor of the possibility of me falling off a cliff tommorrow. Afterwards, I'll change to an iPod avatar, before going back to smurf...
  18. I think the trick is for non-members to find the cache, I don't think there's one for logging it. Of course, you could pay $3 to become a premium member for the month, and be able to log it. And after your month, maybe you'll decide that it's worth the $30 a year to support the site...
  19. I actually changed my avatar to look more like Saxy... But my picture isn't too good, so there really isn't any comparison..
  20. I am in no way running out of caches, but on occasion, it's nice to run up to other parts of the state to do some caching. My main suggestion? Always have more gear than you need. Anything you could classify as "Sometimes needed for caching" should go in a box in the back seat. This generally includes, rain gear, extra shoes, extra socks, maybe even an extra shirt, blaze orange vests, flashlights, first aid kit. The same goes for food and water. If we're going on any extended caching trips in areas we don't know well, the 5 gallon cooler gets filled up with ice and water, and we generally keep a couple random snacks, like Snickers, cause why should you wait if your're hungry? My other tip is research. Make sure to thoroughly read the cache page for each cache beforehand, and read at least the last five logs if not a few more. Before leaving you should have a good idea of which caches you want to do, how long they should take, how to get there, and if you'll need anything special. Two other tips: - Make sure someone knows where you're going and knows to call SAR if you're not back or haven't contacted them before a specified time - Make sure to have FUN!
  21. I envy you.. I'm stuck with borrowing a friends crappy JVC camcorder and editing on an outdated copy of Adobe Premiere.
  22. What kind of editing software were you using?
  23. This is really cool and well-done. Do you mind my asking what kind of setup you did this with? (ie, kind of camera, computer, editing software)
  24. Anyone other than GeoPirat ever have a cop pull a gun, mace, or tazer on you?
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