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  1. I'm very supportive of this stuff. Once I get some money to spend on fun stuff, a nice laptop will be on the list of stuff to buy, and I would happily utilize this service. Once I graduate high school, I'm planning a cross country road trip (it's kind of cliche, going on a summer road trip after high school, but I want to do it) and I'd certainly appreciate the freedom to fly by the seat of my pants that wifi allows.
  2. I love doing caches at night, and I'm even slowly working on developing my own cache specifically for caching at night. Sometimes it's the noises that scare me, other times, I get spooked by the silence.
  3. I love my watchlist. I have tons of my favorite caches on my watch list, and I love to read the logs of other finders. Anyway, recently, I realized how large my watchlist was, and how many emails I was actually getting in short periods of time. I have a gmail account so space is not an issue. But I decided to get a separate email account specifically for geocaching related stuff. So now I have a geocaching email addy and a personal email addy, with the geocaching addy entered as my official email address on geocaching.com Anyway, it has just now occured to me that any time someone sends me an email through the site, it goes to my geocaching email. For obvious reason, I would like to give email from other geocachers priority, and to insure that it gets a prompt response, I think it would be better if it went straight to my personal account. So, would it be at all possible to allow users to specify email addresses for different features. For example, I'd love to get my insta-notify, emails from other geocachers, and weekly cache update sent to my personal account, but I'd like my watchlist sent to my other account just to eliminate the clutter. Is there any way this is possible, or can be made possible in the future?
  4. Quite frankly, I doubt that there is such a huge amount of caches in any area that caches need to be archived to provide hiding opportunities for other cachers. I mean, my area is no where near being considered cache-dense, but I can't even fathom running out of places, but other locales may be different. I don't think archiving a cache to allow others is destroying a part of "geocaching history" but one thought pops into my head. Let's say for example there's a cache at this really cool overlook that I've always wanted to have a cache there, but someone else has had one since before I had started caching. If that person were to archive their cache to allow new caches, I'd surely leap at the opportunity. But would my cache be much different than the one that was archived to make room for it? I dunno... It depends on how you look at it.
  5. I of course had to go to the decoder to see that one. haha... I have yet to see it around here.
  6. This is absolutely amazing. I only read the part about getting lots of money, there were too many big words in the rest of it. So how do I start? I have this feeling I'm going to be doing lots of licking
  7. Yeah, this definately accelerated the timeframe in which I was planning to upgrade.
  8. I'm entirely planning on doing it. I just keep forgetting. It is a very efficient way of persuasion. I wonder why I was only getting nag screens at start up before now?
  9. I did the maximum of 5 pocket queries today in preparation for an upcoming trip. All downloaded fine for me.
  10. So I guess my question is, is the computer supposed to constantly give me nag screens, or is it some glitch, brought on by my computer crashing.
  11. I've been meaning to upgrade my GSAK and officially register, but I haven't gotten around to taking the time to do it. Anyway, up until recently, I've only got a nag screen when I opened GSAK, but today, my computer crashed, and all of a sudden GSAK gives with a several minute wait on a nag screen whenever I want it to do anything. I have five pocket queries that I need to get into HTML for my pda, and get into mapsource files before tommorrow for a trip, and so far it's taken me fifteen minutes to do one.
  12. I'm not sure what model I have, but I have a more recent HP iPaq and I am VERY satisfied with it's performance. The battery life does leave a little bit to be expected however.
  13. I found the event I was referring to earlier: Fox Hunt: Tally-Ho! The cache page doesn't say much about it, but there's a forum discussion somewhere with a bit more.. Okay, here we go. A discussion about it in the organized geocaching forum can be found here: Fox Hunt And a discussion more specific to the event itself can be found in the Northeast forum, here: Cross Post: Fox Hunt
  14. There was an event cache in PA, I think somewhere near State College. I forget how exactly it ended up working, but I think the plan was that the fox would have a pre-determined set of waypoints tht they would have to go to. It sounded pretty cool, but I don't remember exactly how it worked out. IV Warrior is a forum regular, and I think he was involved with the event, maybe he coule post and share some about the event...
  15. People have spoken for, and I have trades pending for all five of my PA geocoins. If any of the deals fall through, I'll post again...
  16. If you understand that much, you're definately farther than I could get reading that. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. (Also, asking for help on puzzles in the forums is sort of frowned on)
  17. Are they the 2004 coins? Brass, Copper or Bronze? Thanks. --Marc July 12, 2005 @ 11:31 AM N40° 46.565' W073° 58.756' They're the 2004 Geocoin, (the only one there is, as far as I know) I'm not sure what they're made out of. They're a very nice gold color, unless they get handled much, they they start to lose their polish. Here's pictures:
  18. I've got 5, brand new, mint condition Pennsylvania Geocoins that I'm open to trade for any other state. They were a limited run (I think about 500) , and our now out of production, so I guess they're sort of valuable.
  19. Is there any reason that my geocache sticker didn't stick to the camo tape, or do you think that was just a coinicidence?
  20. A more recent experience, where the cops weren't actually called, but they showed up: We were doing a cache on state game lands. Under most circumstances, (except for under certain exceptions) it is illegal to have a motor vehicle on state game lands. One of those exceptions is if there's a road going through. Well this one cache had a nice township "road" leading through the state game lands directly to it. The road itself was more of an off-road trail than any actual road. Anyway, at one point there's this gate, except the gate was laying on the side of the road, busted up. We continue on the road to the cache. Unfortunately, the road officially ended at the broken gate. A game warden's truck popped out of nowhere. He could have very easily fined us several hundred dollars, but we explained what we were doing, and he decided that our intentions were mostly pure, so he let us off with a warning.
  21. I had recently hidden a cache in a Lock 'n Lock. First I painted it with brown spraypaint. It looked pretty good, but the paint started peeling off. So I scraped all the paint off, and wrapped it in camo duct tape. It didn't look nearly as visually pleasing. Well, the other day, I went out to check on the cache, and found that one of the hinges had been broken off and that the "Official GEocache" sticker had fallen off somehow. I really like the Lock'n Lock containers, and I won't hesitate to use it again, but how the heck do I camo it. Since obviously paint doesn't work too well, and geocache stickers won't stick to duct tape for some reason...
  22. Found the info: They have the GPS rental available as a standalone and as several different "Family fun" type packages. Canaan Valley Resort
  23. Canaan Valley Resort State Park in West Virginia has set up a geocaching program. I don't think it's the park system that has the geocaching set up, I think it's actually the company that runs the resort. (But WVState Parks is supportive of geocaching too) The resort has set up five or six caches on their property, open to everyone. And then, they have their weekend packages, where you get a room in the lodge, bike rental, just various weekend stuff, and they've added GPS rental for geocaching to one of those packages..
  24. Anyone care to explain to me why a power company is at all interested in promoting geocaching?
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