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  1. You notice this line in the Changes section? I test beta versions because I get the software for free! Not so here. Wonder what GPS info will be lost in 60 days? Waypoint catagories? Does the 60CS self-destruct, emitting smoke or something!?
  2. My 60CS gets good reception - sometimes indoors as well! Has the unit gone thru the initial satellite find? Mine sat for a few hours trying to get that first lock. I finally ended up selecting my location from a map. After that the unit finds sats quickly when turned on. Good luck, Pat
  3. Doesn't mention anything on the auto-routing locking up problem - does it? Altho, I have not had this problem yet! Knock on wood!
  4. I like the idea of including batteries also - some may not like a magnet by itself? I just mad a couple bags of 2 screen protectors for a 60CS with instructions in it. They were left over from my 12 pack! Pat
  5. Did ya find it? You also have to be logged in to see the "log your visit" link.
  6. Isn't that a stupid option? The color option looks hundreds of time better - why would anyone want the single color look? Does it save battery? Do color-blind people see single color better? It must be left over from programming the 60C? Pat
  7. Cool - thanks - I got it in in/HG! I WAS wondering what the Ambient pressure was!? The 60CS is set for non-ambient pressure by default. I'll compare it to the TV periodically - it'll make more sense for me that way. Thanks all, Pat
  8. Watching my local wheater last night, he said the "pressure" was 30.06 and steady. I look at my 60CS and it says "barametric" was 1018.8mb (or something close). I AM looking at the same things on TV and my 60CS - right? - barametric pressure? What unit is the TV using? What unit is the 60CS using - milli bars? Can I make my 60CS use the same as the TV? Thanks bunches! Pat
  9. I think I get it! Maybe I'll have time this weekend to install these! You guys are great - thanks a bunch! Pat
  10. I got the auto nav kit w my 60CS. It came with 2 CDs: 1 - City Select North America v5 1- (Cover/sleeve:) Mapsource Setup guide (CD label:) City Select v2.01 Do I have to install both? I think I understand what the City Select v5 is, but am unsure what the Mapsource CD is for. Do I need it to comunicate with the 60CS? I'm TRYING to figure this new hobby out! Good thing I don't need the unlock codes - that looks kinda confusing too! Thanks to all. Pat
  11. Who-hooooo, it's almost here! I'm kinda feeling sick (cough, cough), I might have to go home early! It took like 1.5 hours to go from Memphis to Boise! Get out of their way baby - they're comin' through! And how many times can they "Leave FedEx Sort Facility" in Memphis? FedEx say it'll delever 3/15, they must pad it by a few days in case something slows them down - eh? Giddy Pat (cough, cough)
  12. At the end of March, we are supposed to be able to see 6 planets at once with the naked eye! (Yeah, I counted Earth ) Won't be able to see this many for several years to come! Pat <-- looking up
  13. Cool, thanks! I got the auto nav kit for now. Will have to read more on the CDs, like the recreation one - it sounds interesting. Pat
  14. Ordered from GPSDiscounts today, arrives maybe Friday! Mar 10, 2004 8:20 pm Left FedEx Origin Location OKLAHOMA CITY OK 4:54 pm Picked up by FedEx OKLAHOMA CITY OK
  15. Don't have a GPSr yet (60CS Friday), but am looking at all the software options. Can I download detailed maps from different CDs (mapsource, topo, parks, marine...) of northern Utah and put them all on the 60CS at one time? I'm wanting to have details of the city, then if I go to backroads, I could see the topo maps, if fishing, switch to the fishing hot spot maps - all on the fly, without having to download them from the PC? Am I dreaming? Thanks, Pat
  16. Great suggestions and clarifications - thanks to all! I probably will get the auto kit - I do want the CD, car adaptor, and carrying case. Thanks for the links too - lotsa reading to do! Pat
  17. Geetings! I'm waiting for my 60CS to ship. This will be my first GPSr - wahoo! I understand there's no software included in the basic package - true? If so, can I get detailed maps of Utah online? Free? Also, what software can I get (I.E. Mapsource?) and what are the prices? I'm looking for street maps mostly, but would like topo maps someday. I have friend with Magellans, but their software will not work with Garmins - correct? Thanks so much, Pat
  18. Here's a list that got me way excited to get a new GPSr! http://www.gpsinformation.org/dale/usegps.htm My favorite: You can answer the question: "Are we there yet?"! Pat
  19. These sound like Linux users Me? XP all the way!
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