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  1. OK, Tried w Firefox 3.6 and wholla - the caches came up great with postal code entry. Thank you all very much! I was using Vista and MS IE8 when I got the error. I think IE8 still had the default security settings? Time to upgrade Firefox and start using that instead! Thank you GPS Gurus! Pat
  2. Greetings all! Reborn again Geocacher here! Trying to get back into Geocaching. Using same account (non-premium, but signed in), I go to "Play/Hide & Seek a Cache" screen. I put in a postal code (84403) and as soon as I hit "Go" MS IE8 displays "Errors on Page" on status bar and nothing else happens? Same thing on address searches. I've search thru the forum (30 mins) and cannot find out why I get this error? I'm going camping and want to find caches that are around Bear Lake, UT. What am I not doing correctly? Below are the details of the error. Thank you, Pat Webpage error details User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/4.0; SLCC2; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729; Media Center PC 6.0; InfoPath.3; .NET4.0C; .NET4.0E) Timestamp: Wed, 29 Jun 2011 20:14:09 UTC Message: Syntax error Line: 1 Char: 1 Code: 0 URI: http://maps.gstatic.com/intl/en_us/mapfiles/api-3/5/8/main.js
  3. So can can one upgrade their 60CS from firmware version (say) 3.5 directly to 4.1 or do I have to update to 3.6, then 3.7, 3.8 ... to get to 4.1? I have fopunf no answers searching this forum or Garmins site? Thank you, Pat
  4. Only if you've been to the land of Zion recently! I turned on the "Always on" baromic reading last night. It has usually always read 29.xx" every time I have looked at it - which never gave me much info - kinda static. A pretty decent, but short, thunderstorm went thru last night. The pressure graph was actually dynamic and lenghty! Pretty impressive! It got down to 25" or so. I like it! Pat
  5. DOH! That's what I was remembering - sorry!
  6. You people are simply the best! Thanks for all the help! Now, can anyone tell me where I put my DC power cable? I thought it was in my camping trailer, but have quickly looked twice. It's not in the truck, so I guess I'll have to tear apart my trailer! Need it for our Oregon trip this month. Thanks again, Pat
  7. O I C! So, if I turn on tracks, go from point A to B, turn off the GPS, then the next day go from point B to C. If I choose to save the tracks, save all the tracks "Yes" saves from point A to C. "No" would allow me to save from B top C only! (In my best Robin Williams voice:) That's right, he can be taught! Thanks! So I still wonder what the % is really a percent of? If I can have 10,000(?) tracks on my 60CS, and if I have saved a previous track with (say) 2,000 tracks/points (the track is in the track list at bottom of tracks screen), and % shows zero, do I still have 10,000 tracks/point left or 8,000? It seems like if I only had 8,000 tracks/points left, it would always show a higher % used? So, I haveta guess that once the track is saved, I still have 10,000 points left (reading 0%)? So, I guess again that once saved, the saved tracks use the more general 56MB memory than what the unit uses for tracks?!? OK, now I'm confused!
  8. I don't think I need to push Edit. Once I push Mark, I can arrow up to the lon/lat fileds and change them directly (80% sure, final answer!) Same here - during auto-routing. Changed batteries - did it again. Turned off, on, and it worked fine? I always have WAAS enabled. I use 2100 MA rechargables and have no problems on a 4 day camping trip (altho, the GPS does not get used at camp like on the road). Get a DC power cable. I believe the size of the road lines were thined in a recent firmware upgrade? Or was I thinking TOPO? This is a good thread! Ask again if your ? was un-answered! My question: Tracks. When I save the current track on the 60CS, it asks to save ALL the track? What gets saved when I select yes (or no)? Also, what is the % of tracks display - I see I can have 0% used, but can see many saved tracks in list below - so I guess the % is only the amount of current tracks left? Then If I save the track (so it appears in the list below) my % is back to 0 - meaning I can save the max (5000?) tracks more? Hope this makes sense! Thanks to all, Pat
  9. Couple questions please! I'm on firmware version 3.3. Can I upgrade directly to 3.5 or must I install 3.4 first? The download page mentions ~ that the POI database may/will be deleted if I upload Mapsource data? What/how does this work? Meaning: every time I load Mapsource data I also need to upload the POI again? Only during firmware updates...? (When do I need to reload the POI?) The ximage software sounds cool. I'd like to get screen shots of routes and such! I will also use the "record pressure trend data while power is off " feature - even tho it probably will use more battery - cool feature - now I can predict weather! Thanks to all, Pat
  10. Welcome! My 4 and 6 year olds LOVE geocaching! Definently start with easy terrains and see what your kid(s) can handle. I also take water and something to eat. On the cache web page, I also click the "decrypt" button, then print it out and take it with us for the hint! Maybe find a "toy" themed cache? I too, am fairly new and am trying to stick with traditional caches. I don't think my kids would like a virtual cache? Maybe someday. I have my kids pick out what they want to trade from their pit of toys! A backpack helps greatly. Bring a camera if possible. TP? Enjoy! Pat
  11. Bingo! That is when I will feel safe to fly again! A thich metal door is more resilant than a person IMO! They'd have to blow the plane apart to get to the cockpit - works for me! Pat
  12. My favorite (non GPS) acronym is PCMCIA People Can't Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms!
  13. Myself, Ilike to get outdoors with my family. My 4 and 6 year olds love the McToys they find tho.
  14. OH, I thought it was a Milton Bradley Dark Tower Theme (first PC board game) - that would be cool too! Have not read the books - toooo scary! It would be cool if the hunt were kinda scary too? Pat
  15. Thanks for making this avatar Adam somthing...! :-)
  16. Great thread - thanks! My 4 and 6 year olds have had a blast. We have tossed many a ton of rocks in the river! Enjoyed the wild life and plants. Found 3 caches so far. We are still trying to hit the 1/1 caches to build our confidence. Glad the long winter has let up
  17. Still laughing! edit: avater testing? Will try in another thread! Thanks again.
  18. ROFLMAO! You are too good! You rock! Thanks, I will use these! HEHEHE (still laughing!)
  19. I did finally figure it out! My auto nav kit came with: 1 disk- Mapsource v 2.01 2 disks - City select v5 DC power adapter 2 mounts (bean bag and glue on kind) Is that what you got? My 60CS also came with a waypoint manager CD, that I have never used. I have win98 at home and XP pro at work - no problems installing on both (once my Geocaching friends helped! ) I did have to start with the Mapsource CD tho? Good luck, Pat
  20. I know the feeling! I'm surrounded by LSD (or is that LDS (Mormans)) in northern Utah! When Bigham Young lead the settlers to Utah, and they came across the Salt Lake valley, and Brigham said "This is sh$t", but they thought he said "This is it" and they built Salt Lake city!
  21. NEVER ask a woman if she's pregnant! Never walk down the hall without a piece of paper! The wise person listens, while the fool chatters.
  22. I DO like the AV8R avatar - very clever! How bout Spongebob with a 60CS!? Or anything Star Trek w a 60CS! I've seen a post card on this forum with Spock holding up the "live long and prosper" Vulcun sign - maybe he can hold a 60CS instead!! Thanks, Pat (I can really make my own, but if you're bored...? :-)
  23. A co-worker has a Sportrak color that he bought in '03. We watched his tracks from his house to the office. He pushed some kind of "play" button and we watched his journey in "real" time. We watched him stop at lights for a minute, then take off again. One section of the screen had a map and his location marked on it, another section of the screen had his altitude plotted on a graph, and another section on screen showed details such as speed... So can Mapsource do this? The only thing I have found is that you can "step" thru each track individually - displaying all the info statically, but have not seen a "Play" feature? This was a cool feature! I was wondering what a plane flight would look like with this "play" feature as the airliners seem to take off straight up!?! Thanks, Pat
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