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  1. I looked on the packaging (garmin topo u.s. 2008) and on the website but can't find anything about this. Can I *legally* use the same topo disc and load it on 2 different GPS's? I'm thinking of buying a Venture HC for a friend but don't want to stick him with a bill for the software needed. Me and my gal took my buddy and his wife on their first cache hunt and they loved it. With his Son in college and a Daughter that just had expensive dental surgery, as well as life's other expenses.... My friend has been keeping the money belt a little tight (as many have). I'd love to give him this gift but can't afford the GPS AND software. Thoughts? Shootist!
  2. Thanks for all the great advise my fellow hunters. (can I be considered a hunter even though I've only found one cache so far ) I guess my second biggest fear is that coins I put out in circulation will just disappear. It's not like I'm dead broke poor or uber frugal, I'm just afraid money that I spend to bring others joy will simply end up in someones junk drawer under a pile of coupons or christmas ribbon. Do you typically put out the common "everybodys seen one of these coins" in offer of trade or do you splurge and put out the really good stuff, the "this has got to be in my favorite top 20" variety for others to enjoy? Personally, I won't take more than I give...... Am i 1 in 10? To those sellers that have replied,.... have a link to your "store"? I figure if you come by here, you must be OK Waiting for the snow to melt is like watching paint dry, Shootist!
  3. Newbie here looking to get some coins to include in a few caches once the snow melts I think I've been to every site that sells, makes or conjures up coins. I also went to ebay where I can see there are HTF coins but it got me to thinking. How reputable are these? What I mean is, I'm sure most are from people who are getting out of collecting for various reasons, some are even dealers or manufacturers..... ...but how many of these are guys that found a cache with a coin in it and said to themselves... "Bet I could sell this on Ebay and make some money" Does it happen? And if so, what should I look out for, or do to stop or help the situation? Shootist!
  4. I'm about as much of a newbie as you can get Had my new eTrex Venture HC for about 3 hours now. I've been wanting a GPS for some time now so I have browsed the forums before and I DO know where the search button is Thanks for all the info that I'll be pouring over. Shootist!
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