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  1. I never got close enough to find out !! The rodent in question was amazingly docile. I think we'd just woken it up and it was a little confused ! It was just as well Brynney the GeoHound wasn't with us at the time ! It wasn't the first time the little bundle of fluff had been spotted, a previous visitor had noted the new 'resident' in the log book. Without giving too much away, the siting of the cache provides a comfy little house for a small rodent. The cache container itself hasn't been damaged by said rodent, it's just being used as a roof.
  2. Should we think about introducing a 'hidden with Egnos' icon into our cache pages ?? This would help to distinguise between hyper-accurate hides and just-a-bit off ones ??
  3. On a recent visit to Obelisk View we discovered that the cache was home to someone else. I found the cache and picked it up and who had set up home beneath it ?? So, when you visit this cache, either tread lightly or take some cheese
  4. Never been caching there but have holidayed there. It's basically a volcano with a beach around the base. When we there we took a trip across the middle and it's seriously mountainous in there !! Good luck and take your walking boots . . . . .
  5. Sorry I missed this one - obviously too excited about reaching 100 ourselves !
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