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  1. Good plan, go for it ! There's nothing like a really safe cache for all those valuable travel bugs.
  2. I think it indicative of the UK weather - more time for chatting, less time for caching !!
  3. This quote from the posted thread is just unbelivable !! I could comment with my true feelings about this but I Really don't want to be banned ! Simply Paul - I can confirm that there are Wild Boar coming back. Have a look here - Wild Boar Webpage. My wife was walking in the Forest of Dean yesterday on a non-geocaching expedition (the fool !!) when she came across this : (Sorry about the picture quality - it took her by suprise somewhat !)
  4. Available from Amazon.com - Here Or from amazon.co.uk - Here - But Much more expensive ! Wonder if we're in there ??
  5. If you click 'Hide and Seek a Cache' on the front of the Geocahing.com main page, you can put in Latitude and Longitude to perform a search. If you go to either www.streetmap.co.uk or www.multimap.co.uk, you can get lat/long by clicking a location on the map. Combine these two and hey-presto ! Caches close to whichever location you choose (town or country).
  6. I'm not sure I can add much to this discussion but . . . In the UK, most 'urban' caches are micro's (35mm film canisters usually), the bigger sizes are saved for rural locations. That's the point, what sort of terrorist would plant a bomb in the middle of the countryside ? IMHO anyone who plants an urban cache bigger than a micro is a bit stupid . . . . As far as paranoia is concerned I don't really want to go there . .. but, recently the BBC showed a very good three part documentary series 'The Power of Nightmares' - have a look at the BBC's description of it HERE
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