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  1. Does anyone know of a GeoCacher who goes by the name of 'Gypsum_Fantastic' ? According to their profile they're from Wincombe which is north of Cheltenham (Glos).


    I know this is a long shot because they found three caches on the 23rd of August 2005 and none since. The email address that they've registered with at GC.com is now invalid . . . .


    The problem is they grabbed one of our travel bugs ( Leaving the rat race ) and then disappeared.


    Their email address was 'karyn@spiritualized.freeserve.co.uk' which now no longer exists :mad:


    Any ideas ??

  2. Is there anybody out there who could do a little detective work concerning our travel bug 'Brynney Bug' ( Details here )


    She was definately placed in the cache on the 29th May 2005 ( you can see her in this picture HERE



    Since then she hasn't been seen B) .


    Could someone who speaks Dutch please have a look at the logs ( HERE ) and see if she can be tracked down ??


    I suspect She's at the bottom of someones caching bag or in the boot of someones car !! (Poor Brynney :rolleyes: )


    Thanks :anibad:


    Mods - Couldn't find a specific Netherlands forum, feel free to move this post if I missed it !!

  3. Good news.


    Permission has been given to place Geocaches throughout the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire. General guidelines are the same as the other FC's within the GAGB permissions list (see here - http://www.gagb.org.uk/glad/). A map of the forest can be viewed here - http://www.fweb.org.uk/dean/visitor/maps/d...led-fod-map.gif


    When a cache is submitted it will be checked by the local forestry commission to check whether it infringes on any of the areas where 'managment' of the forest is taking place, this may lead to a delay in granting of permission (but it's better than nothing).


    Gloucestershire Cachers - Get hiding !! <_<

  4. It's interesting that when you drag the map east, it jumps (after a while) straight back to alaska . . . missing all of Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania etc. etc. etc. :(

  5. Thanks Deego - I think I was suffering from some GC time lag because when I checked it this morning it had worked !


    I still have my spoiler picture in the gallery though. Any idea how I remove that ?? Unfortunately it's not associated with a log entry . . . .

  6. I'm trying to edit/delete/add spoiler photos to one of my caches and I'm having great difficulty. I've already uploaded a spoiler photo as part of the gallery and now I can't delete it !!


    What I want to do is delete one of the spoilers and replace it with a better pic. (and now delete the spoiler in the gallery !)


    FYI, this is the cache - GCJHW0.


    Can anyone help ??

  7. Some people can get wound up by the smallest things. I should know, there was one post on one of our caches that made me fume (for ten minutes) ! I didn't bite though because I can do without the hassle.


    I've had to bite my tongue when logging a few finds, there are some things I don't like about the caches that I've done .. . . ..


    Come on TDW - reinstate your caches, we really do love you


    Blessed Be

  8. It appears that the decision by 'Third Degree Witch' to remove all his...

    I thought TDW was a 'she'...?


    ...or is there such a thing as a Third Degree Wizzard?


    Just wondering :)


    (& still can't see the basis of all this fuss to be fair) :)



    There are Male witches . . . . .


    Not everything in the real world follows what JKR writes !! :D

  9. We spray paint ours, and then spray the "Geocache - Harmless" stencil on it.

    Where can I get one of those? I have a black-painted ammo box ready and waiting to be deployed, but was wondering how to do the lettering. I suppose I'd have to cut the holes out myself? :rolleyes:

    I made my own. Printed the lettering onto card and then cut it out with a craft knife . . .


    You can download a 'stencil' font which does the job very well.

  10. Over the next couple of weeks I will be working near Heathrow Airport (generally in the afternoons).


    What I'd like are some recommendations of caches between Cirencester and Heathrow (A419-M4) that I can do without getting my work clothes dirty (Shoes apart)


    Any suggestions ??

  11. Great - thanks people !


    The nearest one to me is 73.6 miles away but . . . .


    The Birders caches are in the Reading/Crowthorne area and I have friends who live in that area (not at Broadmoor :rolleyes: )


    Here's a question though . . . .


    If I go caching with a friend, who's not a member, can they still claim the members only caches as finds ??

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