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  1. Or even a coin with a removable dial similar to the cacheorator coin (or is it the cache machine coin)
  2. How about an addiction meter with different coin levels and a pointer? Maybe designed like a compass with the but with coin numbers around the perimeter
  3. I just tried to link to it when I was logged into another yahoo account and it say you are not allowed to view this page because you are not in this league, so the short answer is probably not.
  4. Just had to bump this one when I saw that LadyBee4T faces off with Opalsns this weekend. A matchup of two Coin Forum Titans... May the best coiner win
  5. C. Other.. I would say I am Manic Depressive with both coins and caches.... When I have the time or money definitely Manic.. Right now little time and little money...depressing
  6. Fun cointest to watch.... I have been so busy lately that I have been absent from the forums... This one is making me smile.
  7. teamhaynes


    Not working for me... I can bring up the site fine but not log in.
  8. I am out of coin money for a while and contacted Coins and Pins about this coin. They are carrying this as a Stock Item like the other navigational coins (with the exception of the compass roses of course)
  9. I'm in. thanks for the cointest... Go Broncos
  10. Good Luck Everyone... Have a great racing day.
  11. I would love to join in. Please sign me up
  12. Congrats Seekerfamily. I guess the pole didn't win today
  13. Yep, me Doesn`t look good fpr Kyle Trying to repair a power window regulator on our van that broke today. looks like 350 for parts and labor. I so want to do this myself, but....
  14. Thanks opalsns... I had an extra and he hasn't put up any coin photos is such a long time and that is so unlike the DJ. Especially since I got to see his latest coin delivery... Oh My..
  15. Hey... Asholland... I just looked at your profile... what do you teach anyway? I am a 6th-8th science teacher. I should be teaching high school chem, but I like the little guys for some strange reason.
  16. I usually take Kyle but that was taken already so I decided to go with the pole
  17. 5 Mark Martin Good Luck all
  18. So today I was able to complete a coin's mission. The coin was a benchmark and had a goal to travel to the actual Benchmark. I picked it up in California a month or so ago at an event and was able to complete the goal today Here is the coin chaosmanor's Denver Benchmark Micro #2 and here it is with my daughter at the benchmark and a close up of the coin and benchmark marker.
  19. Yes I do consider the petrified wood a fossil... I actually have that coin and didn't consider it when I wrote the op.
  20. Wow, please keep me informed on this one, I am definitely interested. If I ever do a personal coin it will be a Phacops Rana. I might use a coprolite for a personal . I used to have one sitting on my desk... I passed it around the class and even used it as a hall pass. After a few weeks of the kids bugging me about what it was out came the poem... A hundred million years ago A Dinosaur felt the urge to go.. It strained with all its might and out popped this coprolite. The look on their faces was great...
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