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  1. And I am in the situation of hoping for points
  2. Good Luck all.. It was a fun season.. Ricktroop... Thanks for running this one...
  3. ticktickticktickticktick....... sent my pick via pm...
  4. I will vote B. I like the color and the rainbow Thanks.
  5. Congratulations on 2000.... I don't think I will be next, but my goal is to hit 1000 (currently 800) by my birthday in March... this would be my 2nd anniversary of entering the hobby
  6. Just a thought... If you made each coin identical you could do something like they do with the fallen hero's geocoin. Each coin is preactivated and dedicated to a certain fallen hero. When you buy one, you essentially take possession, but it still is owned by a fallen heros account, allowing it to always remain as memorial to the specific fallen hero. Here is s link to one of the coins http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=1716159 If you did something like this each coin could be identical which would keep the cost down, each icon would be the same (again keeping cost down) but you could continue to customize each page as a unique memorial. You could even adopt them to the purchasers BTW... I haven't designed or minted any coins so my experience is limited... I just like the idea of this project and would like to see a way that as many cachers as possible could obtain one of these coins, especially since so many have a tie to the military in some way or another I am sure many others will have great ideas to add, but I do look forward to seeing your coin produced
  7. Is there any way you could do more than 52 but make the message of each coin focus on the 52 that were lost... Something with the number 52 on the coin itself? I am asking because you state the goal is education yet only 52 coins wouldn't really get around to many people. It would lower expenses if the run was higher and give more opportunity to people to participate in this kind of memorial. Thanks
  8. Congrats to the winners.. Thanks for the cointest
  9. No picks yet. I originally said to post picks here, but if the three contestants all would like to build up the suspense (and keep from being 'Priced is Right-ed' ) they can PM me their picks, I'll acknowledge that I got 'em here, then post the picks here as close to game time as I can. (or I won't post them and someone will get a surprise package!) I will pick either way but would prefer to send you the pick (PM or email) I like the idea of the PM or Email as well.
  10. I found a grandfather caches bookmark... grandfather caches
  11. Another option is to try getting it directly into the hands of another player that can make the trek for sure. It could be fun finding the right person. There is more than one in airzona... I ran a pocket query based on the center of arizona and here are the 4 digit active grandfather caches. There are some in utah, colorado, new mexico, and califonia and dependeng on where you are they might be closer Try GC7B, GCED, GC57, GCFE, GC7E these are all in arizona and active according the query I ran
  12. A rematch eh???? I doubt it will have the same score
  13. Not my game but I like the idea Breaking out the Sawzall , you want the right half or the left??? A new type of puzzle coin
  14. Thanks, I appreciate it... It will be fun..
  15. I would be worried if I picked denver today.. Already down by 7 and with all of the McDrama.. I am a lifelong Bronco fan and don't think I will watch today Looks like Denver lost... Now if NJ can win
  16. Thanks for the reminder on proximity alerts. I haven't really played with them.... I ended up not buying the 1300 and the sale is over... What I am looking for is essentially a good car gps that show local geocaches as well. Something that I could load a bunch of grab and gos (yes I admit I like lame urban micros) without getting the handheld out.
  17. I would be worried if I picked denver today.. Already down by 7 and with all of the McDrama.. I am a lifelong Bronco fan and don't think I will watch today
  18. By a fairly new cacher no less. Congrats... We need to start a resurrection thread with all of the lost but found travelers
  19. Totally agree. GO KC and the Bengals. 2 way tie is enough Congrats Ash... looks like you got to at least a tiebreaker with SF's win... Seeker are you philly phan? if so congrats as well
  20. Okay.... my resolutions for the new year (and feel free to hold me to them) 1. Lose weight (of course) 2. To be a better Husband 3. To be a better Father 4. Balance, Balance, Balance... avoid turning my hobbies into obsessions (geocoins, geocaching, fantasy football, etc )
  21. Wow!! Congrats on 800!! Thanks Congrats on 800!! I think I would contact the coin owners first and see what they want done with their coins, I know I would want mine sent to me to sit in my collection. If you don't hear from them in a couple of weeks then send them back out. I contacted the coin owner and she was delighted to see it back in action... She wants it to be put back into circulation... Funny thing about this coin.. It went missing despite one of those hitch hiker companion dog tags attached to it...Coin was drilled and Don't Keep Me/Please Move me tags was attached... I guess those don't even work to keep people from holding onto them... But nice to see it moving after 2 years of missing
  22. Okay Folks, I mainly geocache with a garmin venture hc and love it... I currently don't have an auto based gps and found I could pick up the 1300 for under a hundred with some credits I have and a current sale. So my question.. Is this a workable GPS for loading up those wonderful roadside grab and go caches.. I recently took a trip out to Kansas to grab GC30 mingo and on the way I grabbed several just off the road caches. It was a pain trying to track them on the venture so I was thinking about using something like the 1300 to load them into so I see them as I came up on them. Will geocaches show up on the map like they do on the venture? Is there a way to have the 1300 alert you to nearby caches? Thanks, any feedback would be helpful
  23. Must be the season to find the lost travelers... I found a missing coin TB1KBQ7 yesterday as well... I took a trip out to GC30 Mingo (oldest active cache) to get my 800th find and came across a coin that had been missing since 07... I contacted the owner to see what she wants since she had ressurected the coin as a travel bug so we don't want two items with the same tracking number traveling around. Sure was fun to bring this one back from the dead
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