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  1. Up To 4 Now 1. teamhaynes 2. seekerfamily 3. ladyBee4T 4. Mauison
  2. Okay 3 are in so far 1. teamhaynes 2. seekerfamily 3. ladyBee4T
  3. Okay after being a member of the coin forum for a year and winning a few cointests I thought it was about time I set up a cointest... So how about some fantasy baseball?? Here is my plan.. I would like 10 to 20 players for this one. I have set up a Yahoo League and will send out invites to the first 20 people who are interested in playing. My plan is that each player who joins would be willing to send a coin to one of the top 3 overall at the commencement of the season since this is such a long cointest For Example: If 20 people join then the top 3 distribution would go like this: 1st Place 10 coins sent to the winner 2nd Place 5 coins sent to the 2nd Place 3rd Place 2 Coins to third Place If less than 20 we can figure out a top 2 or 3 distribution. I will coordinate sending the coins out at the commencement of the season. Now just an FYI. I have set it up as a head to head league where you play against another player each week. I have tweaked the trade deadline and am not imposing any number of transaction restrictions. I also plan on having an auto-pick draft. Other than that I am pretty much going with default yahoo settings for scoring at this point. Also, if anyone has some prior experience running a fantasy baseball league I would love to have some scoring settings advice (or even a co commissioner if that is allowed) If we can get this setup we can have the draft sometime next weekend before the start of the season. Thanks, Jim Haynes Oh... PM or email me if you are interested in joining.. first 20 in
  4. So anyone up for a 3rd Chance Bracket With Syracuse gone I think I am out once again in the early rounds.. Good luck everyone
  5. Kurt Bush Jeff Gordon Jimmie Johnson
  6. Email on way soon.... Bring on the Pain
  7. I checked out that site www.geocoins.ca I am curious do you have one of the originals or the new edition?
  8. Never mind... Looks like Dark Elf got the last two
  9. Looks like a lot of the templar geocoin copies were removed. The ones by ameropaintball are no longer listed. There are a few more by a few others but no where near the number from yesterday
  10. Hey E&Cplus3 Are you running this again this year???? I am hoping for another round of this one
  11. The maker of the coin decides whether to create a custom icon for their coin.. As said above there is a charge of 150 for the icon so many coins come with just the generic icon... It appears that the coin you have only has a generic icon...
  12. One of the sellers of this coin has a bunch of other coins actually labeled as geocoins (doesn't label the templar as the same).. A zombie hunter permit, a mind tricks (sure looks like a copy of the optical illusions) The coins they label as geocoins have the Rising Sun Mint on them... are they legit by chance?
  13. Good Morning Ladies and Gentlecoins... Jimmie Johnson - 48 Kevin Harvick -29 Mark Martin -5 Thanks for the cointest
  14. Okay here are mine... the dates of my kiddo's Birthdays and my wife's 3, 11, 15, 21, 24 Favorite board games.. risk and axis and allies (but no time to ever play) Card Game... hearts and cribbage
  15. 193... I will fire up the wife's laptop and get 194 in a few minutes Okay got 194 as well
  16. 138... Hit up the wifey's computer.. I tried different browsers on the same computer with no luck so must be an individual ip address or a mac address to vote.
  17. 3-2 USA.. Great Game so far.. another stream that works better http://www.stream2watch.com/watch/7186/1/
  18. Live stream for those without cable. a little choppy. http://channelsurfing.net/watch-winter-olympics-4.html Is this okay??
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