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  1. Okay, Similar to Gatoulis... all I could find was 11 million bikes and 16 million people.... so how about I include everyone in the club and go with 11 million. Wear reflective clothing when riding at night
  2. Thanks, just exploring this cointest and didn't catch all of the rules While the cointests go on all the time, we're ALSO promoting bike awareness with a coin race! The race is open entry, so get a coin, set it up according to the guidelines in the opening post and join us!! Lots of great prizes to win, and a lot of fun in here while we also talk safety!! I will and thanks for the invite. I bike to work (20 mile roundtrip) and have had my fair share of close calls
  3. Greetings. I am just becoming active in this forum and I just recently caught the coin addiction. I am a teacher and on spring break this week, so I have spent some time here
  4. Thanks, just exploring this cointest and didn't catch all of the rules
  5. edit double post.. computer locked up
  6. Congrats to the winners. I worked for quite a while on this one and the answer still eludes me .
  7. Just looked at the photo again. Does the 1/4 golf ball sticking out of the top count? I might need to revise my guess to 131 and 3/4
  8. I haven't bought any sets yet... but I would love a complete set of these. Great Job on the design. The Dragon reminds me of the old animated hobbit movie dragon
  9. I am definitely interested in your coin. When will it go on sale
  10. that is what i did. i figured that his email may not say the same time as my email, so i wanted to play it safe. it was fun sending them. it made me giggle. this sure was fun. thanks..i can't wait until next year. I guess I got lucky then I only sent one email. Of course from my ebay sniping days I had the atomic clock right next to the computer and www.time.gov up in another window. I tried a few test emails to myself to figure out the delay time etc etc between my computer and the arrival time via Groundspeak to my gmail account, and ended up figuring that if I I hit send two seconds before the hour, it would arrive at the hour on the nose. Of course I will think it was all scientific, but honestly probably just pure luck. Anyway, I am quite proud of my first and only cointest victory and the history behind this illustrious series of coins makes it all the better
  11. I definitely agree about that. I am thinking that once I find out how this is done I could place a decent puzzle cache
  12. i think many of us are trying, just not succeeding. i am not good enough with all of the programs to do it. i'll learn some time. maybe That would be me... On spring break, and have spent several hours trying to get this. At least I have learned a lot more about digital imagery
  13. My first cointest victory... Thanks so much for the cointest.
  14. Email Sent... Hopefully close to time
  15. I received the email regarding the coins as well.
  16. It is a USA geocoin and the owner is listed as nobody and the cache location is unknown. see link here mystery coin Funny thing is that the last log area is blank, but clicking on the coin name shows the logs above
  17. Okay, I'll take the baitAll that I see when I click the link provided is a "not yet activated" sereen Where are you seeing discovery logs ? Here is what I see when I click the link above
  18. How did the others log it then? There are several discoveries listed.
  19. These are some great suggestions. So far I have been only buying 1 of each coin I am interested and activating it for my personal collection. I haven't gotten to the point where I am buying multiple additions or coins for trading. *Try to take all the posters here (all of us ) with a grain of salt. It's so easy to get swept up in the drama/excitement of it all. In the end, these are only coins and the idea here is to add some fun to your life. Trust me I know this one. Every hobby I have ever had has been obsessive/compulsive. The great thing about this geocaching hobby is I can get the whole family involved so it is a positive obsession. As far as the geocoin collecting goes.. I find myself always trying to figure out how to fund getting a coin I run across. I have my target collection, but then I will come across something by scavok or even your neptune that really catches my eye and then....where in the budget can I make room. Oh, and then there is wicked thought that is creeping up which I know will get me in trouble sooner or later: Create a TeamHaynes Coin Thanks
  20. Check out the faq about geocoins Geocoin Trackable Minting faq Also check this site. Look for Geocoin minting at the bottom of the page Geocoin-info.net FAQ Basically if you make a coin and you want it to be trackable, you have to buy the tracking numbers from Groundspeak. They will issue the tracking numbers, but they must first approve the coin design.
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