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  1. I find the whole discussion interesting mainly because as a teacher I capitalize on the whole Fair Use issue with using images/media for instructional purposes. I used to never worry about crossing the line in my own classroom since anything used was strictly seen by only my students, now so much is being uploaded to classroom websites and classroom blogs now so I have to watch what I do.
  2. I have been following this thread for a little while and find it quite interesting.. I hope the thread stays as a civil discussion and that differences in interpretation are handled maturely. Anyway I ran across an interesting site that I thought might be a good resource for those further interested in copyright. The Stanford University Library has quite an extensive section online about copyright versus fair use. One particularly interesting section was summaries of copyright/fair use rulings..The artwork section had quite a lot of information about fair use ruling that I found quite educational. http://fairuse.stanford.edu/Copyright_and_Fair_Use_Overview/chapter9/9-c.html#2 .
  3. Then it has to be your all time favorite for sure!! Definitely... That was when I started getting heavily involved in coins and the forums... Not as much time now but maybe someday
  4. Forgot to mention that it was the first coin I ever won
  5. Won one of these a few years ago.. Happy April fools day
  6. I think I need to pass this year as well. I have too much going on and although last year was great fun, I just don't track the sport well enough. Good luck to all who race this year
  7. Will do my best to get it in the mail this week... Op you sending the address to us?
  8. My first completed Mission. Last night I picked up my Holiday Adoption Coin The Moon Dipper has successfully crossed the country from North Carolina to Colorado. Now on to another journey This was fun and I am thankful my coin made the trip sucessfully
  9. I am all in.. Man this will be a tough year... I think I will run out of the sure bets soon.
  10. Coin should be on the way for bnprod...Ordered mid week
  11. Cointest Distribution. Addresses are being sent via the baseball league messenger so look for the address in your email soon. If you cannot send a coin right away, please let me and the recipient know. Thanks, your friendly commissioner... First Place Coins to Rodeo Clowns: Mark (Avroair Giants) ChuckT (Sackville Sluggers) Ted (Big Daddy) Opal (OpalsGalore) TeamHaynes (TH Rockies) David (Philly Phan) Second Place Coins to Hawaiian Honu: Matt and Kim (Coin Sox) Jacqui (Fianccetto) Brian (Rodeo Clowns) ***offered a coin to second place*** stellarscapes (Stellar's Stars) Third Place Coins to Vegas Gamblers: LadyBee4T (Smashing Tigers) The Cheese (Zurich Cheeseholes)
  12. And the winner is.... Rodeo Clowns in First, Hawaiian Honu in Second and Vegas Gamblers in Third. Both playoff games ended in ties and it came down to the tiebreakers to determine all three spots. Rodeo and Hawaiian Honu...send me your addressees. VG I already have yours... Everyone else... I will send you the address to mail your coin to after I get the rest. Thanks for a great season and see you next year. Go Rockies
  13. I like the shaped coin also.. would love to see that fish in a bowl on a coin also
  14. Okay Ladies and Gentle Coiners, It all comes down to this... The Championship is still on the line on the last day of the season with Rodeo Clowns and Hawain Honu fighting it out for victory and only one point separating them as of this morning. The Smashing Tigers and VG's Brew Crew are also separated by only one point in a tight battle for third so it should be a fun day of baseball. Before we officially finish up today, I wanted to thank everyone from playing. It has been a fun year and I had a blast. I definitely learned a lot in managing my team and the league and hope we can run this again next year (with some changes to the scoring structure) As a reminder, when joining the league everyone committed sending a coin to the winners at the end of the season and I had structured it so that the top 3 would receive coins. With 14 players that would mean 11 coins to the top 3. I would like it to go like this: 6 coins to first, 3 to second, and 2 to the 3rd place. So would the top three send me their addresses and then I will coordinate who send what to who etc so that this will work out the best. Thanks again for playing and it was a fun cointest (my first)....
  15. I can't check the football pools at work.. How many people lost out on the chargers? I almost picked them
  16. Did you get the coin I sent yet? You did a great job this season...
  17. Holy Guacamole... I discovered that one of these coins had secretly arrived at my house sometime this summer and discretely hidden itself while I was on vacation. While searching through weeks of mail, I uncovered the now heavily documented silverized package. I attempted to open it, but have been blinded some kind of light emanating or reflecting off of its surface. I don't have a research lab at my home facility so I took the package into my middle school to see if some of our equipment will assist in my analysis. I have noticed one interesting side effect. My students this year are much calmer and polite than my last few groups so I think this device might be some kind of behavior modification tool. Further details coming soon
  18. Greeting Everyone and Thanks again for joining the league this year. Its been a lot of fun and I hope everyone enjoyed playing. Many of you have commented on too many statistics and I agree on that so next year I will whittle down the amount so that it is easier to develop your team. Any other suggestions would be appreciated as well since this was my first league. We are closing in on the end of the season so its time to get those coins ready to send to the top three. At the beginning of the season when I first posted in the coin forum I was hoping for 20 team and that coins would go to the top 3. I would still like to send coins to the top three and with 14 players that would mean 11 coins to the top 3. I would like it to go like this: 6 coins to first, 3 to second, and 2 to the 3rd place. I figure I will handle directing the coins. After we have our top three I will contact everyone else and direct them to send them to the appropriate person. Again this will have to be on the honor system since I didn't collect coins at the beginning of the season and I realize that this could prevent some problems if one or more people don't follow through. I hope that isn't the case, but I wasn't in a position to ask some of you long time coiners to just send me all the coins prior to the season since I am still a relative newbie. I will make sure however that each of the top 3 receive coins. Thanks for playing and I hope you have enjoyed the game. Oh and Vegas... your coin for winning the first half is on the way (packaged and ready to mail). Sorry for the delay
  19. Nope, but I am at a friends house using their wireless... I rebooted my computer and everything is fine so it must have been something specific to me
  20. Thanks, that is strange... all other websites seem to be working. I am getting an The account you were looking for doesn't exist. message. Worked this morning for me without a problem
  21. I am getting an account doesn't exist when I type in the general www.geocaching.com address. It was working for me a few hours ago. Anyone else
  22. Swapping cards wouldn't be too much of problem but a pain nevertheless... I don't think I will use it for much more than geocaching but who knows. Thanks for the input folks
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