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  1. I got it... here it is.. nevermind Droo beat me to it
  2. I copy and pasted the link in and it worked. If I click on the links in the post it doesn't
  3. Nope.... that didn't help either. i ditto that!! Not for me either, even with direct linkl
  4. Oh, forgot the rules and left off the safety message Wear reflective clothing when riding at night (bicycles especially)
  5. My post in the effort to get to 10,000. One of these days I will hopefully be around to catch the beginning of one of these cointests. Have a great day all
  6. As a newbie, here is my humble opinion. I consider intent as a major part of this. I recently picked up a coin via a trade that the seller sold to me at pretty much original cost. This coin is selling for at least double and sometimes triple on ebay. In my mind if I turned around and sold this one, I would end up essentially using the generosity of another for profit. I told the seller I had been looking for this one and wanted it for my collection. If I were to turn around and sell it, shame on me and I would expect this trader to ignore me in the future. I haven't received any mystery coins yet and have only won one contest (Thanks EC ), but in these cases I would apply the intent rule. I very much doubt I would sell them for profit, but rather consider them as gifts to keep. If I want to sell on ebay then I would buy them directly for resale. By the way I am amazed at how many coins that are still available on reseller sites are bought significantly higher on ebay. Just my thoughts
  7. My first post to this forum and my first coin to arrive since I started posting here. I wanted this one for a while and want to thank the The Peters Trio for working this out.
  8. E-mail Sent - 4/8 Name Received -4/10 Mission Sent - trying to find the right coin Mission Received - This is my first mission so I am looking for just the right coin for my recipient. Of course that means I will have to scour over the weekend and may send it out a little later than most, but definitely by the end of next week. Thanks for the Mission
  9. Post Number 3. So today our computer network went down at school so my students were not able to work on their research project. No fail, we ended up watching some Scientific American videos on Human Impact on the environment. I was able to nicely tie this into earth day.
  10. Sent you and invite. Thanks Maine family. I am in the book
  11. Checked my inbox and spam folder and nothing. I might have responded too late to make it in
  12. Okay, here is entry number 2.... I also plan on attending a local CITO with my family. This will be my first. I look forward to bringing the entire clan along. Thanks again for the cointest
  13. I would still love to get an invite to this. I think I just keep putting in my request at odd times. Thanks
  14. Thank you so much, I sent an email with my address
  15. I am a middleschool science teacher and we usually celebrate Earth Day at the school by using this opportunity to teach our students about renewable energy resources, recycling, and conservation. In the past we have had the students create thematic posters for their households to remind everyone that it is their responsibility to recycle and conserve. We get some pretty colorful designs and are able to use this opportunity to connect the students with the world around them Thanks for the cointest.
  16. I know I am late but if possible I would like to participate. This would be my first mission.
  17. Hello all. I would love an invite as well. I just recently became active in the geocoin forums and am looking forward to being apart of this list and using this list as well. I pm'd mousekat yesterday. Was I correct in PMing this person? If not could I get some guidance. Thanks
  18. This was a lot of fun. I will definitely be in next year's contest and will start acquiring coins to throw in the pot. This was also the most fun I have had watching the Final Four in years. Thanks everybody. Thanks ECplus3 for organizing this one. It was a ton of fun
  19. There is one currently listed on ebay. It has about 6 days to go
  20. What is the Castle Name on the Czech coin. I can't quite read it. I was over there in 1992 when it was still Czechoslovakia. The Cathedrals in Prague is amazing
  21. I have been slightly obsessed with tracking down a BRAHEAN. Getting one of these would make my day.
  22. Here is my list. Granted I am just getting started in this collecting addiction so I don't have any coins to trade yet, but... when budget allows I will try to pick some up for trading. It has been easier to buy directly from the coin vendor or from ebay so far, but I hate getting into bidding wars. I have bid on the brahean several times but have lost out every time 1. Any edition of the BRAHEAN geocoin 2. Unity Dragon (2008) 3. Scavok's Celtic Tree of Life 4. Time and Space Geocoin 5. ????
  23. I wish I could order more than I did... These are amazing.
  24. Up from the first post???? 5 million then Wear reflective clothing when biking at night
  25. Okay... another guess.. Maybe this means the royal family In that case 5 members Wear reflective clothing when biking at night
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