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  1. Wait till some Vulcan's get in on this conversation
  2. Just one more guess for me 555 ounces 42.5 inches
  3. Thanks for keeping it open till the 3rd. I am so broke right now....
  4. Wow, I would have missed the MOGA's if you hadn't posted this. It's been a spendy but great night! Yeah.. I am trying to figure out how to explain all of this to my wife
  5. I'll do this before I go to bed. I'll take the 1st 3 people to post to get an early order in. The only condition on the Neptunes is that you can not place an additional order on sale day since these are limited. You can request the full amount as stated in the Sales page. Then I'm going to bed I'll send you a quick email asking for your order and paypal addy. me now if possible I too owe an apology for the bluntness. I got overly excited... First the mogo coins going on resale and then just catching this. Great night for coin shopping
  6. I'll do this before I go to bed. I'll take the 1st 3 people to post to get an early order in. The only condition on the Neptunes is that you can not place an additional order on sale day since these are limited. You can request the full amount as stated in the Sales page. Then I'm going to bed I'll send you a quick email asking for your order and paypal addy. me now if possible
  7. Looks like a new presale is beginning mogo presale I just got the newsletter The Demand and Frustration Was So So High . . . . Needless to say both MOGA and Hogwild Stuff were pleased with how quickly these coins sold out. It would have taken a wheelbarrow to hold all the complaints and frustration from those who did not manage to get one of these coins. We are going to do one more Presale of this coin as follows: 1. There will be a new finish and new handle Color (Antique Copper Finish, Translucent Black Handle) (NOT PICTURED) 2. The Presale will be open for Three Days. 3. There will be a limit of 3 coins per person. 4. If you ordered in the Antique Silver Presale and would like to do a substitution of this metal finish for any or all of your order you may do so (up to 3 coins). But I must receive that email request no later than one day after the close of the presale on this coin. (email to smoran@hogildstuff.org) 5. Upon close of this presale no more coins of this design will be minted.
  8. Wow.... I think I will get one for my daughter... These are incredible. Since its coins and pins, is it going to be through their presales?
  9. Wow... I fell really blessed to be one of the winners of this cointest. Thanks so much for running it. BrierPatch, this was a great idea for the coin thread. I just sent an email with my address.
  10. Interesting issue. The log for the coin shows it being retrieved by her. If its not in her inventory she could try to grab it again
  11. This is a great song following a DNF U2...I still haven't found what I am looking for After a find... Another one bites the dust by Queen When going out on a who knows where you will end up cache run Tom Petty Into The Great Wide Open - Okay, story time. My only ticket in the past 10 years came while rushing to be a FTF on a geocache. I had the boys with me so the car was kinda chaotic. Anyway, I turned into a neighborhood with a 2 way street, but apparently due to traffic concerns, a sign was up that said no through traffic. The sign was nicely camouflaged with trees so of course I missed it. Well wouldn't you know one of San Diego's finest was there flagging those of us who missed the sign down (yes there were many.) It was such an obvious trap that it made the newspaper a week later and the editor questioned it as a fund raising activity. As I am driving away frustrated, with my prized 200 ticket (is this a deductible hobby expense ) a random song came on up on my zen....Looking Around by Yes...which is what I should have been doing...yeah just a minute or two late here are the lyrics: Looking around me There's not so much in life that I miss Things that I can't see I'll touch and I'll feel then I'll kiss Then I saw you standing there With a smile I couldn't share Just looking around, everywhere. Tunes that I can't hear, would take me for a while my smile Fares that are too dear I'd rather walk out another smile Then I heard a tune so right It was in the light of night just listening around everywhere All the things I've wanted to do take so much time to get around to you just reach out and catch and hold on having trails of dust and lust but never even lying or trying just keep on moving and never dying. Smiles that I don't see I'll make them up as I go on Laughs that just can't be I'll make and laugh at everyone Then I saw you in your place with a laugh upon your face Just looking around everywhere Looking around with my feet on the ground full of words and of sound bring smiles all around Satisfy me with your words that can be full of sound and I'll see I'm just looking around.
  12. I have only released one coin and only 3 people touched it before it was gone.... If I had done my homework, I also would have realized that it was on the rare side (a volunteer coin that I won at an event) I guess the temptation for some folks is just too much. I was quite frustrated when it disappeared, but when I saw similar versions of the same coin listed on ebay going for close to 50 bucks, I kicked myself for releasing it. Now I have begun collecting coins and hopefully will have enough to begin trading them soon. I also enjoy visiting events and collecting icons (yes I am addicted) Now back to the op question... I don't think I would plan on turning any of my coins into proxies and I would probably not log a proxy if I find one, although after losing my coin I have no problem with this approach. I would like to have the icon for a real coin that I actually have in my possession (even if just briefly at an event) The last event I attended was interesting... Lots of coins. I made up a printout with the numbers of my coins so that people could grab the paper and not worry about writing down the tracking numbers. Funny thing was that several people grabbed the paper and never looked at the coins. It seemed that they were more interested in logging the coin then actually seeing it. Maybe I should just start dropping a laminated list of tracking numbers in each cache. It would be a lot less trouble than making a proxy.
  13. Another post, i think my fourth for earthday...My wife took the kids to the public library yesterday. They are having a week of activities for preschoolers to make them geo-aware. My 5 year old came home talking about recycling. Now if I can just get him to turn off the lights.
  14. My 3rd post. I bike to work...Its cheaper and better on the environment.
  15. I would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter as well. Everyone have a great day and be safe. I think I will go for a bikeride this afternoon and grab a few caches when the kids are sleeping off their sugar rush. Another bike safety hint: Check your helmet frequently and replace when cracked or damaged.
  16. I just sent you an email.. I think I can get one for you and work something out
  17. Congratulations.... I haven't received any mystery coins yet... but am hoping
  18. I too have a mystery coin that was killed shortly after it started. I seen one or two sold on ebay but what can you do? It was a lesson learned. Now I have a box full of them that makes a great paper weight. It is amazing how something that was meant to be fun was shot down so fast. Just thank the professor for that. Just last night someone asked for my address to send me some coins. It made my day, week, month. I realize some people will sell them, but I think most will not. I would love to receive a mystery coin and I know many new collectors would as well...
  19. I stumbled on the earthcache master's program when I found an icon on another users page. I had already met the qualifications for the basic earthcache master's level which is just 3 caches in 2 or more states/countries. In order to go to the silver level I need to develop a cache, which will be tougher. The requirements for the levels are here Earthcache masters and to get the pin I just needed to submit the info as to time and date etc. They sent the pin in about 2 weeks. As a middle school science teacher, this program is great. They even have a part of their site for teachers. Thanks for the heads up on the discover the world geocoin.... I will have to track that one down. The only earthcache type coin I have come across is the Four Elements Geocoin, which has a great cross section of the earth on the back. I was able to get one off of ebay recently. Thanks all
  20. OMG..... That is beautiful!!!!!!!! What coin is that?? Neptune's compass. See the thread in the forum. I think they go on sale on the 18th
  21. This came today. Not a geocoin, but figured that it wouldn't hurt to put it here since it came with a non-trackable earthcache pin. I love earthcaches and wish there was an earthcache coin
  22. Again, I am relatively new to this forum so just my humble thoughts. RSG in your case I would think that my idea of intent would not be an issue. Anyone who has gifted you a coin should be understanding. You have been quite clear with your situation and when it comes down to life... the coins become secondary. Mo one should have an issue with that. Good luck figuring out your car situation.
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