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  1. Just finished listening to the mix This is awesome DJ... Thanks for all of the work you put into this. I loved hearing all the voices of other cachers. I wish I had sent you mine.. Again thanks... this is great.
  2. I went back to it just now and it seems to require setting up an account now. It wouldn't let me download it again like the last time
  3. send me an email through my profile with your email.. I checked your profile and your email was there. I sent the invite through that address. Hope that works
  4. send me an email through my profile with your email..
  5. Send an email to me through my profile and I will try to invite you Sent. Thanks Just sent the invite...you should have it now
  6. 15 minutes into it and I love every minute. I really like the beginning. Is the background right off the bat from an old horror flick?
  7. Send an email to me through my profile and I will try to invite you
  8. Listening now.. Thanks. And it let me download it with no requirement to sign up
  9. 88 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Gotta win it sooner or later I also recieved a coin in the mailbox today... Thanks opalsns
  10. Did anyone see this this morning
  11. Mr. Adams of Widefield High School... Due to a pretty messy family situation, I had moved around a lot in elementary and middle school. My mom had multiple abusive boyfriends after my dad died and my family was heavily into the drug scene (my dad and uncle had been dealers in the local community). Trauma and drama was pretty much the norm for my family... Unlike a lot of kids who grow up in chaos, I was somehow able to use school to cope with my home life problems. That was my escape. In middle school I became extremely interested in science and wanted to follow the college prep science track at the high school, which began with Chemistry. I think that even then I knew that going to college was the only way out. The only problem was that because of 15 moves in about 8 years (my mom was great in saving first and last month rent....and stalling for a few months before we were evicted... while saving for the next first and last again), I was always behind in my math skills and was placed in the lower academic level tracks. I was a "pleasant student" who hadn't developed the necessary skills to succeed in the collegiate track, I wasn't going to be allowed to take the class and was advised to to take the earth science class instead which I was "more prepared for". I was crushed but vigilant. Rather than give up, I personally made an appointment with Mr. Adams and the academic counselor and basically begged them to put me in the class on a trial basis. There was a sense that this was my only shot out of the life I had grown up with... Well, they agreed but I had to come in for tutoring after school. It was tough... I was struggling through the math part of the chemistry for the first half of the term. I got the concepts, but for some reason I couldn't wrap my mind around the math calculations. Nonetheless, I stayed with it, kept attending the tutoring sessions and Mr. Adams kept pushing and encouraging me. I distinctly remember the click or the "a ha" I had when it all came together. It was a great feeling and it was amazing to have accomplished something that others had told me I couldn't do. Not only had he made Chemistry a ton of fun, but he had given me opportunities to be successful. I didn't know it at the time, but he also determined my future career path. I joined his Chemistry Club (yes I became a geek) and for the next 3 years I was apart of the group that provided tutoring for other students, judged science fairs at the middle school, and ran demonstrations for the elementary kids on science day.... these experiences of working with others (kids) came into play later in my life. We also pranked the school quite a bit (smoke bombs, contact explosives etc... things that would get student expelled for today ) I stayed with science, got a degree in Biochemistry and worked in a University Transplantation Research Lab for a while, but never felt like I was accomplishing much personally. I then made an irrational decision (at least according to my boss who had been pushing me towards the doctorate program) and jumped into teaching... I am now in my 11th year of teaching middle-school science and I love it (not the politics, but the kids). I have also purposely made it my mission to stay in low performing schools with the mindset that if I made it through my life, maybe I can help a few others find a way out as well... I have recently had several former students come and visit me now that they are in college and it has been quite humbling to hear that I was one of the ones that inspired them.... Mr. Adams made a huge difference in my life, and I am trying to do the same for my students.
  12. That was just a little joke... sorry.... I posted my real songs a few posts later....
  13. I think 7:30 on espn2. I don't have cable so can't watch it.... I live in the dark ages as well.... only rabbit ears and a convertor box now
  14. Welcome... It is super addicting. Here is the link for Sabrina... http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.as...32-eac841f75173
  15. This looks like a great cointest. I will have a story later, but tonight I too am grading projects (8th grade genetic disease research presentations)
  16. Guess the photo didn't work.. here it is one more time
  17. These arrived over the course of several days this week. And no I am not addicted 4 of the coins were a gift from Sivota (the 2006 compass rose , the Dutch Tulip, the Sun Compass and the Eureka Geocoin satellite coin). This was a total blessing The Silver Ammonites and the black nickel trilobite was a purchase from tethys (thanks for the pathtag also) The templar knight was an adoption purchase from ebay (no one else bid so I got it at a good price) The Sock Monkey (steel city babes) , the Basketball Idiana Micro Geocoin, and the Atlantic Canada Souwester Geocoin (e&Cplus3) Not a bad week....
  18. Those were available to Quebec geocachers only and 1/ household address. Good luck on find one who is going to part of theirs. For now, I am keeping mine, sorry 1 just sold for 71 on the e site.
  19. Congrats, TeamHaynes, This trifecta not so easy is it I was hoping for 1 and 2 for a while (the restart where gordon pushed kyle), but gordon's tires didn't hold up.
  20. Yep.. seems to be a flood of those micro coins on ebay right now with the 8.99 shipping for a coin that only costs 3.54 plus a few bucks shipping buying direct from the vendor. I can't believe people just don't spend a few minutes to search for the name of the geocoin before bidding to find a direct source cheaper.
  21. Very, Very fun.... Thanks so much for running these ongoing cointests. Email on the way soon.
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