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  1. Looks like Sam Hornish took the checker on the 40 lap showdown...
  2. The Showdown is underway... lap 26 of 40. Tonight sure is confusing.... looks like the winner of the showdown joins the All Star if I understand correctly
  3. Sorry....It should be just Jeff Burton. I cut and pasted from the lineup and it listed hometowns following the name. His hometown is South Boston, VA here us the official entry list http://www.nascar.com/races/cup/2009/105/d...entry_list.html
  4. Here are the entry's for the All Star Race from http://www.nascar.com/races/cup/2009/105/d...entry_list.html 2 Kurt Busch 5 Mark Martin 9 Kasey Kahne 09 Brad Keselowski 11 Denny Hamlin 14 Tony Stewart 16 Greg Biffle 17 Matt Kenseth 18 Kyle Busch 24 Jeff Gordon 29 Kevin Harvick 31 Jeff Burton 33 Clint Bowyer 39 Ryan Newman 48 Jimmie Johnson 88 Dale Earnhardt Jr 96 Bobby Labonte 99 Carl Edwards
  5. He isn't in the all star, but the NASCAR Sprint Showdown later tonight
  6. are you also running the NASCAR Sprint Showdown later tonight?
  7. Nice... Would love to see that one.
  8. I got two today... I ordered from the second presale. The coins I got were copper/red but the presale I bought from shows There will be a new finish and new handle Color (Antique Copper Finish, Translucent Black Handle) I think I might have gotten the wrong ones unless they didn't end up making the translucent black handle.
  9. Wonder if there are any black ones at all...... The Antique Copper were the ones that should have been black and there not, at least the ones I received today..... Antique Copper with Red Handle .... Here are the links to the last 2 presales http://hogwildstuff.typepad.com/moga_2009_geocoin/ http://hogwildstuff.typepad.com/moga_2009_final_presale/ I missed the first on 4/10 but got the second on 4/15. No coins for me yet, but my order was Antique Copper with Translucent black. So maybe those receiving theirs now got the first one
  10. Hello teamhaynes, from the picture looks as if you might know my Dad... As it looks if you or your friend from the picture are roasting a bit of grain, maybe for a RootBeer? Dad brews, Beer, RootBeer, roasted different malts, and yes coffee beans.... The setup shown is known as a Corretto Coffee Roaster It looks like grain but that is green coffee beans. The breadmachine acts like an agitator to keep the beans moving while they are roasted by the heat gun. Here is a close up of the green beans
  11. My favorite it definitely coffee...but unfortunately I might be a snob I actually roast my own cofffee beans at home using a bread machine and a heat gun (I buy green coffee beans in 12 pound batches and roast about a 2 pounds a week). IMHO it is much better than anything I can buy elsewhere and much cheaper as well . Not my picture but give the general idea of the setup. You get the coffee beans up to temp and the smell is incredible
  12. Escuse me, but what is that adorable yellow rain hat called and who has them ? (Thank you) The rainhat is the the Atlantic Canada Souwester Geocoin and it was sent to me by e&Cplus3 for as a cointest prize. Great little coin and has a ship on the other side
  13. Yest there was one on coins and pins that rattled CrotalusRex & Mimichan Geocoin
  14. I thought this was a family friendly thread
  15. Man, I really can't stand these micros! ; ) Micros... this has to be a nano coin
  16. Happy Mother's Day to my wife Rachel...She is a special woman who does a wonderful job with our 4 kiddos.... And as a special gift to her, I promise to stay away from the computer and geocoins today (once she wakes up that is )
  17. Is this the night for the rookie?
  18. When someone is down a lap, depending on how the caution comes out they can gain the lap back. Below is copied from a nascar site As of a couple years ago the drivers were allowed to "race back to the yellow flag", meaning they could try to pass as many cars as they could until they got back to the flag stand where they would get the yellow flag. This made for danger to the wrecked cars and many cars making a "mad dash" to get past the leader to get a lap back. In order to improve safety NASCAR now "freezes the field" when the yellow comes out, not allowing any more passing. In order to allow lapped cars to still have a chance to get past the leader and get a lap back they now allow the first lapped car to get a "free pass" and get his lap back. Kind of a "we took away your chance to get a lap back by driving crazy and gave one of you a safe chance to get that lap back".
  19. I am watching, inviting others to the geocoin address book, and listening to the DJ Rock Coin mix. Not a bad evening (Mom and Kids are out tonight)
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